1984 Nebraska Cornhuskers football team

The 1984 Nebraska Cornhuskers football team represented the University of Nebraska–Lincoln in the 1984 NCAA Division I-A football season. The team was coached by Tom Osborne and played their home games in Memorial Stadium in Lincoln, Nebraska.

1984 Nebraska Cornhuskers football
Big 8 co-champion
Sugar Bowl champion
Sugar Bowl, W 28–10 vs. LSU
ConferenceBig Eight Conference
CoachesNo. 3
APNo. 4
Record10–2 (6–1 Big 8)
Head coach
Offensive schemeI formation
Defensive coordinatorCharlie McBride (4th season)
Base defense5–2
Home stadiumMemorial Stadium
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1985 →
1984 Big Eight Conference football standings
Conf Overall
Team W   L   T W   L   T
No. 4 Nebraska + 6 1 0 10 2 0
No. 6 Oklahoma + 6 1 0 9 2 1
No. 7 Oklahoma State 5 2 0 10 2 0
Kansas 4 3 0 5 6 0
Missouri 2 4 1 3 7 1
Kansas State 2 4 1 3 7 1
Colorado 1 6 0 1 10 0
Iowa State 0 5 2 2 7 2
  • + – Conference co-champions
Rankings from AP Poll

Schedule edit

September 81:30 pmWyoming*No. 2W 42–776,125
September 151:30 pmMinnesota*No. 1
  • Memorial Stadium
  • Lincoln, NE (rivalry)
W 38–776,077
September 222:30 pmat No. 8 UCLA*No. 1CBSW 42–371,355
September 2911:00 amat Syracuse*No. 1USAL 9–1747,280
October 62:30 pmNo. 9 Oklahoma State No. 8
  • Memorial Stadium
  • Lincoln, NE
ABCW 17–376,368
October 131:30 pmMissouriNo. 6
  • Memorial Stadium
  • Lincoln, NE (rivalry)
USAW 33–2376,319
October 202:30 pmat ColoradoNo. 5W 24–752,124
October 271:30 pmKansas StateNo. 4
  • Memorial Stadium
  • Lincoln, NE (rivalry)
W 62–1476,068
November 31:30 pmat Iowa StateNo. 3W 44–052,919
November 101:30 pmat KansasNo. 2W 41–750,653
November 172:30 pmNo. 6 OklahomaNo. 1
  • Memorial Stadium
  • Lincoln, NE (rivalry)
ABCL 7–1776,323
January 17:00 pmvs. No. 12 LSU*No. 4ABCW 28–1075,608[1]
  • *Non-conference game
  •  Homecoming
  • Rankings from AP Poll released prior to the game
  • All times are in Central time

Roster edit


Anderson, Paul (So.) FB
Augustyn, Joe (So.) TE
Bailey, Dan (So.) OG
Banderas, Tom #83 (So.) TE
Behning, Mark #73 (Sr.) OT
Behrens, Vance (So.) WB
Biggers, Kevin #13 (Sr.) MON
Blakeman, Clete #16 (Fr.) QB
Blankenship, Brian #70 (Jr.) OG
Bourn, Don #92 (Sr.) TE
Bourne, David (So.) DE
Bryan, Dave (So.) OT
Bunger, Jon #97 (Jr.) DT
Burke, Dave #33 (Sr.) CB
Carl, Mike #42 (So.) CB
Carpenter, Todd (So.) OT
Carr, Chris #37 (So.) S
Cartwright, Charlie #31 (So.) MON
Casterline, Dan #24 (Jr.) MON
Chealey, Gene (So.) CB
Clark, Bret #10 (Sr.) S
Clayton, McCathorn (So.) QB
Cooper, Mark #54 (So.) C
Daffer, Chad #46 (Jr.) LB
Daum, Mark #51 (Sr.) LB
Demmel, Tom (So.) PK
Diaz, Mark (So.) MON
Dietz, Dave #98 (Jr.) TE
Dittmer, Jim #59 (Jr.) OT
Douglas, Don (So.) QB
DuBose, Doug #22 (So.) IB
Fisher, Todd #6 (Jr.) MON
Forch, Steve #38 (So.) LB
Frain, Todd #80 (Jr.) TE
Galois, Ron (So.) OG
Gamble, Jason #86 (Fr.) SE
Gangwish, Paul (Sr.) DE
Gatson, Pernell (So.) WB
Graeber, Ken #52 (Sr.) MG
Green, Derrick (So.) OT
Greene, Ricky #5 (Sr.) CB
Grimminger, Harry #58 (Sr.) OG
Haecker, Kelly (So.) CB
Hall, Mike (So.) TE
Harris, Neil #11 (Sr.) CB
Hawkins, Hendley (So.) QB
Hedlund, Mike (So.) FB
Heibel, Micah (So.) FB
Hiemer, Brian #94 (Sr.) TE
Hill, Scott (So.) DB
Hoefler, Mike #59 (So.) OG
Holloway, Tony #43 (So.) DE


Holscher, Jim (So.) WB
Hoskins, Thurman #32 (So.) IB
Jamrog, Jeff (So.) DE
Johnson, Brad #64 (So.) OT
Jones, Keith #6 (Fr.) IB
Jones, Lee #98 (So.) DT
Kaelin, Ken #49 (So.) FB
Kelley, Jon (Fr.) IB
Kimball, Scott #88 (Sr.) SE
King, Scott (So.) CB
Kingston, Bob #37 (Jr.) IB
Klein, Dale (So.) PK
Knox, Mike #44 (Sr.) LB
Kreikemeier, Keith (Jr.) OG
LeCompte, Butch (So.) OT
Lewis, Bill #68 (Jr.) C
Lightner, Keven #66 (Fr.) OG
Lindstrom, Roger #23 (Jr.) WB
Livingston, Scott #48 (Sr.) PK
Macias, Bill #78 (So.) OT
Maggard, Rob #72 (So.) OT
Mattingly, Tom (So.) S
McCashland, Mike #2 (Sr.) MON
McCormick, John #61 (So.) OG
McCoy, Dan #40 (Jr.) LB
Miles, Paul #21 (Jr.) IB
Mlinar, Jerry (So.) QB
Moore, Brian (Jr.) TE
Moritz, Mike (So.) C
Morrow, Tom #77 (Jr.) OT
Mullins, Marty (So.) SE
Munford, Marc #41 (So.) LB
Nelson, Ray (So.) WB
Nichols, John #55 (So.) C
Noel, Jack #56 (Jr.) C
Noonan, Danny #97 (So.) DT
Olson, Todd #63 (So.) OG
Opie, Harlan (So.) DE
Orton, Greg #67 (Sr.) OG
Otte, Mike (So.) SE
Paige, Woody #9 (Jr.) CB
Palmer, Tony (So.) DT
Parker, Paul (So.) CB
Parker, Stan #74 (So.) OG
Parsons, Kevin #35 (So.) LB
Pokorny, Brian #18 (Jr.) CB
Porter, Scott #36 (Sr.) FB
Proffitt, Todd #34 (Jr.) LB
Rathman, Tom #26 (Jr.) FB
Reeves, Gregg #84 (Jr.) DE
Reinhardt, John #62 (Sr.) MG
Reynolds, Rod #93 (Jr.) DT


Rogers, Phil (Jr.) MG
Roth, Tim #65 (Jr.) OT
Rother, Tim (So.) OT
Rozier, Guy #4 (Jr.) MON
Schaaf, Jim (So.) OG
Schneider, Dave #1 (Jr.) PK
Schneider, Gary #3 (Jr.) CB
Schnitzler, Craig #13 (So.) PK
Schnitzler, Robb #85 (So.) SE
Schoettger, Scott (Sr.) SE
Sellentin, Jeff (So.) OG
Shaw, Pat (So.) LB
Shead, Ken #99 (Jr.) MG
Sheppard, Von #7 (So.) WB
Siebler, Bryan #19 (So.) S
Skow, Jim #96 (Jr.) DT
Smith, Brad #81 (Jr.) DE
Smith, Jeff #28 (Sr.) IB
Smith, Rod (So.) SE
Spachman, Chris #76 (So.) DT
Storer, Lance (So.) OG
Strasburger, Matt (So.) S
Strasburger, Scott #90 (Sr.) DE
Stuckey, Rob #75 (Sr.) DT
Sundberg, Craig #15 (Sr.) QB
Swanson, Shane #17 (Sr.) WB
Taylor, Jeff #12 (So.) QB
Tenopir, Todd (So.) PK
Thayer, Dan (So.) S
Thomas, Anthony #53 (Sr.) OG
Thomas, Stephen (So.) MG
Thompson, Jim #39 (Sr.) WB
Tomjack, Jeff (So.) MON
Traynowicz, Mark #57 (Sr.) C
Tucker, Scott #89 (Jr.) DE
Turner, Travis #14 (Jr.) QB
Tyrer, Brad (So.) DE
Vinger, Eric (So.) PK
Wade, Stanley #55 (Jr.) LB
Washington, Brian #43 (Fr.) MON
Watkins, Dennis #27 (Jr.) CB
Weber, Bill #87 (Sr.) DE
Weber, Scott (Jr.) DT
Welniak, Doug (So.) LB
Welter, Tom #69 (So.) OT
Whyrick, Doug (So.) C
Wingard, Dan #47 (Jr.) PK
Yates, Rod #91 (Sr.) SE
Yost, Scott (So.) SE
Zierke, Mike #78 (Sr.) DT


Depth chart edit

Coaching staff edit

Name Title First year
in this position
Years at Nebraska Alma mater
Tom Osborne Head coach
Offensive Coordinator
1973 1964–1997 Hastings College
Charlie McBride Defensive coordinator 1981 1977–1999 Colorado
Cletus Fischer Offensive Line 1960–1985 Nebraska
John Melton Linebackers 1973 1962–1988 Wyoming
Boyd Epley Head Strength Coach 1969 1969–2003 Nebraska
George Darlington Defensive Ends 1973–2002 Rutgers
Milt Tenopir Offensive Line 1974 1974–2002 Sterling
Gene Huey Receivers 1977 1977–1986 Wyoming
Frank Solich Running Backs 1983 1979–2003 Nebraska
Jack Pierce 1979–1991
Bob Thornton Secondary 1981 1981–1985 Nebraska
Dan Young Offensive Line
1983 1983–2002 Reed College

Game summaries edit

Wyoming edit

Wyoming at #2 Nebraska [box score]
1 234Total
Wyoming 0 700 7
#2 Nebraska 0 14217 42

Nebraska was forced to put extra effort in for the win after losing three of four first-half fumbles and giving up an interception, as Wyoming won the turnover battle 4–1.

Minnesota edit

Minnesota at #1 Nebraska [box score]
1 234Total
Minnesota 0 007 7
#1 Nebraska 0 21107 38

'Fumble-itis' continued to plague Nebraska, after the ball was put on the ground eight times, half of them lost to Minnesota. Still, the newly minted #1 Cornhuskers easily put away the turnover-free Golden Gophers with the help of 405 yards on the ground.

UCLA edit

#1 Nebraska at #8 UCLA [box score]
1 234Total
#1 Nebraska 6 15714 42
#8 UCLA 0 030 3

Nebraska dominated UCLA in the new Rose Bowl home of the Bruins, handing them their worst loss in 14 years. The Cornhuskers recorded eight sacks while running up 42 points, while the offensive output of the Bruins netted only a 3rd quarter field goal.

Syracuse edit

#1 Nebraska at Syracuse [box score]
1 234Total
#1 Nebraska 7 002 9
Syracuse 0 377 17

Unranked Syracuse, coming off a 0–19 shutout loss against Rutgers at home the week prior, severely embarrassed the #1 Cornhuskers, who may have been guilty of overlooking the team they had defeated 63-7 the year before. Nebraska's regular season winning streak was ended at 23. Coach Osborne stated it simply; "They were more physical today".

Oklahoma State edit

#9 Oklahoma State at #8 Nebraska [box score]
1 234Total
#9 Oklahoma State 3 000 3
#8 Nebraska 0 0017 17

It was another season of disappointment for Oklahoma State's record against Nebraska. The Cowboys came to Lincoln with a better record than the Cornhuskers for the first time ever, with high hopes after Nebraska fell to Syracuse the week before, and OSU indeed led the game for three quarters. A 4th quarter, 49 yard punt return by Shane Swanson swung the momentum to Nebraska, and Oklahoma State's 22-year-long drought against Nebraska was extended yet another year.

Missouri edit

Missouri at #6 Nebraska [box score]
1 234Total
Missouri 7 3013 23
#6 Nebraska 7 9107 33

Missouri fought a hard battle and barely won the time of possession battle, at one point drawing within 6 points, but a 57-yard interception return for a touchdown opened the game up a bit as Nebraska gained enough room to finish the game ahead by 10.

Colorado edit

#5 Nebraska at Colorado [box score]
1 234Total
#5 Nebraska 0 3021 24
Colorado 0 700 7

The Blackshirts carried Nebraska for three quarters as the offense sputtered and failed to produce a useful lead. Finally, in the 4th quarter, the Cornhuskers overcame their struggles and ran off 21 points for the win.

Kansas State edit

Kansas State at #4 Nebraska [box score]
1 234Total
Kansas State 7 070 14
#4 Nebraska 19 2977 62

Nebraska recorded its 25th straight conference win as Kansas State rolled over and fell behind by 48–7 at the half. The lead allowed the Cornhuskers to rotate several players into the game, which resulted in no single player exceeding 100 rushing yards rushing for the first time in 20 games.

Iowa State edit

#3 Nebraska at Iowa State [box score]
1 234Total
#3 Nebraska 3 7628 44
Iowa State 0 000 0

Nebraska held Iowa State's star receiver to two catches for 11 yards, and the Cyclones offense to just five first downs, as the Blackshirts posted their first shutout in two years. By the 4th quarter, Iowa State's own defense lost their effectiveness and could no longer keep up, as the Cornhuskers rolled up 28 more points to pull away.

Kansas edit

#2 Nebraska at Kansas [box score]
1 234Total
#2 Nebraska 21 7013 41
Kansas 0 007 7

The Cornhuskers held Kansas to just 12 first downs and 24 yards on the ground, clinching at least a share of the 1984 Big 8 Title.

Oklahoma edit

#4 Oklahoma at #1 Nebraska [box score]
1 234Total
#4 Oklahoma 7 0010 17
#1 Nebraska 0 700 7

Four painful turnovers were enough to overcome the statistical success Nebraska achieved, as Oklahoma ended Nebraska's 27 game conference win streak and 21 game win streak in Lincoln. The run-oriented Cornhuskers out-passed the Sooners 236–58, but two key stops by the Sooners in the 2nd half put down Nebraska's hopes for a shot the National Championship.

LSU edit

#4 Nebraska vs #12 LSU [box score]
1 234Total
#4 Nebraska 0 7714 28
#12 LSU 3 700 10

Nebraska overcame a 10-point deficit to come within 3 by halftime, and after that it was all Nebraska as the Cornhuskers won the turnover game's battle 6-3 and ran off 21 more points while shutting down all further attempts by LSU to score.

Rankings edit

Ranking movements
Legend: ██ Increase in ranking ██ Decrease in ranking

Awards edit


Award Name(s)
All-America 1st team Bret Clark, Harry Grimminger, Mark Traynowicz
All-America 2nd team Jeff Smith
All-America 3rd team Mark Behning
All-America honorable mention Doug DuBose, Scott Strasburger, Bill Weber, Scott Livingston
All-Big 8 1st team Mark Behning, Bret Clark, Doug DuBose, Harry Grimminger, Scott Livingston, Marc Munford, Greg Orton, Jeff Smith, Scott Strasburger, Mark Traynowicz, Bill Weber
All-Big 8 2nd team David Burke, Mark Daum, Rob Stuckey
All-Big 8 honorable mention Ken Graeber, Shane Swanson

NFL and pro players edit

The following Nebraska players who participated in the 1984 season later moved on to the next level and joined a professional or semi-pro team as draftees or free agents.[5]

Name Team
Mark Behning Pittsburgh Steelers
Brian Blankenship Pittsburgh Steelers
Bret Clark Tampa Bay Bandits
Doug DuBose San Francisco 49ers
Todd Frain Washington Redskins
Keith Jones Cleveland Browns
Mike Knox Denver Broncos
Bill Lewis Los Angeles Raiders
Scott Livingston Dallas Cowboys
Paul Miles Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Marc Munford Denver Broncos
Danny Noonan Dallas Cowboys
Greg Orton Detroit Lions
Tom Rathman San Francisco 49ers
Tim Rother Los Angeles Raiders
Jim Skow Cincinnati Bengals
Jeff Smith Kansas City Chiefs
Scott Strasburger Dallas Cowboys
Shane Swanson Denver Broncos
Mark Traynowicz Buffalo Bills
Brian Washington Cleveland Browns
Dennis Watkins Philadelphia Eagles
Tom Welter St. Louis Cardinals

References edit

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