1984 24 Hours of Le Mans

The 1984 24 Hours of Le Mans was the 52nd Grand Prix of Endurance, and took place on 16 – 17 June 1984. It was also the third round of the 1984 World Endurance Championship.

1984 24 Hours of Le Mans
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The Porsche 956 which placed second in the 1984 24 Hours of Le Mans

The works Rothmans Porsche team boycotted the 1984 Le Mans race due to a disagreement between Porsche and the Automobile Club de l'Ouest (ACO) over the fuel regulations, meaning that drivers such as multiple winners Jacky Ickx and Derek Bell were absent from the race for the first time in many years. Porsche originally stated that its contracted drivers would not be allowed to race with any other team, however they did relent only two or three weeks before the race. 1983 co-winner Vern Schuppan was the only member of the Rothmans team to race in 1984, eagerly snapped up by Kremer Racing to drive a Porsche 956B he would share with fellow Australian, 1980 Formula One World Champion Alan Jones, and experienced French driver Jean-Pierre Jarier. Surprisingly, Schuppan was the only regular Rothmans team driver to actually compete in the event with his 1983 co-winners Al Holbert and Hurley Haywood joining Ickx, Bell, Jochen Mass and Stefan Bellof (who would go on to win the 1984 World Endurance Championship) as non-starters.

1984 saw the largest ever influx of Australian drivers in the race, with not only defending race winner Schuppan and ex-World Champion Jones driving, but also star touring car driver Peter Brock and ex-F1 driver Larry Perkins in a 956 supplied by John Fitzpatrick Racing, Rusty French in the second Kremer Porsche 956 (French's drive was a reward from Porsche for winning the 1983 Australian GT Championship in a Porsche 935), Allan Grice in a Charles Ivey Racing 956, and regular Group C2 competitor Neil Crang in a Cosworth DFL powered Spice-Tiga Racing Tiga GC84.

Jaguar made its first official appearance at Le Mans for the first time since 1959 when Bob Tullius' Group 44 team brought over its two Jaguar XJR-5's powered by 6.0 litre Jaguar V12 engines from America. Group 44 racing, with the full backing of Jaguar, would compete in the IMSA GTP class. Before the decision to enter the race had been made, Jaguar had been concerned about the competitiveness of the XJR-5's against the turbocharged Porsche's and Ferrari powered Lancia's, especially with regard to top speed on the 6 km (3.7 mi) Mulsanne Straight. But those fears were put to rest when the 600 hp (447 kW) cars were clocked at over 200 mph (322 km/h) during the 24 Hours of Daytona in February.[1]

Reinhold Joest's privately entered 956 driven by Frenchman Henri Pescarolo and West German Klaus Ludwig won the race in the #7 Porsche 956B. For Pescarolo it was his fourth and last win at Le Mans, while for Ludwig it was his second win. After starting 3rd on the grid, the pair were only in 30th place after the first hour after pitting twice in the first 5 laps to fix a minor fuel feed problem after which the car ran almost faultlessly. The Porsche 956 dominated the final standings, taking the top seven places. The first non-Porsche 956 to finish was the Martini Racing Lancia LC2 of Bob Wollek and Alessandro Nannini. Wollek set the pole for the race with a 3:17.11 (248.873 km/h - 154.642 mp/h), some 11 seconds faster than Ludwig in the fastest Porsche. Formula 2 ace Nannini would set the races fastest lap and new lap record with a time of 3:28.90 (234.818 km/h - 145.908 mp/h) on lap 261, a time that would have been good enough for 5th place on the starting grid.[2]

During the race, a French marshal, Jacky Loiseau (42) was killed when British driver John Sheldon crashed massively in the Aston Martin powered Nimrod NRA/C2 at the flat out right-hand kink on the Mulsanne Straight, a crash that also involved the second Aston Martin Nimrod of American driver Drake Olson, who hit some of the strewn bodywork from Sheldon's Nimrod that had caught fire and crashed as well. He was unhurt. Another marshal, Andre-Guy Lefebvre (48) was seriously injured, but survived. Sheldon survived the 200 mph (322 km/h) crash, but he was severely burned, and the Nimrod's explosive impact against the Armco barriers was so violent, that some of the trees next to the track where the impact took place had been set on fire. The race was not stopped immediately, only that section of the straight was under caution, to protect the marshals and firefighters cleaning up the accident. Soon after, four pace cars were brought out under a full course caution, which lasted for 1 hour.[3]

Official resultsEdit

Le Mans in 1984
Pos Class No Team Drivers Chassis Tyre Laps
1 C1 7   New-Man Joest Racing   Henri Pescarolo
  Klaus Ludwig
Porsche 956B D 360
Porsche Type-935 2.6 L Turbo Flat-6
2 C1 26   Henn's T-Bird Swap Shop   Jean Rondeau
  John Paul, Jr.
Porsche 956 G 358
Porsche Type-935 2.6 L Turbo Flat-6
3 C1 33   Skoal Bandit Porsche Team
  John Fitzpatrick Racing
  David Hobbs
  Philippe Streiff
  Sarel van der Merwe
Porsche 956B Y 351
Porsche Type-935 2.6 L Turbo Flat-6
4 C1 9   Brun Motorsport GmbH   Walter Brun
  Prince Leopold von Bayern
  Bob Akin
Porsche 956B D 340
Porsche Type-935 2.6 L Turbo Flat-6
5 C1 12   New-Man Joest Racing
  Schornstein Racing Team
  Volkert Merl
  Dieter Schornstein
  "John Winter" (Louis Krages)
Porsche 956 D 340
Porsche Type-935 2.6 L Turbo Flat-6
6 C1 11   Porsche Kremer Racing   Vern Schuppan
  Alan Jones
  Jean-Pierre Jarier
Porsche 956B D 337
Porsche Type-935 2.6 L Turbo Flat-6
7 C1 20   Brun Motorsport GmbH   Massimo Sigala
  Oscar Larrauri
  Joël Gouhier
Porsche 956 D 335
Porsche Type-935 2.6 L Turbo Flat-6
8 C1 4   Martini Racing   Bob Wollek
  Alessandro Nannini
Lancia LC2 D 326
Ferrari 308C 3.0 L Turbo V8
9 C1 17   Porsche Kremer Racing   Tiff Needell
  David Sutherland
  Rusty French
Porsche 956 D 321
Porsche Type-935 2.6L Turbo Flat-6
10 C2 68   B.F. Goodrich Company   John O'Steen
  John Morton
  Yoshimi Katayama
Lola T616 BF 320
Mazda 13B 1.3 L 2-Rotor
11 C2 93   Jean-Philippe Grand
  Graff Racing
  Jean-Philippe Grand
  Jean-Paul Libert
  Pascal Witmeur
Rondeau M379 A 310
Ford Cosworth DFV 3.0 L V8
12 C2 67   B.F. Goodrich Company   Jim Busby
  Boy Hayje
  Rick Knoop
Lola T616 BF 295
Mazda 13B 1.3 L 2-Rotor
13 C1 37   McCormack and Dodge   Jim Mullen
  Walt Bohren
  Alain Ferté
Rondeau M482 G 293
Ford Cosworth DFL 3.3 L V8
14 B 109   Helmut Gall   Philippe Dagoreau
  Jean-François Yvon
  Pierre de Thoisy
BMW M1 D 292
BMW M88/1 3.5 L I6
15 C2 87   Mazdaspeed Co. Ltd.   David Kennedy
  Jean-Michel Martin
  Philippe Martin
Mazda 727C D 291
Mazda 13B 1.3 L 2-Rotor
16 B 106   Claude Haldi   Claude Haldi
  Altfrid Heger
  Jean Krucker
Porsche 930 M 285
Porsche 3.3 L Turbo Flat-6
122   Raymond Touroul   Raymond Touroul
  Valentin Bertapelle
  Thierry Perrier
Porsche 911 SC M 283
Porsche 3.0 L Flat-6
123   Equipe Alméras Frères   Jean-Marie Alméras
  Jacques Alméras
  Tom Winters
Porsche 930 M 268
Porsche 3.3 L Turbo Flat-6
19 C2 81   Scuderia Jolly Club   Almo Coppelli
  Davide Pavia
  Guido Daccò
Alba AR2 A 262
Giannini Carma FF 2.0 L Turbo I4
20 C2 86   Mazdaspeed Co. Ltd.   Pierre Dieudonné
  Takashi Yorino
  Yojiro Terada
Mazda 727C D 261
Mazda 13B 1.3 L 2-Rotor
21 C2 80   Scuderia Jolly Club   Martino Finotto
  Carlo Facetti
  Marco Vanoli
Alba AR2 A 258
Giannini Carma FF 2.0 L Turbo I4
22 B 107   Raymond Boutinaud   Raymond Boutinaud
  Philippe Renault
  Giles Guinand
Porsche 928S D 255
Porsche 4.7 L V8
44   Jaguar Group 44   Brian Redman
  Doc Bundy
  Bob Tullius
Jaguar XJR-5 G 291
Jaguar 6.0 L V12
C1 5   Martini Racing   Paolo Barilla
  Hans Heyer
  Mauro Baldi
Lancia LC2 D 275
Ferrari 308C 3.0 L Turbo V8
C1 21   Charles Ivey Racing   Alain de Cadenet
  Allan Grice
  Chris Craft
Porsche 956 D 274
Porsche Type-935 2.6 L Turbo Flat-6
61   Henn's T-Bird Swap Shop   Michel Ferté
  Edgar Dören
  Preston Henn
Porsche 962 G 247
Porsche Type-935 2.9 L Turbo Flat-6
C1 14   GTi Engineering   Jan Lammers
  Jonathan Palmer
Porsche 956 D 239
Porsche Type-935 2.6 L Turbo Flat-6
40   Jaguar Group 44   Tony Adamowicz
  John Watson
  Claude Ballot-Léna
Jaguar XJR-5 G 212
Jaguar 6.0 L V12
C1 8   New-Man Joest Racing   Stefan Johansson
  Jean-Louis Schlesser
  Mauricio de Narváez
Porsche 956 D 170
Porsche Type-935 2.6 L Turbo Flat-6
C1 38   Dorset Racing Associates   Nick Faure
  Mark Galvin
  Richard Jones
Dome RC82 D 156
Ford Cosworth DFL 3.3 L V8
C1 50   Primagaz   Pierre Yver
  Bernard de Dryver
  Pierre-François Rousselot
Rondeau M382 M 155
Ford Cosworth DFV 3.0 L V8
C1 13   Primagaz   Yves Courage
  Michel Dubois
  John Jellinek
Cougar C02 M 153
Ford Cosworth DFL 3.3 L V8
C1 47   Obermaier Racing GmbH   Jürgen Lässig
  George Fouché
  John Graham
Porsche 956 D 147
Porsche Type-935 2.6 L Turbo Flat-6
121   Charles Ivey Racing   David Ovey
  Paul Smith
  Margie Smith-Haas
Porsche 930 A 146
Porsche 3.3L Turbo Flat-6
C1 34   Team Australia
  John Fitzpatrick Racing
  Peter Brock
  Larry Perkins
Porsche 956 D 145
Porsche Type-935 2.6 L Turbo Flat-6
C1 16   GTi Engineering   Richard Lloyd
  Nick Mason
  René Metge
Porsche 956 D 139
Porsche Type-935 2.6 L Turbo Flat-6
C1 23   WM Secateva   Roger Dorchy
  Alain Couderc
  Gerard Patté
WM P83B M 122
Peugeot PRV 2.8 L Turbo V6
C1 6   BP Résidences Malardeau
  Scuderia Jolly Club
  Pierluigi Martini
  Xavier Lapeyre
  Beppe Gabbiani
Lancia LC2 D 117
Ferrari 308C 3.0 L Turbo V8
B 101   Jens Winther Team Castrol   Jens Winther
  David Mercer
  Lars-Viggo Jensen
BMW M1 A 96
BMW M88/1 3.5 L I6
62   Pegasus Racing Ltd.   Ken Marsden Jr.
  Marion L. Speer
  Wayne Pickering
March 84G G 95
Buick 3.3 L Turbo V6
C1 31   Viscount Downe Aston Martin   Ray Mallock
  Drake Olson
Nimrod NRA/C2B A 94
Aston Martin-Tickford DP1229 5.3 L V8
C1 32   Viscount Downe Aston Martin   John Sheldon
  Mike Salmon
  Richard Attwood
Nimrod NRA/C2B A 92
Aston Martin-Tickford DP1229 5.3 L V8
C1 24   WM Secateva   Michel Pignard
  Jean-Daniel Raulet
  Pascal Pessiot
WM P83B M 74
Peugeot PRV 2.8 L Turbo V6
C1 55   Skoal Bandit Porsche Team
  John Fitzpatrick Racing
  Rupert Keegan
  Guy Edwards
  Roberto Moreno
Porsche 962 Y 72
Porsche Type-935 2.6 L Turbo Flat-6
B 114   Michel Lateste   Michel Lateste
  Michel Bienvault
  "Ségolen" (André Gahinet)
Porsche 930 M[4] 70
Porsche 3.3 L Turbo Flat-6
C2 70   Spice-Tiga Racing   Gordon Spice
  Ray Bellm
  Neil Crang
Tiga GC84 A 69
Ford Cosworth DFL 3.3 L V8
27   Scuderia Bellancauto   Roberto Marazzi
  Maurizio Micangeli
  Dominique Lacaud
Ferrari 512BB/LM D 65
Ferrari 5.0 L Flat-12
C2 48   John Bartlett Racing   François Migault
  Steve Kempton
  François Sérvanin
Lola T610 D 52
Ford Cosworth DFL 3.3 L V8
C1 45   Christian Bussi   Christian Bussi
  Jack Griffin
  Bruno Ilien
Rondeau M382 D 49
Ford Cosworth DFL 3.3 L V8
C2 79   A.D.A. Engineering   Ian Harrower
  Bill Wolff
  Glen Smith
ADA 01 A 42
Ford Cosworth DFL 3.3 L V8
C2 85   Hubert Striebig   Hubert Striebig
  Jacques Heuclin
  Noël del Bello
Sthemo SM C2 D[4] 41
BMW M88/1 3.5 L I6
C2 77   Ecurie Ecosse   Mike Wilds
  David Duffield
  David Leslie
Ecosse C284 A 36
Ford Cosworth DFV 3.0 L V8
C1 25   C.A.M.S.
  Charles Ivey Racing
  Dudley Wood
  John Cooper
  Barry Robinson
Grid S2 A 10
Porsche Type-935 2.9 L Turbo Flat-6
DNS C1 39   Uchida Dome Racing Team   Eje Elgh
  Stanley Dickens
Dome RC83 D -
Ford Cosworth DFL 4.0 L V8
DNS C2 99   J.Q.F. Engineering Ltd.   Roy Baker
  Jeremy Rossiter
  François Duret
Tiga GC84 A -
Ford Cosworth BDT 1.8 L Turbo I4

† - The #16 GTi Engineering Porsche was disqualified during the race for receiving technical assistance while still on the track.


  • Pole Position - Bob Wollek, #4 Martini Lancia - 3:17.11
  • Fastest Lap - Alessandro Nannini, #4 Martini Lancia - 3:28.90
  • Distance - 4,900.276 km (3,044.890 mi)
  • Average Speed - 204.178 km/h (126.870 mph)


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