1978 Orly Airport attack

The 1978 Orly Airport attack was a shoot-out that took place on 20 May 1978 in the Paris Orly Airport, France as three terrorists armed with submachine guns opened fire at the El Al boarding gate.[1][2][3] The terrorists were also reportedly carrying grenades and plastic explosives in the shoot-out that lasted for 25 minutes.[4] Two people including one police officer were killed before the three terrorists were shot and killed by French police and Israeli security guards.[1][2][3] Five people waiting to board a nearby Iberia flight to Malaga were wounded.[5] The airport was evacuated for about three hours after the attack.[5] According to Israeli sources the group behind the attack was a unit headed by Abu Nidal which cooperated with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP).[5]

1978 Orly Airport attack
LocationOrly Airport, Paris, France
Coordinates48°43′24″N 2°22′46″E / 48.7233°N 2.3794°E / 48.7233; 2.3794Coordinates: 48°43′24″N 2°22′46″E / 48.7233°N 2.3794°E / 48.7233; 2.3794
Date20 May 1978
Attack type
Deaths5 (including 3 attackers)
PerpetratorsPalestinian nationalists


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