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Notable events of 1985 in comics. See also List of years in comics.


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Specific date unknownEdit

  • The Dutch comics magazine Eppo changes its name into Eppo Wordt Vervolgd, to tie in with the popularity of the TV show Wordt Vervolgd (1983-1997), which deals with comics and cartoons. Under this new name it continues until 1988.[8]
  • The final issue of the Flemish comics magazine/fanzine Stripgids is published. It will be relaunched in October 2006.




  • February 5: Cees Bantzinger, Dutch comics artist (Knobbel), drowns himself in a river out of shame over his war past. He is 70 years old.[11]








  • October 15: Sandro Angiolini, Italian comics artist (Isabella, Vartan), dies at age 65.[23]
  • October 18: Jack Kent, American comics artist (King Aroo), dies from leukemia at age 65.[24]
  • October 23: Adolphe Barreaux, American comics artist (Sally the Sleuth, The Enchanted Stone of Time), passes away at age 86.[25]
  • October 30: Manon Iessel, French illustrator and comics artist (Capucine), dies at age 76.[26]



  • December 6: Walter B. Gibson, American magician, novelist and comics writer (The Shadow), dies at age 88.
  • December 19: Jean Ache/Jean Huet, French animator and comics artist (Achille, Archibald, Arabelle, La Dernière Sirène, Nic et Mino, Tonton Molécule, Pat'Apouf, Amanda La Pin-Up Fantôme), passes away at age 62.[30]
  • December 20: Al Peclers, aka Pec, aka J.B. Stone, Belgian comics artist and caricaturist (Tchantchès, Les Aventures de Jolliker, L'Or du Foumouala, Roger la Bagarre, Jehan Niguedouille, Texas Jim, Timothée), passes away at an unknown age.[31]
  • December 25: Jackie Ormes, American comics artist (Torchy Brown), dies at age 74.[32]

Specific date unknownEdit

  • Mies Deinum, Dutch illustrator and comics artist (Sambo de Olifant, Dieren-jamboree and Myra het Elfje), passes away at age 77 or 78.[33]
  • Sam Fair, British comics artist (Meddlesome Matty, Addie and Hermy, Musso the Wop), passes away at age 76.[34]
  • Xiaoying Yue, Chinese comics artist (The Colorful Road), dies at age 63 or 64.[35]

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Eagle AwardsEdit

Presented in 1986 for comics published in 1985:

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Kirby AwardsEdit

First issues by titleEdit

DC ComicsEdit

DC Science Fiction Graphic Novel: Hell on Earth

Release:. Writers: Robert Bloch and Robert Loren Fleming. Artist: Keith Giffen.


Release: November. Writer: Michael Fleisher. Artist: Mark Texeira.

The Outsiders

Release: November. Writer: Mike W. Barr. Artist: Jim Aparo.[41]

Limited SeriesEdit

America vs. the Justice Society (4 issues)

Release: January: Writers: Roy and Dann Thomas.[42]

Crisis on Infinite Earths (12-issues)

Release: April. Writer: by Marv Wolfman. Artist: George Pérez.

The Shadow War of Hawkman (4 issues)

Release: May. Writer: Tony Isabella. Artists: Richard Howell and Alfredo Alcala.

Who's Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe (26 issues)

Release: March. Editors: Len Wein, Marv Wolfman, and Robert Greenberger.

Marvel ComicsEdit

The Marvel Saga: The Official History of the Marvel Universe

Release: December. Writer: Peter Sanderson.

Swords of the Swashbucklers

Release: March by Epic Comics. Writer: Bill Mantlo. Artists: Geof Isherwood and Ricardo Villamonte.


Release: December by Star Comics. Writer: David Michelinie. Artists: Jim Mooney and Brett Breeding.

Web of Spider-Man

Release: April. Writer: Louise Simonson. Artists: Greg LaRocque and Jim Mooney.

West Coast Avengers

Release: October. Writer: Steve Englehart. Artists: Al Milgrom and Joe Sinnott.

Limited seriesEdit

The Bozz Chronicles (6 issues)

Release: December by Epic Comics. Writer: David Michelinie.

Eternals (12 issues)

Release: October. Writer: Peter Gillis. Artists: Sal Buscema and Al Gordon.

Longshot (6 issues)

Release: September. Writer: Ann Nocenti. Artist: Art Adams.

Moon Knight: Fist of Khonshu (6 issues)

Release: June.

Moonshadow (12 issues)

Release: March by Epic Comics. Writer: J. M. DeMatteis.

Nightcrawler (4 issues)

Release: November. Writer/Artist: Dave Cockrum.

The One (6 issues)

Release: July by Epic Comics. Writer/Artist: Rick Veitch.

Secret Wars II (9 issues)

Release: July. Writer: Jim Shooter. Artist: Al Milgrom.

Squadron Supreme (12 issues)

Release: September. Writer: Mark Gruenwald. Artists: Bob Hall and John Beatty.

Independent titlesEdit

Alien Encounters

Release: June by Eclipse Comics. Editor: Catherine Yronwode.


Release: by AC Comics. Writer: Bill Black. Artist: Mark G. Heike.

Fish Police

Release: June by Fishwrap Productions. Writer/Artist: Steven Moncuse.


Release: August by Eclipse Comics. Writer: Alan Moore. Artists: Mick Anglo and Garry Leach.

Neat Stuff

Release: June by Fantagraphics. Writer/Artist: Peter Bagge.


Release: September by Eclipse Comics. Writer/Artist: Timothy Truman.

Tales from the Aniverse

Release: December by Arrow Comics. Writer/Artists: Randy Zimmerman and Susan Van Camp.

Tales of the Beanworld

Release: by Beanworld Press. Writer/Artists: Larry Marder.

Those Annoying Post Bros.

Release: Jan. by Vortex Comics. Writer/Artists: Matt Howarth.

To Be Announced

Release: July by Strawberry Jam Comics. Writer: Derek McCulloch. Artist: Mike Bannon.

Initial appearances by character nameEdit

DC ComicsEdit

Marvel ComicsEdit

Independent titlesEdit


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