1970 in LGBT rights

This is a list of notable events in the history of LGBT rights that took place in the year 1970.

List of years in LGBT rights (table)



  • 8 — Police, led by Seymour Pine of the Stonewall raid the year before, raide an illegal gay bar called the Snake Pit in Greenwich Village. Over 160 people are arrested.[1]
  • 17 — The film The Boys in the Band premieres in New York City.[2]



  • 9 — A high school teacher named Ingrid Mykle Montano in Phoenix, Arizona, is forced to resign after parents complain about her inviting a gay man to speak in one of her sociology classes.[6]
  • 21— Bella Abzug speaks at a Gay Activist Alliance meeting, becoming the first politician to court the LGBT community's votes in the United States.[7]


  • 12 — Lesbians Neva Joy Heckmann and Judith Ann Belew marry in Los Angeles.[8]
  • 24 — The Rockefeller Five, five activists from the Gay Activists Alliance, are arrested during a sit-in at the Republican Senate Committee headquarters.[9]
  • 27 — Chicago holds the first LGBT Pride parade the USA[10]
  • 28 — On the one-year anniversary of the Stonewall riots, what started out as a march on Christopher Street in New York City of a few hundred people turned into thousands of people ending in Central Park. It brought gay and lesbian individuals together to demonstrate that they were a sizable minority population. [11]



  • 5 — Colombia changes "homosexual behavior" from a felony into a misdemeanor, and the maximum penalty is reduced to three years.[13]


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