1987 New Zealand NBL season

The 1987 NBL season was the sixth season of the National Basketball League. Only one change occurred heading into the 1987 season, with Hamilton now called Waikato. Wellington won the championship in 1987 to claim their third league title.[1]

1987 New Zealand NBL season
LeagueNew Zealand NBL
Number of teams10
Regular season
  Minor premiersCanterbury
Top scorerRonnie Joyner (Ponsonby)
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Final standingsEdit

# Team
3 North Shore
4 New Plymouth
5 Auckland
6 Ponsonby
7 Hawke's Bay
8 Waikato
9 Nelson
10 Palmerston North

Season awardsEdit

  • Most Outstanding Guard: Tony Webster (North Shore)[1]
  • Most Outstanding NZ Guard: Tony Smith (North Shore)
  • Most Outstanding Forward: Frank Smith (Nelson)
  • Most Outstanding NZ Forward/Centre: Glen Denham (Waikato)
  • Scoring Champion: Ronnie Joyner (Ponsonby)
  • Rebounding Champion: Willie Burton (Hawke's Bay)
  • Assist Champion: Kenny McFadden (Wellington)
  • Young Player of the Year: Glen Denham (Waikato)
  • All-Star Five:
    • Willie Burton (Hawke's Bay)
    • Keith Colbert (Auckland)
    • Clyde Huntley (Canterbury)
    • Frank Smith (Nelson)
    • Tony Webster (North Shore)


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