1984 San Pedro Basin earthquake

The 1984 San Pedro Basin earthquake occurred on June 24 at 07:17:14 local time with a moment magnitude of 6.7 and a maximum Mercalli intensity of VII (Very strong). The event occurred off the southern coast of the Dominican Republic and resulted in an estimated five fatalities.

1984 San Pedro Basin earthquake
1984 San Pedro Basin earthquake is located in the Dominican Republic
Santo Domingo
Santo Domingo
La Romana
La Romana
1984 San Pedro Basin earthquake
UTC time1984-06-24 11:17:14
ISC event551495
Local date24 June 1984 (1984-06-24)
Local time07:17:14
Magnitude6.7 Mw [1]
Depth35 km [1]
Epicenter17°58′N 69°18′W / 17.97°N 69.3°W / 17.97; -69.3 [1]
Areas affectedDominican Republic
Total damageLimited [2]
Max. intensityMMI VII (Very strong) [3]
Casualties5 deaths

Tectonic setting edit

The northern boundary of the Caribbean Plate is a diffuse zone of varied fault types. The Muertos Trough marks the southern portion of this zone of deformation with north dipping convergence.[4]

Earthquake edit

This thrust earthquake occurred on a shallow and north-dipping fault and, at the time, it was the largest instrumentally recorded event in the Los Muertos Trough.[5]

Intensity edit

The United States Geological Survey estimated that more than 227,000 people were exposed to intensity VII (Very strong) shaking and more than 2.8 million experienced intensity VI (Strong) shaking.[3]

Aftershock edit

Five hours after the mainshock, a destructive 5.2 Mw  aftershock occurred about 5–10 miles to the northeast. Five deaths are also attributed to this event.[6]

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