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1984 in sports describes the year's events in world sport.

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  • March 31 – Wilfredo Gómez defeats Juan Laporte by a decision in 12 rounds to conquer the WBC's world Featherweight crown.
  • June 15 – in the most anticipated bout of the year, Thomas Hearns, WBC world Jr. Middleweight champion, knocks out WBA world champion Roberto Durán in two rounds. The WBA elects not to sanction the bout, declaring their version of the title vacant instead.

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  • Inaugural edition of the Asia Cup is held in Sharjah, UAE: India defeats Pakistan in the final.

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Olympic Games edit

  • 1984 Summer Olympics takes place at Los Angeles (July 28 - August 12)
    • USA wins the most medals (174) and the most gold medals (83)
  • 1984 Winter Olympics takes place at Sarajevo (February 8 - February 19)
    • USSR wins the most medals (25) and the GDR wins the most gold medals (9)

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