1971 Ontario general election

The 1971 Ontario general election was held on October 21, 1971, to elect the 117 members of the 29th Legislative Assembly of Ontario (Members of Provincial Parliament, or "MPPs") of the Province of Ontario.[1]

1971 Ontario general election

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117 seats in the 29th Legislative Assembly of Ontario
59 seats were needed for a majority
  First party Second party Third party
  Bill Davis Toronto 1984.jpg Robert Nixon-c1971.jpg Stephen Lewis - photo by Gordon Griffiths - 17 April 2009 crop.JPG
Leader Bill Davis Robert Nixon Stephen Lewis
Party Progressive Conservative Liberal New Democratic
Leader since February 12, 1971 January 6, 1967 October 4, 1970
Leader's seat Peel North Brant Scarborough West
Last election 69 28 20
Seats won 78 20 19
Seat change Increase9 Decrease8 Decrease1
Percentage 44.5% 27.8% 27.1%
Swing Increase2.2pp Decrease3.8pp Increase1.2pp

Premier before election

Bill Davis
Progressive Conservative

Premier after election

Bill Davis
Progressive Conservative

The Ontario Progressive Conservative Party, led by Bill Davis, who had replaced John Robarts as PC leader and premier earlier in the year, won a ninth consecutive term in office, and maintained its majority in the legislature, increasing its caucus in the legislature by eight seats from its result in the previous election.

The Ontario Liberal Party, led by Robert Nixon, lost seven seats, but continued in the role of official opposition.

The social democratic Ontario New Democratic Party, led by Stephen Lewis, lost one seat.

This election marked the first time that the provincial election was held on a Thursday. Subsequently, every provincial election has also been held on a Thursday, with the exception of the 2007 Ontario general election, which was held on a Wednesday.

29th Legislature


  Party Leader 1967 Elected % change Popular vote
% change
  Progressive Conservative Bill Davis 69 78 +11.6% 44.5% +2.2%
  Liberal Robert Nixon 28[a] 20 -25.9% 27.8% -3.8%
  New Democratic Stephen Lewis 20 19 -5.0% 27.1% +1.2%
Total Seats 117 117 - 100%  
Popular vote
New Democratic
Seats summary
New Democratic

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  1. ^ Includes T. Patrick Reid of Rainy River who was elected in 1967 as "Liberal-Labour" but was re-elected in 1971 as a Liberal.


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