1974 Women's College World Series

The 1974 Women's College World Series (WCWS) was contested among 18 college softball teams on May 16–19 in Omaha, Nebraska.[1] This was the sixth WCWS.

Southwest Missouri State won all five of its games to win the national championship, defeating Northern Colorado in the final, 14–7.



The double elimination tournament included these teams:

Team Appearance
Arizona 1st
Eastern Illinois 2nd
Golden West College (CA) 1st
Indiana State 1st
Kansas 2nd
Luther College (IA) 4th
Massachusetts 1st
Michigan State 2nd
Nassau Community College (NY) 1st
North Dakota State 2nd
Northern Colorado 6th
South Carolina 3rd
South Dakota State 4th
Southwest Missouri State 6th
Wayne State (NE) 4th
Weber State 2nd
West Georgia 1st
Winona State (MN) 1st


Upper round 1Upper round 2Upper round 3Upper round 4Upper finalFinal
Luther College2
Luther College4Nassau Community College0
Luther College0
North Dakota State1
Southwest Missouri State1
Southwest Missouri State11
Southwest Missouri State9
Eastern Illinois8
Eastern Illinois10
South Carolina0
Eastern Illinois9
Indiana State0
Indiana State10
South Dakota State0
Southwest Missouri State8
Wayne State College5
Wayne State College4
Michigan State3
Wayne State College2
West Georgia College0
Wayne State College23[a]
Northern Colorado7
Northern Colorado7
Weber State College2
Northern Colorado1
Southwest Missouri State14
Kansas2Northern Colorado7
Kansas10Golden West College1
Winona State College0
Lower round 1Lower round 2Lower round 3Lower round 4Lower round 5Lower round 6Lower final
Michigan State2
Indiana State0
Michigan State6Indiana State4
Indiana State3Northern Colorado1
Michigan State1West Georgia College2
Luther College2Northern Colorado9
North Dakota State0Weber State College2
Northern Colorado18Wayne State College8
Weber State College5Luther College5
Golden West College0
South Dakota State0
South Dakota State2Arizona18
Arizona1Eastern Illinois0
South Dakota State5South Carolina1
Winona State College1Massachusetts3
Nassau Community College0


  1. ^ Of interest, in their previous meeting in the 1971 WCWS, Northern Colorado defeated Wayne State by a score of 38-6.


Place School WCWS Record
1st Southwest Missouri State 5-0
2nd Northern Colorado 5-2
3rd Wayne State College 3-2
4th Kansas 5-2
5th Eastern Illinois 2-2
6th Indiana State 3-2
7th Arizona 2-2
Luther College 3-2
9th Michigan State 2-2
South Dakota State 2-2
Massachusetts 1-2
Weber State College 1-2
13th West Georgia College 0-2
South Carolina 0-2
Golden West College 0-2
North Dakota State 0-2
Winona State College 0-2
Nassau Community College 0-2

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