1974 Romanian presidential election

Ceauşescu receiving the presidential sceptre from the Chairman of the Great National Assembly, Ștefan Voitec

A presidential election was held in the Socialist Republic of Romania on 28 March 1974. It was the first election held after the post of President of the Republic was created by an amendment to the Constitution earlier in the year.

Nicolae Ceaușescu, incumbent General Secretary of the Romanian Communist Party and president of the State Council, was elected by the Great National Assembly as the first President of the Republic on 28 March 1974;[1] he was the only candidate. On April 4, 1974, the Communist Party daily Scînteia published a congratulatory telegram, in which Salvador Dalí actually mocked Ceauşescu on his "introducing the presidential scepter". Being successively re-elected, Ceaușescu served as the president until 22 December 1989.


Name Lifespan Public Administration Experience Affiliation and endorsements Candidacy
Announcement dates
Nicolae Ceaușescu
Born: January 26, 1918
(age 56)
Scornicești, Olt County
Died: December 25, 1989, Târgoviște, Dâmbovița County
President of State Council (1967-election day)
Deputy Minister of Defence (1950-1954)
Vice-President of Great National Assembly (1950-1955)
Undersecretary of State with the Ministry of Agricuture (1948-1950)
Deputy (1948-election day)
Deputy (1946-1948)
Affiliation: Front of Socialist Unity
Aliance members: PCR and social and civic organizations


  1. ^ Legea nr. 1/1974 privind modificarea Constitutiei Republicii Socialiste Romania, publicata in B. Of. nr. 45 din 28 martie 1974 (modifica Art. 43; 54; 57; 63; 64; 68; 73; introduce Art. 65^1; 69^1 - 69^6; inlocuieste un termen; dispune renumerotarea articolelor si republicarea)

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