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1987 Libertarian National Convention

The 1987 Libertarian National Convention was held at the Sheraton Hotel in Seattle, Washington, from September 4 to September 6, 1987.[1] Ron Paul of Texas was chosen as the Libertarian Party's nominee for President of the United States in the 1988 election.[2]

1987 Libertarian National Convention
1988 presidential election
Ron paul.jpg Marrou-1988-Richmond.jpg
Paul and Marrou
Date(s)September 4–6, 1987
CitySeattle, Washington
Presidential nomineeRon Paul of Texas
Vice Presidential nomineeAndre Marrou of Alaska
Other candidatesRussel Means of South Dakota
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Libertarians hold a National Convention every two years to vote on party bylaws, platform and resolutions and elect national party officers and a judicial committee. Every four years it nominates presidential and vice presidential candidates.[3]


Voting for presidential nominationEdit

First ballotEdit

Ron Paul was elected on the first ballot, gathering a majority of the voting delegates, securing nomination.[2]

1987 Libertarian Party National Convention total vote count: Round 1
Candidate Total votes cast Percent of votes cast
Ron Paul 196 51.31%
Russell Means 120 31.41%
James A. Lewis 49 12.83%
None of the Above 14 3.66%
Harry Glenn 3 0.79%
Color key: 1st place 2nd place 3rd place 4th place 5th place

Voting for vice presidential nominationEdit

A separate vote was held for the vice presidential nomination. Andre Marrou of Alaska was nominated without opposition.[2]

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