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1983 Batticaloa Jailbreak happened in Batticaloa, Sri Lanka on 23 September 1983.[1][2][3] After the Welikada prison massacre Tamil political inmates were transferred to Batticaloa. Since they were not co-operating with the police they were told by the prison guards that they will be transferred back to a Sinhalese area. Fearing death 41 Tamil political inmates decided to escape. Using smuggled weapons and outside help they overwhelmed the guards and escaped in groups. Using this opportunity 150 criminal inmates also escaped. Prominent political escapees include Ramalingam Paramadeva, Panagoda Maheswaran, Douglas Devananda & few Tamil Tiger sympathisers. This jailbreak was bloodless. The escapers left behind a female political inmate, who was rescued by Ramalingam Paramadeva of Tamil Tigers in 1984 Batticaloa Jailbreak.

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