1971 Jochen Rindt Gedächtnisrennen

The Jochen Rindt Gedächtnisrennen or the VI Rhein-Pokalrennen was a motor race, run to Formula One rules, held on 13 June 1971 at the Hockenheimring, Germany. The race was run over 35 laps of the circuit, and was dominated by Belgian driver Jacky Ickx in a Ferrari 312B.

1971 Jochen Rindt Gedächtnisrennen
Non-championship race in the 1971 Formula One season
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Race details
Date 13 June 1971
Official name Jochen Rindt Gedächtnisrennen
Location Hockenheimring
Course Permanent racing facility
Course length 6.743 km (4.19 miles)
Distance 35 laps, 236.011 km (146.64 miles)
Pole position
Driver Scuderia Ferrari
Time 1:56.8
Fastest lap
Driver Belgium Jacky Ickx Scuderia Ferrari
Time 1:58.8
First Scuderia Ferrari
Second March
Third Surtees

The race was arranged after the Belgian Grand Prix of 1971 was cancelled, in order to fill the gap between the Monaco Grand Prix and the Dutch Grand Prix. The German Grand Prix had moved to the Nürburgring, so the Hockenheim circuit was chosen for the race, which was also a memorial race for Jochen Rindt, the reigning World Champion who had been killed at the 1970 Italian Grand Prix.

On the same weekend, the 1971 24 Hours of Le Mans was being held, so several of the regular Formula One drivers were absent from this race, including Chris Amon, Jean-Pierre Beltoise, Henri Pescarolo, Pedro Rodríguez and Jo Siffert. There were other absentees: Jackie Stewart and Denny Hulme were taking part in the Labatt's 200 Can-Am race, and Emerson Fittipaldi was recovering from a road accident. Of the regular Formula One teams, Matra were at Le Mans, Brabham were still repairing Graham Hill's car after an accident in Monaco, and Tyrrell elected not to take part. Scuderia Ferrari had entered a car for Mario Andretti but he missed the race after suffering burns in an accident in the US.

As a tribute to Rindt, pole position on the grid was left vacant, leaving polesitter Ickx alone on the front row, taking the second slot.[1]


The practice sessions were dominated by the Ferraris, with Ickx lapping comfortably faster than he had done on his last visit to the circuit, for the 1970 German Grand Prix. The gas turbine Lotus 56B of Dave Walker suffered an engine fire during practice, and Walker took over Tony Trimmer's car for the race. Robert Lamplough and Bernd Terbeck were driving old BRMs recently bought from the factory, and although Lamplough qualified his P133 relatively well, Terbeck's even older P126 blew its engine and he was unable to start the race.[1]

Pos No. Driver Constructor Lap Gap
1 4   Jacky Ickx Ferrari 1:56.8
2 5   Clay Regazzoni Ferrari 1:57.7 +0.9
3 8   Reine Wisell Lotus-Cosworth 1:59.6 +2.8
4 16   Howden Ganley BRM 2:00.5 +3.7
5 21   Peter Gethin McLaren-Cosworth 2:01.0 +4.2
6 10   Ronnie Peterson March-Cosworth 2:01.5 +4.7
7 2   John Surtees Surtees-Cosworth 2:01.5 +4.7
8 3   Rolf Stommelen Surtees-Cosworth 2:02.1 +5.3
9 12   Nanni Galli March-Cosworth 2:02.1 +5.3
10 9   Dave Walker Lotus-Cosworth 2:02.8 +6.0
11 17   John Miles BRM 2:02.9 +6.1
12 22   Mike Beuttler March-Cosworth 2:03.1 +6.3
13 24   Robert Lamplough BRM 2:03.2 +6.4
14 19   Skip Barber March-Cosworth 2:06.8 +10.0
15 7   Tony Trimmer Lotus-Cosworth 2:08.1 +11.3
16 11   Alex Soler-Roig March-Cosworth 2:13.3 +16.5
17 23   Xavier Perrot March-Cosworth 2:16.0 +19.2
18 15   Ray Allen March-Cosworth 2:20.4 +23.6
19 25   Bernd Terbeck BRM 2:31.7 +34.9


Ickx started well and pulled away from team-mate Clay Regazzoni in second, with Ronnie Peterson following behind. Ickx stayed in front for the whole race, although Regazzoni stopped after three laps with a mechanical fault which ultimately cost him ten laps after a mechanic had to go out to fix it.

As the race continued, Reine Wisell passed Peterson and was catching Ickx when he pitted with brake problems. Wisell lost two laps while his brakes were bled. Peterson himself encountered a clutch fault and began to fall further behind Ickx. Peter Gethin retired on lap four with a broken throttle, and John Miles had to retire three laps later with an engine fault. Ray Allen dropped out at the back of the field with a fuel leak on lap 15.

By this time, John Surtees had passed Howden Ganley for third, with Nanni Galli's ailing March in fifth. Rolf Stommelen missed a chicane while racing with Walker and Skip Barber, and the German was later given a one-minute penalty for this transgression. At the chequered flag, Ickx finished almost a minute ahead of Peterson, with Surtees over 20 seconds behind the Swede.[1]


Pos No. Driver Entrant Constructor Time/Retired Grid
1 4   Jacky Ickx Scuderia Ferrari Ferrari 1.10:11.7 1
2 10   Ronnie Peterson STP-March March-Cosworth + 53.8 s 6
3 2   John Surtees Team Surtees Surtees-Cosworth + 1:17.0 s 7
4 16   Howden Ganley Yardley-BRM BRM + 1:32.1 s 4
5 12   Nanni Galli STP-March March-Cosworth + 1:45.2 s 9
6 19   Skip Barber Gene Mason Racing March-Cosworth 34 laps 14
7 3   Rolf Stommelen Team Surtees Surtees-Cosworth 34 laps 8
8 11   Alex Soler-Roig STP-March March-Cosworth 34 laps 16
9 7   Dave Walker Gold Leaf Team Lotus Lotus-Cosworth 34 laps 10
10 8   Reine Wisell Gold Leaf Team Lotus Lotus-Cosworth 33 laps 3
11 23   Xavier Perrot Jo Siffert Automobiles March-Cosworth 31 laps 17
12 24   Robert Lamplough R. Lamplough Racing BRM 31 laps 13
NC 22   Mike Beuttler Clarke Mordaunt Racing March-Cosworth 28 laps - gear selector 12
NC 5   Clay Regazzoni Scuderia Ferrari Ferrari 25 laps - electrics 2
Ret 15   Ray Allen Frank Williams Racing Cars March-Cosworth 14 laps - fuel leak 18
Ret 17   John Miles Yardley-BRM BRM 6 laps - cylinder liner 11
Ret 21   Peter Gethin Bruce McLaren Motor Racing McLaren-Cosworth 4 laps - throttle linkage 5
DNS 7   Tony Trimmer Gold Leaf Team Lotus Lotus-Cosworth Walker drove car (15)
DNS 25   Bernd Terbeck R. Lamplough Racing BRM Engine in practice (19)
DNA 6   Mario Andretti Scuderia Ferrari Ferrari Driver injured -
DNA 14   Henri Pescarolo Frank Williams Racing Cars March-Cosworth Driver at Le Mans -
DNA 18   Pedro Rodríguez Yardley-BRM BRM Driver at Le Mans -
DNA 20   Andrea de Adamich Surtees-Cosworth -
  • Stommelen finished sixth on the track, but was penalised one minute for missing the chicane, demoting him to seventh.


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  • Race results at www.silhouet.com [1]

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