1984 Women's World Amateur Snooker Championship

The 1984 Women's World Amateur Snooker Championship was a 1984 edition of the World Women's Snooker Championship, first held in 1976,[1] and was played at the Breaks Snooker Sporting Club, Coventry, from 6 to 7 October. The tournament was won by Stacey Hillyard, aged 15, who defeated Natalie Stelmach 4–1 in the final.[2]

1984 Women's World Amateur Snooker Championship
Tournament information
Dates6–7 October 1984
VenueBreaks Snooker Sporting Club
Organisation(s)World Ladies Billiards and Snooker Association
FormatSingle elimination
Total prize fund£3,000
Winner's share£1,000
Highest break Stacey Hillyard (ENG) 48
Champion Stacey Hillyard (ENG)
Runner-up Natalie Stelmach (CAN)


Following the 1983 Women's World Snooker Championship, the promotional company Ladies Snooker International, which was controlled by some of the same personnel involved in the World Ladies Billiards and Snooker Association (WLBSA), announced the initiation of a professional division for women's snooker, which later included the 1984 Women's Grand Prix,[3] but not a world professional championship.[4]

The 1984 Women's World Amateur Snooker Championship, organised by the WLBSA, had 64 entrants and was sponsored by First Leisure and Bass Mitchells and Butlers, with a prize fund of £3,000. The top sixteen seeds joined the draw at the last 32 stage. First round matches were the best-of-three frames, and the other rounds before the quarter-finals were the best-of-five frames, these being played on 6 October. Matches from the quarter-finals onwards were the best-of-seven frames, and were played on 7 October.[2]

The top seed, Allison Fisher, aged 16, took a 2–0 lead in her semi-final against Hillyard, aged 15, but lost the third frame on the black. Fisher won the next to lead 3–1, before Hillyard levelled the match at 3–3 and followed this by winning the deciding frame of the pink. Hillyard took a 2–0 lead against Stelmach in the final, and after losing the third frame, went on to win 4–1 and take the title and win £1,000 in prize money.[2]

Hillyard also compiled the highest break of the event, 48, for which she earnt a further £100.[2]

Prize fundEdit

There was a total prize fund of £3,000. The breakdown of prize money for the event is shown below:[2]

  • Winner: £1,000
  • Runner-up: £500
  • Semi-finalists: £250
  • Quarter-finalists: £125
  • Last 16: £50
  • Highest break: £100

Main DrawEdit

The numbers in parentheses beside some of the players are their seeding ranks where known,[2] while players in bold denote match winners.[5]

Last 16
Best of 5 frames
Best of 7 frames
Best of 7 frames
Best of 7 frames
  Allison Fisher (ENG) (1) 3
  Pat Daubney (ENG) 1
  Allison Fisher (ENG) (1) 4
  Maria Tart (ENG) 0
  Maria Tart (ENG) 3
  Julie Dowen (ENG) 2
  Allison Fisher (ENG) (1) 3
  Stacey Hillyard (ENG) 4
  Stacey Hillyard (ENG) 3
  Val Doyle (ENG)[a]1
  Stacey Hillyard (ENG) 4
  Rhonda Jackman (CAN) 1
  Rhonda Jackman (CAN) 3
  Maureen Seto (CAN) 0
  Stacey Hillyard (ENG) 4
  Natalie Stelmach (CAN) (2) 1
  Caroline Walch (ENG) (3) 3
  Maria Johnson (ENG) 2
  Caroline Walch (ENG) (3) 4
  Serena Sinanan (ENG) 3
  Serena Sinanan (ENG) 3
  Claire Burgess (ENG) 2
  Caroline Walch (ENG) (3) 0
  Natalie Stelmach (CAN) (2) 4
  Gaye Jones (ENG) 3
  A. Ratcliffe (ENG) 1
  Gaye Jones (ENG) 0
  Natalie Stelmach (CAN) (2) 4
  Natalie Stelmach (CAN) (2) 3
  Maggie Beer (ENG) 1
Final: Best-of-7 frames.
Breaks Snooker Sporting Club, Coventry, 7 October 1984
Stacey Hillyard
4–1 Natalie Stelmach
Frame 1 2 3 4 5
Stacey Hillyard 63 72 36 64 58
Natalie Stelmach 33 14 50 17 34
Frames won (Hillyard first) 1–0 2–0 2–1 3–1 4–1
Stacey Hillyard wins the 1984 Women's World Amateur Snooker Championship


  1. ^ The Cue World source says that Hillyard defeated May Smith 3–1 in the last 16


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