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1971 Delaware 500

The 1971 Delaware 500 was a NASCAR Winston Cup Series (now Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series) race that took place on October 17, 1971, at Dover Downs International Speedway (now called Dover International Speedway).

1971 Delaware 500
Race details[1][2][3]
Race 43 of 48 in the 1971 NASCAR Winston Cup Series season
Layout of Dover International Speedway
Layout of Dover International Speedway
Date October 17, 1971 (1971-October-17)
Official name Delaware 500
Location Dover Downs International Speedway, Dover, Delaware
Course Permanent racing facility
1.000 mi (1.609 km)
Distance 500 laps, 500.0 mi (804.6 km)
Weather Chilly with temperatures approaching 67.3 °F (19.6 °C); wind speeds reaching a maximum of 15 miles per hour (24 km/h)
Average speed 123.254 miles per hour (198.358 km/h)
Pole position
Driver Holman-Moody
Most laps led
Driver Bobby Allison Holman-Moody
Laps 394
No. 43 Richard Petty Petty Enterprises
Television in the United States
Network untelevised
Announcers none



Dover International Speedway is one of five short tracks to hold NASCAR races; the others are Bristol Motor Speedway, Richmond International Raceway, Martinsville Speedway, and Phoenix International Raceway.[4] The NASCAR race makes use of the track's standard configuration, a four-turn short track oval that is 1 mile (1.6 km) long.[5] The track's turns are banked at twenty-four degrees, and both the front stretch (the location of the finish line) and the backstretch are banked at nine degrees.[5]


All the racing action took place in the American community of Dover, Delaware with five hundred laps completed on a paved oval track spanning 1.000 mile or 1.609 kilometres.[2][3] It took four hours and three minutes (243 minutes) for the race to reach its full conclusion;

Richard Petty defeated Charlie Glotzbach by more than one lap in front of eighteen thousand people.[2][3] Notable speeds for the race were: 123.254 miles per hour or 198.358 kilometres per hour for the average speed (which was a record during that era)[6] and 132.811 miles per hour or 213.739 kilometres per hour for the pole position speed.[2][3] Total winnings for this race were $59,965 ($362,352.19 when adjusted for inflation).[7]

Bobby Allison dominated the early portion of the race. However, they found faulty lug nuts after pitting with two laps in the lead (which cost him an almost-guaranteed victory in that race).


Grid[2] No. Driver Manufacturer
1 12 Bobby Allison '69 Mercury
2 71 Bobby Allison '71 Dodge
3 98 Charlie Glotzbach '71 Chevrolet
4 43 Richard Petty '71 Plymouth
5 60 Maynard Troyer '69 Mercury
6 91 Richard D. Brown '71 Chevrolet
7 48 James Hylton '69 Mercury
8 39 Friday Hassler '70 Chevrolet
9 24 Cecil Gordon '69 Mercury
10 57 David Ray Boggs '69 Dodge
11 95 Paul Tyler '69 Ford
12 90 Bill Dennis '69 Mercury
13 1 Charlie Roberts '69 Ford
14 79 Frank Warren '69 Dodge
15 10 Bill Champion '69 Ford
16 25 Jabe Thomas '70 Plymouth
17 64 Elmo Langley '69 Mercury
18 30 Walter Ballard '71 Ford
19 8 Ed Negre '69 Ford
20 06 Neil Castles '69 Dodge
21 99 Fred Lorenzen '71 Plymouth
22 72 Benny Parsons '69 Mercury
23 49 G.C. Spencer '69 Plymouth
24 51 Dub Simpson '69 Chevrolet
25 5 Richard Childress '70 Plymouth

Finishing orderEdit


Section reference: [2]

  • Start of race: Bobby Allison starts the race on the pole position
  • Lap 10: Dean Dalton had an oil leak in his vehicle that would make him the last-place finisher
  • Lap 26: Dub Simpson had problems with his oil pan that would sideline for the day
  • Lap 62: The frame of Bill Seifert's vehicle came off, forcing his early exit from the race
  • Lap 68: Charlie Roberts had a terminal crash
  • Lap 87: James Cox managed to ruin his vehicle's engine
  • Lap 91: Larry Baumel overheated his vehicle, securing an early exit for him
  • Lap 114: Friday Hassler noticed that his engine no longer worked properly
  • Lap 115: Earl Brooks's oil pan acted up, Fred Lorenzen's vehicle had some engine issues
  • Lap 143: Charlie Glotzbach takes over the lead from Bobby Allison
  • Lap 148: Bobby Allison takes over the lead from Charlie Glotzbach
  • Lap 180: Richard Childress had problems steering his vehicle, ending his race weekend
  • Lap 229: Benny Parsons' engine blew up, making him not able to finish the race
  • Lap 266: J.D. McDuffie managed to overheat his vehicle, Bill Champion had some problems with his car's steering and the wheel bearing came off of Maynard Troyer's vehicle
  • Lap 280: Bill Shirey's engine gave out while he was on the track
  • Lap 297: The rear end of Ken Meisenhelder's vehicle fell out from under him
  • Lap 319: Tommy Gale's engine gave out, forcing him to leave the race
  • Lap 369: Neil Castles' alternator would give out while he was racing
  • Lap 392: Wendell Scott had problems with his vehicle's clutch that forced him off the track
  • Lap 400: Richard Petty takes over the lead from Bobby Allison
  • Lap 436: Jabe Thomas developed fuel pump problems
  • Finish: Richard Petty was officially declared the winner of the event


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