1983 Venezuelan general election

General elections were held in Venezuela on 4 December 1983.[1] The presidential elections were won by Jaime Lusinchi of Democratic Action, who received 56.7% of the vote,[2] whilst his party won a majority of seats in the Chamber of Deputies and Senate.

1983 Venezuelan general election

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Presidential election
  Lusinchi 89.JPG Rafa Caldera 1983 (headshot).png
Nominee Jaime Lusinchi Rafael Caldera
Party Democratic Action Copei
Home state Anzoátegui Yaracuy
Popular vote 3,773,731 2,298,176
Percentage 56.72% 34.54%

President before election

Luis Herrera Campins

Elected President

Jaime Lusinchi
Democratic Action



Jaime LusinchiADURDVOI3,773,73156.72
Rafael CalderaCopeiICCNGDCIMAFUNMIO2,298,17634.54
Teodoro PetkoffMASMIRIRE277,4984.17
José Vicente RangelMEPPCVNALSGARSI221,9183.34
Jorge OlavarriaNational Opinion32,2540.48
Gonzalo PérezNational Integration Movement19,5280.29
Luis RangelNational Rescue8,8200.13
Andrés VelásquezRadical Cause5,9170.09
Vinicio RomeroNational Confidence3,2360.05
Alberto SolanoEmancipatory Force1,6500.02
Félix Díaz OtegaNew Order1,6100.02
Juan Iarra RiverolVenezuelan Nationalist Party1,3630.02
Adolfo AlcalaIndependent Voters1,0770.02
Other candidates6,5390.10
Valid votes6,653,31797.48
Invalid/blank votes171,8632.52
Total votes6,825,180100.00
Registered voters/turnout7,777,89287.75
Source: National Electoral Council[2]


Democratic Action3,284,16649.90113+2528+7
Movement for Socialism377,7955.7410–120
National Opinion130,0221.983+300
People's Electoral Movement129,2631.963–100
Democratic Republican Union125,4581.913000
Communist Party of Venezuela115,1621.753+200
Revolutionary Left Movement103,9231.582–200
New Alternative68,7291.041New0New
Independents with Change63,8220.970New0New
National Integration Movement59,8700.911000
Socialist League53,5060.811000
Radical Cause35,3040.540000
New Republic29,6420.450New0New
Majoritarian Independent Committee18,7620.290New0New
National Rescue15,0830.230New0New
Revolutionary Action Group15,0330.230000
Nationalist Unity Front12,2620.190000
New Democratic Generation10,2880.160New0New
Organised Independent Movement10,0200.150New0New
29 other parties35,5630.5400
Valid votes6,580,89996.42
Invalid/blank votes244,2813.58
Total votes6,825,180100.00
Registered voters/turnout7,777,89287.75
Source: Nohlen


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