1974 Yugoslav Cup

The 1974 Yugoslav Cup was the 27th season of the top football knockout competition in SFR Yugoslavia, the Yugoslav Cup (Serbo-Croatian: Kup Jugoslavije), also known as the "Marshal Tito Cup" (Kup Maršala Tita), since its establishment in 1946.

1974 Yugoslav Football Cup
27th Marshal Tito Cup
Dates14 August 1974 –
29 November 1974
Teams3,528 (preliminaries)
32 (final rounds)
Defending championsHajduk Split
ChampionsHajduk Split (4th title)
Runners-upBorac Banja Luka
Matches played31


The Yugoslav Cup was a tournament for which clubs from all tiers of the football pyramid were eligible to enter. In addition, amateur teams put together by individual Yugoslav People's Army garrisons and various factories and industrial plants were also encouraged to enter, which meant that each cup edition could have several thousands of teams in its preliminary stages. These teams would play through a number of qualifying rounds before reaching the first round proper, in which they would be paired with top-flight teams.

Unlike most cup finals played since the late 1950s which had been traditionally scheduled to coincide with the end of the football league season and Youth Day celebrated on 25 May (a national holiday in Yugoslavia which also doubled as the official commemoration of Josip Broz Tito's birthday), the 1973 and 1974 cups were played over only four months, with finals played in November in capital Belgrade, to coincide with Republic Day on 29 November.

Since the final was always meant to be determined on or around a national holiday at the JNA Stadium in capital Belgrade, and to avoid unfair advantage this would give to Belgrade-based clubs, the Football Association of Yugoslavia adopted the rule in the late 1960s which said that the final could be played as a one-legged tie (in cases when both finalists are from outside Belgrade) or double-legged (when at least one of them is based the capital), with the second leg always played in Belgrade. This rule was used for all eight cup finals involving Belgrade clubs played from 1970 to 1985.

Round Legs Date Fixtures Clubs
First round (round of 32) Single 14 August 1974 16 32 → 16
Second round (round of 16) Single 11 September 1974 8 16 → 8
Quarter-finals Single 16 October 1974 4 8 → 4
Semi-finals Single 13 November 1974 2 4 → 2
Final Single 29 November 1974 1 2 → 1

First roundEdit

In the following tables winning teams are marked in bold; teams from outside top level are marked in italic script.

Tie no Home team Score Away team
1 Bačka Subotica 1–0 Neretva
2 Bokelj 0–1 (a.e.t.) Olimpija Ljubljana
3 Borac Travnik 2–1 (a.e.t.) Metalac G. Milanovac
4 Dinamo Zagreb 2–0 Radnički Kragujevac
5 Hajduk Split 3–0 Proleter Zrenjanin
6 Maribor 1–1 (5–4 p) Bor
7 Novi Sad 0–2 Velež
8 OFK Belgrade 1–0 Karlovac
9 Rabotnički 4–0 Čelik Zenica
10 Red Star 1–4 Borac Banja Luka
11 Sarajevo 2–0 Igman Ilidža
12 Sloboda Tuzla 2–1 Vojvodina
13 Timok Zaječar 1–0 Radnički Niš
14 Vardar 1–0 Osijek
15 NK Zagreb 2–0 Partizan
16 Željezničar Sarajevo 4–0 Prishtina

Second roundEdit

Tie no Home team Score Away team
1 Bačka Subotica 0–2 Hajduk Split
2 Borac Banja Luka 0–0 (4–2 p) Sarajevo
3 Dinamo Zagreb 1–0 Borac Travnik
4 OFK Belgrade 2–1 Maribor
5 Olimpija Ljubljana 1–1 (6–5 p) Rabotnički
6 Timok Zaječar 2–5 Željezničar Sarajevo
7 Vardar 3–0 Sloboda Tuzla
8 Velež 2–1 NK Zagreb


Tie no Home team Score Away team
1 Hajduk Split 3–0 OFK Belgrade
2 Olimpija Ljubljana 2–2 (6–7 p) Borac Banja Luka
3 Vardar 2–0 Dinamo Zagreb
4 Željezničar Sarajevo 4–3 (a.e.t.) Velež


Tie no Home team Score Away team
1 Borac Banja Luka 2–1 Željezničar Sarajevo
2 Hajduk Split 5–0 Vardar


Hajduk Split1–0Borac Banja Luka
Boljat   39'
Attendance: 20,000
Referee: Miloš Čajić (Belgrade)
Hajduk Split
Borac Banja Luka
GK 1   Rizah Mešković
DF 2   Marin Kurtela  
DF 3   Vedran Rožić
DF 4   Mario Boljat
DF 5   Šime Luketin
DF 6   Ivan Buljan
FW 7   Slaviša Žungul
MF 8   Dražen Mužinić
MF 9   Branko Oblak
FW 10   Jurica Jerković (c)
MF 11   Ivica Šurjak
DF ?   Joško Duplančić  
  Tomislav Ivić
GK 1   Marijan Jantoljak
DF 2   Milan Vukelja
DF 3   Hikmet Kušmić
DF 4   Zvonimir Vidačak
DF 5   Mario Brnjac
MF 6   Dževad Kreso
MF 7   Dušan Jurković  
MF 8   Zoran Smilevski
FW 9   Miloš Cetina  
FW 10   Dragan Marjanović
FW 11   Abid Kovačević (c)
MF ?   Nenad Lazić  
FW ?   M. Ivanović  
  Boris Marović

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