1987–88 Associate Members' Cup

The 1987–88 Associate Members' Cup, known as the 1987–88 Sherpa Van Trophy for sponsorship reasons, was the 5th staging of the Associate Members' Cup, a knockout competition for English football clubs in the Third and Fourth Divisions (now known as League One and Two).

1987–88 Associate Members Cup
Sherpa Van Trophy
Country England

The winners were Wolverhampton Wanderers, who defeated Burnley 2–0 in the final. This marked the only time two previous English champions have met in the final of this competition, and made Wolves the first former champions to have won the trophy, Portsmouth the only other having won the EFL trophy in 2019.

The competition began on 13 October 1987 and ended with the final on 29 May 1988. The tournament begins with clubs divided into a Northern and a Southern section, and teams entering a preliminary group stage. Each section then gradually eliminates the qualifying teams in knock-out fashion until each has a winning finalist. At this point, the two winning finalists faced each other in the combined final for the honour of the trophy.

Preliminary roundEdit

Northern SectionEdit

Southern SectionEdit

First roundEdit


Area semi-finalsEdit

Area finalsEdit

Northern Area finalEdit

Burnley0–0Preston North End
Attendance: 15,680

Preston North End1–3 (a.e.t.)Burnley
Attendance: 17,592

Burnley won 3–1 on aggregate.

Southern Area finalEdit

Notts County1–1Wolverhampton Wanderers
McParland   Bull  
Attendance: 10,041

Wolverhampton Wanderers3–0Notts County
Attendance: 18,413

Wolverhampton Wanderers won 4–1 on aggregate.


Burnley0–2Wolverhampton Wanderers
Attendance: 80,841

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