1985 World Fencing Championships

The 1985 World Fencing Championships were held in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain.[1]

1985 World Championships in Fencing
Host citySpain Barcelona, Spain

Medal tableEdit

1  West Germany (FRG)3216
2  Italy (ITA)2215
3  Hungary (HUN)1113
4  Soviet Union (URS)1034
5  France (FRA)1012
6  Bulgaria (BUL)0213
7  Czechoslovakia (TCH)0101
Totals (7 nations)88824

Medal summaryEdit

Men's eventsEdit

Event   Gold   Silver   Bronze
Individual Foil   Mauro Numa   Andrea Cipressa   Harald Hein
Team Foil   Italy   West Germany   Soviet Union
Individual Sabre   György Nébald   Khristo Etropolski   Vasil Etropolski
Team Sabre   Soviet Union   Bulgaria   Hungary
Individual Épée   Philippe Boisse   Jaroslav Jurka   Philippe Riboud
Team Épée   West Germany   Italy   Soviet Union

Women's eventsEdit

Event   Gold   Silver   Bronze
Individual Foil   Cornelia Hanisch   Sabine Bischoff   Anna Rita Sparaciari
Team Foil   West Germany   Hungary   Soviet Union


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