1976 Argentina rugby union tour of Wales and England

The 1976 Argentina rugby union tour of Wales and England was a series of six matches played by the Argentina national rugby union team in September and October 1976.

1976 Argentina rugby union tour of Wales and England
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Test match
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 Wales [1]
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Five of the six matches were played in Wales, including an international match against the Wales national rugby union team. Argentina won the first three matches of the tour but lost the last three. Although Wales did not award caps for the international game they did select a full-strength team and Argentina came close to winning; they led 19–17 as the match went into injury time but were beaten by a late penalty from Phil Bennett. Wales had won the Grand Slam in 1976 and Argentina's performance was considered a shock.[2][3]


29 September 1976
East Wales 22–25 Argentina
Try: Juliff, Butcher;
Con: Lewis.
Pen: Lewis 4
Try: G. Beccar Varela, Neyrá
Carracedo, penalty try
Con: Sansot, G. Beccar Varela, Porta
Pen: Porta
Rodney Parade, Newport
Referee: Alan Welsby (England)

East Wales: M.Richards; C.F.W.Rees, N.D.Butcher, N.J.Shanklin, N.B.Juliff; G.Lawrence, N.A.Lewis; T.Cobner (capt.), C.Burgess, B.Lease; J.Watkins, J.Floyd; G.Price, R.W.Windsor, A.G.Faulkner
Argentina: M.Sansot; D.Beccar Varela, A.Travaglini, A.Rodríguez jurado (capt.) (G.Beccar Varela), J.Gauweloose; H.Porta, A.Etchegaray; J.Carracedo, R.Mastai, C.Neyra; E.Branca, J.J.Fernández; R.Irañeta, J.Costante, M.Carluccio.

2 October 1976
Cardiff RFC 25–29 Argentina
Try: Dudley-Jones 2, Rawlins;
Con: G.Davies 2
Pen: G.Davies 3
Try: Gauweloose 2, D.Beccar Varela
Con: G.Beccar Varela, Porta
Pen: Porta, Sansot;
Drop: Porta
National Stadium, Cardiff
Referee: Kenneth Pattinson (England)

Cardiff R.F.C.: J.Davies; T.G.Davies (capt.), M.Murphy, A.J.Finlayson (Holand), D.Thomas; G.Davies, G.Edwards; S.Lane, B.Dubin-Jones, T.Morgan.I.Robinson, P.Rawlins; M.Knill, M.Watkins, B.Nelmes.
Argentina: M.Sansot; D.Beccar Varela, G.Beccar Varela, A.Travaglini, J.Gauweloose, H.Porta, A.Etchegaray (capt.); C.Neyra, R.Mastai, J.Carracedo; E.Branca, J.J.Fernández; F.Insúa, J.Braceras, M.Carluccio (R.Irañeta).

6 October 1976
Aberavon RFC 6–18 Argentina
Pen: G.Beccar Varela 3
Try: Travaglini
Con: G.Beccar Varela
Pen: Sansot
Port Talbot
Referee: R.C.Quittenton (England)

Aberavon: ' P.Bessant; R.James, A.Rees, I.Halle I.Keene; J.Bevan, C.Shell (capt.); O.Alexander, P.Clarke, R.Davies; P.Bell, W.Mainwaring; C.Williams, W.James, B.Lewis.
Argentina: M.Alonso; M.Sansot, A.Travaglini, G.Beccar Varela, G.Álvarez; H.Porta (F.González Victorica), A.Etchegaray (capt.); J.Carracedo; R.Sanz, H.Massini; J.J.Fernández, E.Branca; R.Irañeta, J.Costante, F.Insúa.

9 October 1976
North and Midlands 24–9 Argentina
Try: Slemen.
Con: Hare
Pen: Hare 5
Drop: Horton
Pen: G.Beccar Varela 2,
Welford Road, Leicester
Referee: P.J.Lillington (England)

North and Midlands Dusty Hare; John Carleton, Paul Dodge, Tony Bond, Mike Slemen; John Horton, Steve Smith; D. Forfar, Tony Neary, Garry Adey; D. Trickey, Bill Beaumont; Fran Cotton (capt.), Peter Wheeler, C. White.
Argentina: M.Alonso; M.Sansot, A.Travaglini (capt.), G.Beccar Varela, J.Gauweloose; F.González Victorica, R.Castagna; H.Massini, R.Mastai, C.Neyra; E.Branca, J.J.Fernández; F.Insúa, J.Costante, R.Irañeta.

12 October 1976
West Wales 14–12 Argentina
Try: Evans, Griffiths Hill;
Con: Phillips
Pen: Sansot 2 G.Beccar Varela
Drop: G.Beccar Varela.
Stradey Park, Llanelli
Referee: D.H.Burnett (Ireland)

West Wales:C.Griffiths; Elgan Rees (L.Thomas), P.Phillips, Roy Bergiers, A.Hill; D.Richards, S.Williams; G.Jones, H.Jenkins, T.Evans; Phil May, Geoff Wheel; P.Llewellyn, R.Thomas, G.Shaw.
Argentina: M.Sansot; D.Beccar Varela, A.Travaglini, G.Beccar Varela, J.Gauweloose; H.Porta, A.Etchegaray (capt.); J.Carracedo, J.Sanz, C.Neyra; J.J.Fernández, E.Branca; M.Carluccio, J.Braceras, A.Risler.

16 October 1976
Wales   20–19   Argentina
Try: Davies, Edwards
Pen: Bennett 4
Try: G Beccar Varela, Gauweloose
Con: Porta
Pen: G Beccar Varela 2, Porta
Arms Park, Cardiff
Attendance: 4,000
Referee: Norman Sanson (Scotland)
Wales XV Argentina
JPR Williams FB 15 FB Martin Sansot
Gerald Davies W 14 W Daniel Beccar Varela
Ray Gravell C 13 C Alejandro Travaglini
Roy Bergiers C 12 C Gonzalo Beccar Varela
J.J. Williams W 11 W Jorge Gauweloose
Phil Bennett FH 10 FH Hugo Porta
Gareth Edwards SH 9 SH Adolfo Etchegaray (capt.)
Derek Quinnell N8 8 N8 Jorge Carracedo
(capt.) Terry Cobner F 7 F Ricardo Mastai
Trefor Evans F 6 F Carlos Neyra
Geoff Wheel L 5 L Jose Fernandez
Barry Clegg L 4 L Eliseo Branca
Charlie Faulkner P 3 P Rito Iraneta
Bobby Windsor H 2 H Jose Costante
Graham Price P 1 P Fernando Insua
Jeff Squire L 16 H Jorge Braceras


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