1971 European Figure Skating Championships

The 1971 European Figure Skating Championships was a senior-level international competition held at the Hallenstadion in Zürich, Switzerland on February 2–7. Elite senior-level figure skaters from European ISU member nations competed for the title of European Champion in the disciplines of men's singles,[1] ladies' singles,[2] pair skating,[3] and ice dancing.[4]

1971 European Championships
Type:ISU Championship
Date:February 2 – 7
Location:Switzerland Zürich, Switzerland
Men's singles:
Czechoslovakia Ondrej Nepela
Ladies' singles:
Austria Beatrix Schuba
Soviet Union Irina Rodnina / Aleksey Ulanov
Ice dance:
Soviet Union Lyudmila Pakhomova / Aleksandr Gorshkov
1970 European Championships
1972 European Championships

The pair skating event demonstrated the dominance of the Soviet Union in this discipline. Irina Rodnina and Aleksey Ulanov took the title in spite of a fall by Ulanov on a double Axel, a side-by-side jump not being attempted by any other team.

The ice dance competition was a contrast between the British and Russian styles of dance. British-trained Angelika and Erich Buck narrowly lost a 5–4 decision to Lyudmila Pakhomova and Aleksandr Gorshkov, who as usual were criticized for their unequal balance of skills.

Ondrej Nepela ran away with the men's title following the withdrawal of his two top challengers, Patrick Péra and Günter Zöller, due to injuries. Nepela's victory was more the result of his strong showing in the compulsory figures than for his rather undistinguished free skating. The free skating portion of the competition was won by Haig Oundjian, who landed triple toe loop and triple salchow jumps and moved up from 6th after the figures to take the bronze medal. In the CF finished second Sergey Chetverukhin, behind Nepela and in the FS finished second Nepela beind Oundjian.

The ladies event was likewise decided by the compulsory figures as Beatrix Schuba dominated that part of the competition. The free skating was won by Sonja Morgenstern, who landed a triple salchow jump in her program—at that time it was very rare for women to attempt triple jumps. Morgenstern had placed a distant 8th in the figures. Schuba was heavily criticized for the poor quality of her free skating, which included a fall on a relatively simple double loop as well as a definite underrotation on her double Axel.


Rank Name Places
1   Ondrej Nepela
2   Sergey Chetverukhin
3   Haig Oundjian
4   Jan Hoffmann
5   Yuriy Ovchinnikov
6   Sergey Volkov
7   John Curry
8   Günter Anderl
9   Jacques Mrozek
10   Didier Gailhaguet
11   Daniel Höner
12   Jozef Žídek
13   Klaus Grimmelt
14   Josef Schneider
15   László Vajda
16   Stefano Bargauan
17   Thomas Callerud
18   György Fazekas
19   Pekka Leskinen
20   Bernard Bauer
21   Zoran Matas
22   Zdeněk Pazdírek


Rank Name Places
1   Beatrix Schuba
2   Zsuzsa Almássy 22[5]
3   Rita Trapanese
4   Sonja Morgenstern
5   Charlotte Walter
6   Patricia Dodd
7   Christine Errath
8   Yelena Aleksandrova
9   Eileen Zillmer
10   Ľudmila Bezáková
11   Jean Scott
12   Marina Titova
13   Judith Beyer
14   Liana Drahová
15   Anita Johansson
16   Cinzia Frosio
17   Beatrice Huștiu
18   Sonja Balun
19   Dianne de Leeuw
20   Marie-Claude Bierre
21   Kirsten Frikke
22   Helena Gazvoda


Rank Name Places
1   Irina Rodnina / Aleksey Ulanov
2   Lyudmila Smirnova / Andrey Suraykin
3   Galina Karelina / Georgiy Proskurin
4   Manuela Groß / Uwe Kagelmann
5   Almut Lehmann / Herbert Wiesinger
6   Marlies Radunsky / Rolf Österreich
7   Brunhilde Baßler / Eberhard Rausch
8   Grażyna Osmańska / Adam Brodecki
9   Linda Connolly / Colin Taylforth
10   Florence Cahn / Jean-Roland Racle
11   Dana Fialová / Josef Tůma
12   Karin Künzle / Christian Künzle
13   Teresa Skrzek / Piotr Szczypa
14   Evelyne Schneider / Wilhelm Bietak
15   Helena Gazvoda / Silvo Švejger

Ice dance

Rank Name Places
1   Lyudmila Pakhomova / Aleksandr Gorshkov
2   Angelika Buck / Erich Buck
3   Susan Getty / Roy Bradshaw
4   Tetyana Voytyuk / Vyacheslav Zhyhalyn
5   Janet Sawbridge / Peter Dalby
6   Yelena Zharkova / Gennadiy Karponosov
7   Hilary Green / Glynn Watts
8   Diana Skotnická / Martin Skotnický
9   Teresa Weyna / Piotr Bojańczyk
10   Ilona Berecz / István Sugár
11   Anne-Claude Wolfers / Roland Mars
12   Matilde Ciccia / Lamberto Ceserani
13   Astrid Kopp / Axel Kopp
14   Krisztina Regőczy / András Sallay
15   Tatiana Grossen / Alessandro Grossen
16   Sylvia Fuchs / Michael Fuchs
17   Ewa Kołodziej / Tadeusz Góra
18   Brigitte Ydrault / Pascal Germe
19   Agnes Arco / Adrian Perco
20   Vivi Poulsen / Kurt Poulsen


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