1972 Women's College World Series

The 1972 Women's College World Series (WCWS) was contested among 16 college softball teams on May 18–21 in Omaha, Nebraska. This fourth WCWS was notable for the only appearance of a team from outside the United States, as the team from Tokyo–Nihon University of Japan proved to be a hit with both spectators and the other teams in the tournament. Three-time defending champion John F. Kennedy College was excluded from the tournament by an organizational rule change the previous month. The new rule prohibited a team from appearing in the WCWS if it gave scholarships to any women athletes, not just softball players (JFK College openly awarded women's basketball scholarships).[1] JFK never returned to the WCWS, and the school closed just three years later.

Teams edit

The double elimination tournament included these teams:

  • Arizona State
  • Central Missouri State College
  • Illinois State
  • Kansas State Teachers College (now Emporia State)
  • Keene State College (New Hampshire)
  • Luther College (Iowa)
  • Minot State College (North Dakota)
  • Nebraska–Omaha
  • Northern Colorado
  • Purdue (Indiana)
  • South Carolina
  • South Dakota State
  • Southwest Missouri State
  • Tokyo–Nihon University (Japan)
  • Wayne State College (Nebraska)
  • Western Illinois

The Arizona State Sun Devilettes defeated Tokyo–Nihon narrowly in the winners' bracket semi-final, 2–1, and split the tournament final, 0–1 and 8–5, with the if-necessary game requiring 11 innings.[1]

Bracket edit

Upper round 1Upper round 2Upper round 3Upper finalFinal
Central Missouri State College0
Illinois State2
Illinois State8
Kansas State Teachers College0
South Dakota State0
South Dakota State3
Luther College2
South Dakota State5
Keene State College0
Keene State College10
Arizona State2
Southwest Missouri State7
Southwest Missouri State2
Northern Colorado4
Northern Colorado5
South Carolina2
Northern Colorado1
Arizona State11
Arizona State11
Minot State College0
Arizona State3Arizona State08[b]
Western Illinois0Tokyo–Nihon15
Western Illinois12
Wayne State College4
Lower round 1Lower round 2Lower round 3Lower round 4Lower round 5Lower final
Central Missouri State College9
Western Illinois8
Central Missouri State College8Southwest Missouri State3
Central Missouri State College4South Dakota State3
Kansas State Teachers College4
Western Illinois9Western Illinois0
Luther College2
Western Illinois2Tokyo–Nihon4
Luther College6Western Illinois7
Illinois State1[a]
Illinois State11
Nebraska–Omaha6Illinois State4
Illinois State10Northern Colorado4
South Carolina0
Wayne State College0
Wayne State College15
Minot State College6Keene State College0
Wayne State College10


  1. ^ no-hitter by Illinois State pitcher, Margie Wright; lost
  2. ^ 11 innings

Ranking edit

Place School WCWS Record
1st Arizona State 5-1
2nd Tokyo–Nihon 5-2
3rd Western Illinois 5-2
4th Illinois State 4-2
5th Northern Colorado 2-2
6th South Dakota State 2-2
7th Wayne State College 2-2
Central Missouri State College 2-2
9th Keene State College 1-2
Nebraska–Omaha 1-2
Luther College 1-2
Southwest Missouri State 1-2
13th South Carolina 0-2
Minot State College 0-2
Kansas State Teachers College 0-2
Purdue 0-2

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