1976 Papua earthquake

The 1976 Papua earthquake occurred on 26 June with a surface wave magnitude of 7.1 in Papua, Indonesia. Total deaths for the event amounted to 422, including 70 who died in subsequent landslides.

1976 Papua earthquake
1976 Papua earthquake is located in Papua (province)
1976 Papua earthquake
UTC time1976-06-25 19:18:56
ISC event713087
Local date26 June 1976 (1976-06-26)
Local time04:18:56 IEST
Magnitude7.1 Ms
Epicenter4°36′11″S 140°05′28″E / 4.603°S 140.091°E / -4.603; 140.091Coordinates: 4°36′11″S 140°05′28″E / 4.603°S 140.091°E / -4.603; 140.091
Areas affectedIndonesia
Max. intensityX (Extreme) [1]
Casualtiesat least 422 dead, over 5,000 missing


Indonesia lies within the Pacific Ring of Fire, a sector of the Pacific where several tectonic plates intersect. This movement between the plates results in extremely high volcanic and seismic activity.[2] Papua is constantly plagued by landslides.[3]

Damage and casualtiesEdit

Directly after the earthquake the casualty count was assessed as 350 dead. However, landslides soon occurred in the affected area, leading to 72 more casualties, and 5,000–9,000 were missing and assumed dead after the landslides. A total of six villages were demolished in the area. The west sector of Irian and eastern New Guinea also reported that the earthquake was felt significantly in their region.[4]

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