1979 Iranian Constitutional Assembly election in Sistan and Baluchestan Province

On 3 August 1979, a Constitutional Convention election was held in Sistan and Baluchestan Province with plurality-at-large voting format in order to decide the two seats for the Assembly for the Final Review of the Constitution.

Sistan and Baluchestan election

3 August 1979 (1979-08-03)

2 Seats to the Assembly for the Final Review of the Constitution
  Majority party
Leader Abdulaziz Mullazadeh
Party Muslim Union Party
Seats won
2 / 2

Location of the constituency within Iran

Both candidates who won the election belonged to the Sunni Baloch community in the province. The Shia cleric supported by the Islamic Republican Party was defeated.


1979 Constitutional Convention election: Sistan and Baluchestan Province
Party Candidate Votes %
MUP Abdulaziz Mullazadeh[a] 140,770 73.21
MUP Hamidollah Mir-Moradzehi 133,123 69.23
IRP Mohammad-Taghi Hosseini[b] unknown unknown
MPRP Mohammad-Gol Barahouei unknown unknown
Total votes 192,288 100
  1. ^ Also supported by the Movement of Militant Muslims and the Islamic Republican Party
  2. ^ Also supported by the Muslim People's Republic Party
Source: "Election Results" (PDF), Ettela'at, no. 15922, p. 2, 6 August 1979