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The 1983 Stanley Cup playoffs, the playoff tournament of the National Hockey League (NHL) began on April 5, after the conclusion of the 1982–83 NHL season. The playoffs concluded on May 17 with the champion New York Islanders defeating the Edmonton Oilers 4–0 to win the Final series four games to none and win the Stanley Cup for the fourth consecutive season.

1983 Stanley Cup playoffs
Tournament details
DatesApril 5–May 17, 1983
Defending championsNew York Islanders
Final positions
ChampionsNew York Islanders
Runner-upEdmonton Oilers
Tournament statistics
Scoring leader(s)Wayne Gretzky (Oilers)
(38 points)
MVPBilly Smith (Islanders)

The 1983 Playoffs marked the first time that seven NHL teams based in Canada (Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Quebec, Winnipeg, and Calgary) all qualified for the playoffs in the same season. Since the 1967–68 expansion, all the Canadian teams have qualified for the playoffs on five other occasions – 1969 (Montreal and Toronto), 1975, 1976 and 1979 (Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver), and 1986 (the same seven as in 1983), the last time to date (as of 2018) that all active Canadian teams qualified. This is also the most recent time that the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Detroit Red Wings missed the playoffs in the same season.

In the Wales Conference, the Patrick Division champion Philadelphia Flyers were upset by the New York Rangers in the first round. The defending champion Islanders had qualified second in the Patrick Division, and defeated the Washington Capitals in the first round, and defeated the Rangers to qualify for the Conference Final. In the Adams Division, the first-place Boston Bruins defeated the Quebec Nordiques and the Buffalo Sabres (who swept the Canadiens in their opening round series) to advance to the Conference Final. In the Conference Final, the Islanders defeated Boston in six games to qualify for their fourth consecutive Cup Finals appearance.

In the Campbell Conference, the Smythe Division first seed Edmonton Oilers swept the Winnipeg Jets in the opening round, and defeated the Calgary Flames (who defeated the Vancouver Canucks three games to one in the opening round) in the Smythe Final. The Norris Champion Chicago Black Hawks defeated the St. Louis Blues three games to one and the Minnesota North Stars (who defeated the Toronto Maple Leafs three games to one in the opening round) in the Norris Final four games to one. Edmonton defeated the Norris Division champion Chicago Black Hawks in a four-game sweep in the Conference Final to advance to the Cup Final.

Playoff seedsEdit

The following teams qualified for the playoffs:

Prince of Wales ConferenceEdit

Adams DivisionEdit

  1. Boston Bruins, Adams Division champions, Prince of Wales Conference regular season champions – 110 points
  2. Montreal Canadiens – 98 points
  3. Buffalo Sabres – 89 points
  4. Quebec Nordiques – 80 points

Patrick DivisionEdit

  1. Philadelphia Flyers, Patrick Division champions – 106 points
  2. New York Islanders – 96 points
  3. Washington Capitals – 94 points
  4. New York Rangers – 80 points

Clarence Campbell ConferenceEdit

Norris DivisionEdit

  1. Chicago Black Hawks, Norris Division champions – 104 points
  2. Minnesota North Stars – 96 points
  3. Toronto Maple Leafs – 68 points
  4. St. Louis Blues – 65 points

Smythe DivisionEdit

  1. Edmonton Oilers, Smythe Division champions, Clarence Campbell Conference regular season champions – 106 points
  2. Calgary Flames – 78 points
  3. Vancouver Canucks – 75 points
  4. Winnipeg Jets – 74 points

Playoff bracketEdit

  Division Semifinals Division Finals Conference Finals Stanley Cup Finals
A1 Boston 3  
A4 Quebec 1  
  A1 Boston 4  
  A3 Buffalo 3  
A2 Montreal 0
A3 Buffalo 3  
  A1 Boston 2  
Prince of Wales Conference
  P2 NY Islanders 4  
P1 Philadelphia 0  
P4 NY Rangers 3  
  P4 NY Rangers 2
  P2 NY Islanders 4  
P2 NY Islanders 3
P3 Washington 1  
  P2 NY Islanders 4
  S1 Edmonton 0
N1 Chicago 3  
N4 St. Louis 1  
  N1 Chicago 4
  N2 Minnesota 1  
N2 Minnesota 3
N3 Toronto 1  
  N1 Chicago 0
Clarence Campbell Conference
  S1 Edmonton 4  
S1 Edmonton 3  
S4 Winnipeg 0  
  S1 Edmonton 4
  S2 Calgary 1  
S2 Calgary 3
S3 Vancouver 1  

Division SemifinalsEdit

Prince of Wales ConferenceEdit

(A1) Boston Bruins vs. (A4) Quebec NordiquesEdit

Boston won series 3–1

(A2) Montreal Canadiens vs. (A3) Buffalo SabresEdit

Buffalo won series 3–0

(P1) Philadelphia Flyers vs. (P4) New York RangersEdit

New York won series 3–0

(P2) New York Islanders vs. (P3) Washington CapitalsEdit

New York won series 3–1

Clarence Campbell ConferenceEdit

(N1) Chicago Black Hawks vs. (N4) St. Louis BluesEdit

Chicago won series 3–1

(N2) Minnesota North Stars vs. (N3) Toronto Maple LeafsEdit

Minnesota won series 3–1

(S1) Edmonton Oilers vs. (S4) Winnipeg JetsEdit

Edmonton won series 3–0

(S2) Calgary Flames vs. (S3) Vancouver CanucksEdit

Calgary won series 3–1

Division FinalsEdit

Prince of Wales ConferenceEdit

(A1) Boston Bruins vs. (A3) Buffalo SabresEdit

Brad Park scored the game-winner in game seven on a slapshot off a rebound of his own shot just seconds earlier.

Boston won series 4–3

(P2) New York Islanders vs. (P4) New York RangersEdit

New York Islanders won series 4–2

Clarence Campbell ConferenceEdit

(N1) Chicago Black Hawks vs. (N2) Minnesota North StarsEdit

Chicago won series 4–1

(S1) Edmonton Oilers vs. (S2) Calgary FlamesEdit

Edmonton won series 4–1

Conference FinalsEdit

Prince of Wales Conference FinalEdit

(A1) Boston Bruins vs. (P2) New York IslandersEdit

New York won series 4–2

Clarence Campbell Conference FinalEdit

(S1) Edmonton Oilers vs. (N1) Chicago Black HawksEdit

Edmonton won series 4–0

Stanley Cup FinalsEdit

The rising Edmonton Oilers qualified for their first final but more than met their match in the veteran Islanders. The Islanders won the series in a four-game sweep.

New York won series 4–0

Player statisticsEdit


These are the top ten skaters based on points.[1]

Player Team GP G A Pts +/– PIM
Wayne Gretzky Edmonton Oilers 16 12 26 38 +20 4
Rick Middleton Boston Bruins 17 11 22 33 +13 6
Barry Pederson Boston Bruins 17 14 18 32 +10 21
Bob Bourne New York Islanders 20 8 20 28 +19 14
Mike Bossy New York Islanders 19 17 9 26 +7 10
Jari Kurri Edmonton Oilers 16 8 15 23 +16 8
Ray Bourque Boston Bruins 17 8 15 23 +15 10
Mark Messier Edmonton Oilers 15 15 6 21 +11 14
Brent Sutter New York Islanders 20 10 11 21 +18 26
Duane Sutter New York Islanders 20 9 12 21 +16 43


This is a combined table of the top five goaltenders based on goals against average and the top five goaltenders based on save percentage, with at least 420 minutes played. The table is sorted by GAA, and the criteria for inclusion are bolded.[2]

Billy Smith New York Islanders 17 13 3 494 43 2.69 .913 2 960:02
Andy Moog Edmonton Oilers 16 11 5 461 48 3.04 .896 0 946:16
Bob Sauve Buffalo Sabres 10 6 4 234 28 3.08 .880 2 545:06
Pete Peeters Boston Bruins 17 9 8 481 61 3.58 .873 1 1022:10
Murray Bannerman Chicago Black Hawks 8 4 4 238 32 4.01 .866 0 479:04

See alsoEdit


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