1975 World Association of Veteran Athletes Championships

The first World Association of Veteran Athletes Championships were held in Toronto, Canada, from 11–16 August 1975.[1] This was the first such championships for the newly created division of the sport of athletics for people over (at that point in time) 40 years of age, now referred to as Masters athletics. With over 1,400 individual participants and 5,000 starts, this claimed to be the largest track and field meet ever held in North American to that point in time.[2]

1975 World Masters Athletics Championships
Dates11-16 August
Host cityToronto, Canada
Participation1427 athletes from
32 nations

A full range of track and field events were held, along with a cross country race and a marathon.


Event Age Group Athlete Name Country Time
100 meters
M30 G. Paton   United States 10.8 (+1.8)
M40 Thane Baker   United States 11.1 (+3.8)
M45 Jack Greenwood   United States 11.6 (NWI)
M50 Richard Stolpe   United States 11.7 (+3.1)
M55 Al Guidet   United States 12.1 (+2.1)
M60 Y. Brange   Sweden 12.9 (+2.0)
M65 John Caruso   United States 13.6 (+3.0)
M70 Winfield McFadden   United States 14.6 (+2.3)
W30 A Parish   United States 13.2 (+2.3)
W40 C. Payne   United Kingdom/England 12.3 (+2.4)
3. Irene Obera   United States 12.5
W50 Anne McKenzie   South Africa 14.9 (+2.3)
200 meters
M30 Reginald Austin   Australia 22.1 (+0.5)
M40 Manfred Garbisch   Germany 22.7 (-0.6)
M45 Jack Greenwood   United States 23.8 (+0.1)
M50 Richard Stolpe   United States 24.7 (-1.5)
M55 Al Guidet   United States 25.3 (-3.9)
M60 F.S. Sjostrand   United States 27.2 (-3.0)
M65 Ken Carnine   United States 29.6 (-1.8)
M80 Fritz Schreiber   Sweden 44.7 (-1.0)
M85 Duncan MacLean   United Kingdom/Scotland 49.2 (-1.0)
M90 Charles Speechley   United Kingdom/England 53.3 (-1.0)
400 meters
M40 Manfred Garbisch   Germany 50.7
M45 Don Cheek   United States 52.9
M50 Richard Stolpe   United States 55.1
M55 Al Guidet   United States 57.4
M60 F.S. Sjostrand   United States 1:00.2
M65 C. Kline   United States 1:05.8
W30 A. Parish   United States 1:03.0
W40 C. Mill   New Zealand 58.9
W50 Anne McKenzie   South Africa 1:05.8
800 meters
M30 W. Stewart   United States 1:55.0
M40 L. Means   United States 2:00.2
5. Ed Whitlock   Canada 2:01.3
M45 L. Vagsmyr   Norway 2:02.6
M50 Bill Fitzgerald   United States 2:01.9 (WR)
M55 J. Stevens   Australia 2:21.3
M60 Rıza Maksut İşman   Turkey 2:23.9
M65 Norm Bright   United States 2:27.2
1500 meters
M30 W. Stewart   United States 3:58.9
M40 A. Thomas   Australia 3:59.5
4. Ed Whitlock   Canada 4:02.5
M45 A. Hughes   United Kingdom/England 4:15.3
M50 B. Fitzgerald   United States 4:23.4
M55 O. Evland   Sweden 4:48.9
M60 A. Andberg   United States 5:01.3
M65 Norm Bright   United States 4:59.8
M70 Harold Chapson   United States 5:35.5
W30 S. Kieffer   United States 4:43.2
W40 W. Klopfer   United States 5:05.7
W50 Anne McKenzie   South Africa 5:07.3
3000 meters
M40 A. Thomas   Australia 8:26.8
M45 A. Hughes   United Kingdom/England 9:11.8
M50 Theo Orr   Australia 9:22.2
M55 J. Gilmour   Australia 9:28.0
M60 William Andberg   United States 10:46.9
M65 Merv Jenkinson   Australia 10:52.0
2. Norm Bright   United States 11.14.0
5000 meters
M40 Roy Fowler   United Kingdom/England 14:52.0
M45 B. Jernhester   Sweden 16:25.0
M50 Theo Orr   Australia 16:41.0
M55 J. Gilmour   Australia 17:02.0
M60 R. McMinnis   United Kingdom/England 18:26.4
M65 T. Jensen   Sweden 19:04.2
W30 Susie Buchanan   United States 18:48.4
W40 Dorothy Stock   United States 19:26.4
2. Toshiko D'Elia   United States 19:26.8
W50 Anne McKenzie   South Africa 19:33.4
10000 meters
M30 E. Fry   United States 30:42.2
M40 Roy Fowler   United Kingdom/England 31:19.6
M45 R. Franklin   United Kingdom/England 34:01.6
M50 Theo Orr   Australia 34:09.0
2. Jim O'Neil   United States 34:24.2
M55 F.G. McGrath   Australia 34:05.4
M60 R. McMinnus   United Kingdom/England 38:17.0
M65 T. Jensen   Sweden 39:16.0
110 meters hurdles
M40 L. Marien   Belgium 14.7 (+1.3)
M45 Jack Greenwood   United States 15.6 (+1.4)
M50 A. Findeli   France 15.9 (+0.6)
M55 Burl Gist   United States 18.9 (+0.8)
M60 G. Braceland   United States 20.2 (+1.2)
M65 R. Lacey   United States 23.0 (+0.7)
400 meters hurdles
M40 G. Shapiro   United Kingdom/England 1:00.0
M45 Jack Greenwood   United States 57.8
M50 Wal Sheppard   Australia 1:05.3
M55 Al Guidet   United States 1:07.9
M60 G. Braceland   United States 1:12.9
M65 R. Lacey   United States 1:24.5
3000 meters steeplechase
M40 Hal Higdon   United States 9:16.6
M45 B. Jernhester   Sweden 10:28.0
M50 Theo Orr   Australia 10:36.6
M55 O. Elvland   Sweden 11:43.6
M60 Bob Boal   United States 12:33.6
M65 Norm Bright   United States 12:24.8
High Jump
M40 S. Pettersson   Sweden 1.95
M45 Ed Austin   United States 1.65
M50 G.A. Bartlett   Australia 1.58
M55 Burl Gist   United States 1.58
M60 I. Hume   Canada 1.45
M65 A. Reiser   Germany 1.30
Pole Vault
M40 Walter Kostric   Canada 4.42
2. Phil Mulkey   United States 3.90
3. Dave Tork   United States 3.90
M45 Roger Ruth   Canada 4.27
2. Jerry Donley   United States 3.65
M50 D. Brown   United States 3.25
Unofficial Boo Morcom   United States 4.00
M55 Jim Vernon   United States 3.40
M60 I. Hume   Canada 2.80
M65 R. MacConaghy   United States 2.45
Long Jump
M40 Dave Jackson   United States 6.37
M45 Shirley Davidson   United States 6.52
M50 Boo Morcom   United States 5.57
M55 Gordon Farrell   United States 4.98
M60 H. Schneider   Germany 4.89
M65 John Caruso   United States 3.93
Triple Jump
M40 Dave Jackson   United States 13.63
M45 V. Guardia   Venezuela 12.76
M50 G. Bartlett   Australia 11.00
M55 Gordon Farrell   United States 10.79
M60 I. Hume 10.45
M65 John Caruso   United States 8.57
Shot Put
M40 E. R. McComas   United States 16.23
M45 J. Pavelich   Canada 12.53
M50 E. Hombrecher   Germany 17.56
3. Bill Bangert   United States 15.03
M55 N. Heard   United States 13.59
M60 K. Maksimczyk   United Kingdom England 11.96
M65 T. Resell   Norway 10.14
M70 F. Posluschni   Germany 12.15
M40 E. R. McComas   United States 49.90
M45 S. Duplessis   South Africa 45.02
M50 K. Jouppila   Finland 51.62
4. Bill Bangert   United States 41.48
M55 T. McDermott   United States 40.78
2. Dan Aldrich   United States 40.72
M60 K. Maksimczyk   United Kingdom England 42.76
M65 Ken Carnine   United States 32.30
M70 S. Herrmann   United States 33.08
M40 B. Conley   United States 62.78
M45 H. Werner   Canada 54.56
M50 R. Mikelsons   Canada 47.34
M55 B. Morales   United States 48.40
2. Dan Aldrich   United States 45.24
M60 Chuck McMahon   United States 37.80
M65 R. MacConaghy   United States 34.58
2. Ken Carnine   United States 32.30
Cross Country
M40 Roy Fowler   United Kingdom/England 32:52
3. Hal Higdon   United States 34:06
M45 A. Taylor   Canada 34:50
M50 M. VandeWattyne   Belgium 36:53
M55 B. Borman   United States 39:10
M60 R. McMinnis   United Kingdom/England 41:03
M65 T. Jensen   Sweden 42:08
M70 K. Carlsson   Norway 48:02
W45 Dorothy Stock   United States 45:07
W50 Ruth Anderson   United States 46:11[3]
M40 E. Austin   United Kingdom/England 2:28:23
M45 A. Walsham   United Kingdom/England 2:29:53
M50 L. Carlsohn   Sweden 2:45:55
M55 F. McGrath   Australia 2:40:44
M60 Gordon Porteous   United Kingdom/Scotland 2:51:17 WR
M65 E. Laiho   Finland 3:49:08
3. Walt Stack   United States 3:53:13
M70 G. Vang   Norway 4:02:55


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