1985 James Hardie 1000

1985 James Hardie 1000
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The 1985 James Hardie 1000 was the 26th running of the Bathurst 1000 touring car race. It was held on 6 October 1985 at the Mount Panorama Circuit just outside Bathurst. It was the first time the race was held exclusively for cars complying with the Australian version of International Group A touring car regulations. The event was Round Four of both the 1985 Australian Endurance Championship and the 1985 Australian Manufacturers' Championship.

The 1980 Jaguar XJ-S of John Goss repainted as a replica of the 1985 James Hardie 1000 race winner, pictured in 2007

The race was dominated by the Tom Walkinshaw Racing run Jaguar XJ-S' which finished first and third in the race. John Goss and German driver Armin Hahne claimed the victory with team boss Tom Walkinshaw and his co-driver Win Percy finishing three laps down in third. On the same lap as the winning Jaguar was the Schnitzer Motorsport prepared BMW 635CSi of Italian driver Roberto Ravaglia and Venezuela's former Motorcycle World champion (and ex-Formula One driver) Johnny Cecotto who, despite their extensive overseas experience, were Bathurst rookies and as such easily co-won the Rookie of the Year award. The Holden Dealer Team VK Commodore of Peter Brock and New Zealand open-wheel racer David Oxton were in second place with three laps to go when they broke a timing chain and retired.

1985 was the first Great Race since 1969 that four-time winner Allan Moffat was not an entrant. Left without a drive in 1985 after the withdrawal of Mazda from Australian touring car racing, Moffat was guest expert commentator with race broadcaster Channel 7.

Class structureEdit

The race was held for cars complying with the Australian version of International Group A touring car regulations with three engine capacity classes.

Class AEdit

Class A was for cars with an engine capacity of under 2000cc, or two litres. Cars that had competed during the 1985 Australian Touring Car Championship and appeared in the entry list for the race included: Alfa Romeo Alfetta, Ford Escort RS2000, Toyota Corolla, Toyota Sprinter, Triumph Dolomite Sprint and Volvo 360 GLT. Only five cars finally entered, four Toyotas, two of them factory supported, and an Alfa Romeo which did not start.

Class BEdit

Class B was for cars between two and three litres of engine capacity. Turbo charged cars acquired a multiplier of 1.3, meaning a 2000cc car with a turbo became a car with 2600cc for the purposes of the class structure. This saw the factory supported turbo charged Mitsubishi Starions and Volvo 240s compete against non-turbo Audi 5+5, Toyota Celica Supra and the factory backed Alfa Romeo GTV6. While the venerable Ford Capri and a factory supported BMW 323i had made appearances in the championship, none fronted for the race. It was the first time since the 1973 race that there was no Ford Capri on the grid.

Class CEdit

Over three litre cars were in Class C which featured Holden VK Commodore V8s (in both 5.0 litre and 4.9 litre configuration), the big V12 Jaguar XJ-S', the V8 Ford Mustang GT's and Rover Vitesses and the Straight-six BMW 635 CSi. Both the Rovers and BMW's used 3.5 litre engines, though unlike the BMW, the Rover was a V8.

Hardies HeroesEdit

Pos No Team Driver Car HH Qual
Pole 8 JRA Ltd   Tom Walkinshaw Jaguar XJ-S 2:18.822 2:19.78
2 9 JRA Ltd   Jeff Allam Jaguar XJ-S 2:19.915 2:20.32
3 17 Palmer Tube Mills   Dick Johnson Ford Mustang GT 2:20.646 2:21.79
4 6 Roadways Racing Services   Allan Grice Holden VK Commodore 2:20.661 2:21.72
5 55 Mark Petch Motorsport   Robbie Francevic Volvo 240T 2:20.873 2:22.22
6 10 JRA Ltd   John Goss Jaguar XJ-S 2:20.919 2:19.77
7 1 JPS Team BMW   Jim Richards BMW 635 CSi 2:21.396 2:21.68
8 18 Palmer Tube Mills   Larry Perkins Ford Mustang GT 2:22.340 2:21.99
9 21 Goold Motorsport   Roberto Ravaglia BMW 635 CSi 2:22.874 2:24.25
10 7 Mobil Holden Dealer Team   David Parsons Holden VK Commodore 2:22.886 2:23.22
11 05 Mobil Holden Dealer Team   Peter Brock Holden VK Commodore 2:23.018 2:22.85

* Tom Walkinshaw's pole time of 2:18.822 in his Group A Jaguar XJ-S was 0.138 seconds faster than he had qualified John Goss' Group C Jaguar XJS in Hardie's Heroes the previous year. It was also the first time a driver had gone from being the slowest in the runoff one year to being the fastest a year later. Showing the difference in performance between Group A and Group C at that stage, Walkinshaw's time was 4.972 seconds slower than George Fury's pole winning time of 1984.[1]
* Walkinshaw's Jaguar was recorded at 274 km/h (170 mph) on Conrod Straight during the runoff. The fastest non-Jaguar was the turbocharged Volvo 240T driven by Bathurst Rookie Robbie Francevic which recorded 260 km/h (162 mph). The once dominant V8 Holden and Fords were slower still, topping out at around 250 km/h (155 mph).
* Volvo became the 8th marque to be represented in the Top 10 runoff since its inception in 1978 when Auckland based Robbie Francevic qualified his Mark Petch Motorsport Volvo 240T in 5th place. The Volvo was also the only turbo powered car in the runoff.
* With Walkinshaw on pole and teammate Jeff Allam in second, 1985 was the first and so far only year that cars powered by V12 engines have filled the front row of the grid at Bathurst. It was also the first time since Peter Brock and Colin Bond had qualified 1-2 for the Holden Dealer Team in 1974 that one team had occupied the front row.
* The No. 18 DJR Ford Mustang driven by Larry Perkins was officially withdrawn from the race following Hardies Heroes. Every car on the grid that qualified behind the car was then was moved up one grid position. The car had been entered as an insurance policy should something happen to keep the #17 Mustang out of the race, and to give drivers Dick Johnson and Perkins the maximum amount of practice time before the race.
* For the first time there were 11 cars and not 10 in the runoff. The ARDC had originally bumped the Larry Perkins Mustang believing (correctly) that it would not start the race despite persistent rumours that it would, and included in its place the BMW 635 CSi of Roberto Ravaglia. However, DJR protested as their car had provisionally qualified 8th. As the ARDC had no grounds to exclude it as regulations stated the top 8 qualifiers were an automatic inclusion, the runoff went ahead with both Perkins and Ravaglia taking part.
* 1985 was the only time Peter Brock was out-qualified by one of his HDT teammates in Hardie's Heroes, qualifying 0.132 behind David Parsons, who was listed only as co-driver to 1983 race winner John Harvey in the No. 7 car. Prior to this the closest a teammate had got to him in HH was when Harvey was only 1.19 seconds slower in 1980. 1985 would also be the only time that the HDT had the slowest two cars in the runoff.
* The fastest driver in official qualifying, 1974 winner John Goss, made his first and only appearance in Hardie's Heroes. Goss' Jaguar had also qualified for the shootout in 1984 but Tom Walkinshaw was at the wheel.

Official resultsEdit

Bold donates outright and class winners

Pos Class No Team Drivers Car Laps Qual
1 C 10 JRA Ltd   John Goss
  Armin Hahne
Jaguar XJ-S 163 1 6
2 C 21 Goold Motorsport   Johnny Cecotto
  Roberto Ravaglia
BMW 635 CSi 163 11 9
3 C 8 JRA Ltd   Tom Walkinshaw
  Win Percy
Jaguar XJ-S 160 2 1
4 C 1 JPS Team BMW   Jim Richards
  Tony Longhurst
BMW 635 CSi 160 4 7
5 C 3 H. Kent Baigent   Kent Baigent
  Neal Lowe
BMW 635 CSi 159 12
6 C 20 Jim Keogh   Jim Keogh
  Garry Rogers
BMW 635 CSi 159 16
7 C 17 Palmer Tube Mills   Dick Johnson
  Larry Perkins
Ford Mustang GT 159 6 3
8 B 47 Network Alfa   Colin Bond
  Gregg Hansford
Alfa Romeo GTV6 158 21
9 B 42 Mitsubishi Ralliart   Kevin Bartlett
  Peter McKay
Mitsubishi Starion 157 13
10 C 41 Barry Jones   Barry Jones
  Tony Mulvihill
Holden VK Commodore 156 25
11 C 25 Yellow Pages   Tony Kavich
  Ralph Radburn
Holden VK Commodore 156 34
12 C 40 Terry Finnigan   Terry Finnigan
  Barry Lawrence
Holden VK Commodore 155 24
13 C 11 Alf Barbagallo   Tim Slako
  Geoff Leeds
Rover Vitesse 152 18
14 C 12 Garry Willmington   Garry Willmington
  Peter Janson
Jaguar XJ-S 150 29
15 C 19 Ken Mathews Prestige Cars   Ken Mathews
  Bob Muir
Holden VK Commodore 147 38
16 B 45 Ray Gulson   Ray Gulson
  Frank Porter
Alfa Romeo GTV6 147 40
17 A 60 Toyota Team Australia   John Smith
  Drew Price
Toyota Corolla GT 147 42
18 C 30 Lester Smerdon   Lester Smerdon
  Geoff Russell
Holden VK Commodore 145 38
19 B 51 Greville Arnel   Andrew Harris
  Greville Arnel
Mitsubishi Starion 141 48
20 C 39 Sleepyhead Beds   Graeme Bowkett
  Wayne Wilkinson
Holden VK Commodore 135 20
21 B 53 Chris Heyer's Kingswood Import Centre   Chris Heyer
  Graham McGregor
Audi 5+5 134 49
22 C 36 Lusty Engineering   Graham Lusty
  Ken Lusty
Holden VK Commodore 133 45
23 C 34 The Xerox Shop   Alan Taylor
  Kevin Kennedy
Holden VK Commodore 132 41
DNF C 05 Mobil Holden Dealer Team   Peter Brock
  David Oxton
Holden VK Commodore 160 9 11
DNF C 14 Auckland Coin & Bullion Exchange   Denny Hulme
  Ray Smith
Holden VK Commodore 146 15
DNF C 13 Grellis Marketing   Bernie McClure
  Ray Ellis
Holden VK Commodore 136 36
DNF C 4 I.M.B. Team Wollongong   Peter McLeod
  Graeme Bailey
Holden VK Commodore 126 22
DNF A 57 Bob Holden Motors Manly Vale   Bob Holden
  Glenn Clark
Toyota Sprinter AE86 123 46
DNF B 55 Mark Petch Motorsport   Robbie Francevic
  John Bowe
Volvo 240T 122 8 5
NC B 54 Melbourne Clutch & Brake Service   Brian Sampson
  Garry Waldon
Mitsubishi Starion 117 35
NC C 37 Brian Callaghan   Barry Graham
  Brian Callaghan
Holden VK Commodore 114 26
DNF C 6 Super K-Mart
Roadways Racing Services
  Allan Grice
  Warren Cullen
Holden VK Commodore 114 5 4
DNF C 24 Jagparts Racing   Gerald Kay
  Martin Power
Holden VK Commodore 112 33
DNF A 61 Toyota Team Australia   John Faulkner
  Ray Cutchie
Toyota Sprinter AE86 110 43
DNF C 22 Erle McRae Motorsport   Charlie O'Brien
  John English
BMW 635 CSi 106 23
NC A 58 David Ratcliff   David Ratcliff
  Don Smith
Toyota Sprinter AE86 98 47
NC C 2 Masterton Homes   Steve Masterton
  Bruce Stewart
Holden VK Commodore 96 53
DNF C 7 Mobil Holden Dealer Team   John Harvey
  David Parsons
Holden VK Commodore 96 10 10
DNF C 33 Mike Burgmann   Mike Burgmann
  Bob Stevens
Holden VK Commodore 93 30
DNF C 31 JPS Team BMW   George Fury
  Neville Crichton
BMW 635 CSi 68 17
DNF B 49 John Bundy   John Bundy
  Norm Carr
Mazda RX-7 67 51
DNF C 16 Flexible Hose Supplies   Barry Robinson
  Jon Jeffery
Rover Vitesse 59 52
DNF C 23 Simon Emmerling   Simon Emmerling
  Trevor Hine
BMW 635 CSi 42 31
DNF C 38 Barry Wraith   Barry Wraith
  Wayne Park
Holden VK Commodore 34 39
DNF B 44 Peter Williamson Toyota   Peter Williamson
  Tomas Mezera
Toyota Celica Supra 32 27
DNF C 29 Ken Davison   Ken Davison
  Wally Kramer
Ford Mustang GT 19 44
DNF C 28 Capri Components   Lawrie Nelson
  Bill O'Brien
Ford Mustang GT 18 37
DNF C 32 Anderson & O'Leary   Bruce Anderson
  Wayne Anderson
Ford Mustang GT 17 28
DNF C 9 JRA Ltd   Jeff Allam
  Ron Dickson
Jaguar XJ-S 3 3 2
DNF B 43 Mitsubishi Ralliart   Brad Jones
  Peter Fitzgerald
Mitsubishi Starion 0 14
DNF C 27 Alf Grant   Alf Grant
  John French
Holden VK Commodore 0 19
DNS C 18 Palmer Tube Mills   Larry Perkins
  Dick Johnson
Ford Mustang GT 7 8
DNS B 52 Formula 1 Investments   Graham Moore
  Michel Delcourt
Mitsubishi Starion 50
DNS C 26 Super K-Mart
Roadways Racing Services
  Warren Cullen
  Allan Grice
Holden VK Commodore
DNS A 59 Phil McDonnell   Greg Crick
  Phil McDonnell
Alfa Romeo Alfetta


  • Provisional Pole Position - #10 John Goss - 2:19.77
  • Pole Position – #8 Tom Walkinshaw – 2:18.822
  • Fastest Lap – #10 John Goss – 2:21.86
  • Average Speed – 150 km/h
  • Race Time - 6:41:30.19

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