1987 Summer Universiade

The 1987 Summer Universiade, also known as the XIV Summer Universiade, took place in Zagreb, SR Croatia, SFR Yugoslavia. It involved participants from 111 countries and over 6,000 individual sportspersons and members of teams.

XIV Summer Universiade
XIV. Ljetna univerzijada
Universiade 1987 logo.jpg
Slogan : World of the young for a World of peace!
Host cityZagreb, Yugoslavia
Nations participating122
Athletes participating6,423
Events12 sports
Opening ceremonyJuly 8
Closing ceremonyJuly 19
Officially opened byLazar Mojsov, president of the Presidency of the SFRY
Athlete's OathIvan Karpović (football)
Judge's OathJanka Dorožić (athletics)
Torch lighterDražen Petrović, basketball player
Main venueMaksimir Stadium

Infrastructural changesEdit

The city of Zagreb used the event to renovate and revitalize the city. The city's main square (Republic Square) was repaved with stone blocks and made part of the downtown pedestrian zone. A part of the Medveščak stream, which had been running under the sewers since 1898, was uncovered by workers. This part formed the Manduševac fountain that was also covered in 1898.


The mascot of the 1987 Summer Universiade is a squirrel, named "Zagi" and created by Nedjeljko Dragić.[1] It is a resident of Zagreb's parks, amiable and always in a good mood. Its nonchalance and gaiety are but a cover for diligence. Always on the move and reaching for the seemingly impossible, the squirrel embodies the dynamism of athletic endeavour. Its origin is shown by the little black hat, characteristic of the folk costumes in the region of Zagreb.[2]


Medal tableEdit

Zagi, the XIV Summer Universiade mascot, was created by Croatian animator Nedjeljko Dragić.

  *   Host nation (Yugoslavia)

1  United States (USA)27202471
2  Soviet Union (URS)23331975
3  Romania (ROU)2113943
4  Italy (ITA)1281030
5  China (CHN)1181029
6  Yugoslavia (YUG)*77721
7  East Germany (GDR)53513
8  Hungary (HUN)43512
9  Great Britain (GBR)4149
10  Netherlands (NED)310821
11  West Germany (FRG)35513
12  Bulgaria (BUL)3418
13  Japan (JPN)33612
14  Poland (POL)3126
15  Cuba (CUB)1337
16  Czechoslovakia (TCH)1225
17  Greece (GRE)1214
18  Belgium (BEL)1113
19  Australia (AUS)1102
  New Zealand (NZL)1102
21  Spain (ESP)1012
22  Morocco (MAR)1001
  Norway (NOR)1001
  Portugal (POR)1001
25  Nigeria (NGR)0336
26  Canada (CAN)0257
27  France (FRA)0134
  South Korea (KOR)0134
29  Brazil (BRA)0101
  Senegal (SEN)0101
   Switzerland (SUI)0101
32  North Korea (PRK)0022
33  Jamaica (JAM)0011
  Mexico (MEX)0011
  Puerto Rico (PUR)0011
Totals (35 nations)139139142420

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