1970 Monaco Grand Prix

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The 1970 Monaco Grand Prix was a Formula One motor race held at the Circuit de Monaco on 10 May 1970. It was race 3 of 13 in both the 1970 World Championship of Drivers and the 1970 International Cup for Formula One Manufacturers. Jochen Rindt scored the last victory for the famous Lotus 49.

1970 Monaco Grand Prix
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Race details
Date 10 May 1970
Official name XXVIII Grand Prix de Monaco
Location Circuit de Monaco, Monte Carlo, Monaco
Course Street circuit
Course length 3.145 km (1.954 mi)
Distance 80 laps, 251.600 km (156.337 mi)
Weather Sunny and warm
Pole position
Driver March-Ford
Time 1:24.0
Fastest lap
Driver Austria Jochen Rindt Lotus-Ford
Time 1:23.2 on lap 80
First Lotus-Ford
Second Brabham-Ford
Third Matra
Lap leaders

This was Bruce McLaren's final Formula One race - as he was killed 5 days before the next race at Belgium - and Ronnie Peterson's first.


There were no significant changes in the drivers' lineup for Monaco, and the only new driver was Ronnie Peterson, entering in a non-works March. The Lotus team decided to bring the old 49C chassis instead of the new 72, despite testing the new car in a non-championship race at Silverstone a couple of weeks earlier.[citation needed] In qualifying March swept the front row, with Jackie Stewart on pole (for the Tyrrell team) and Chris Amon alongside him. Third was Denny Hulme's McLaren, and fourth the Brabham of Jack Brabham; behind them was the Ferrari of Jacky Ickx. The first Lotus driver was Jochen Rindt, qualifying in eighth place.[1]

Despite heavy rain during the practice laps, the drivers raced in clear conditions and on a dry track. Stewart led the field with Amon, Brabham, Ickx and Jean-Pierre Beltoise behind him; Hulme got a poor start and was way down the order after the first corner. On the second lap, Beltoise passed Ickx, who retired on lap 12 with a driveshaft failure. On lap 22 Beltoise, now in fourth, retired with transmission problems; on the same lap Brabham passed Amon to take second place. Stewart remained the race leader until his car began misfiring on lap 27. After a long pit stop, Stewart returned to the race only to eventually retire. This left Brabham in the lead, with Amon, Hulme and Rindt following. The engine failed on Jackie Oliver's BRM, who retired due to quickly falling oil pressure.[1] At around the same time, Hulme developed problems with the gearing of his McLaren and so dropped back behind Rindt and Pescarolo.[1]

On lap 62 Amon's suspension failed; he was forced to retire, leaving Rindt in second place nine seconds behind Brabham. Rindt increased his pace, able to close the gap to Brabham. On the final corner of the last lap, however, Brabham defended the inside line to prevent Rindt from passing. There was less traction on the dusty surface off the racing line, and Brabham locked the wheels under braking and the car skidded across the track towards the barriers. Rindt passed behind him and won the race. Brabham quickly reversed and finished the race in second position. Third was Pescarolo in a Matra, while the remaining points positions were rounded out by Hulme, Graham Hill (who worked his way up from the last spot on the grid) and Pedro Rodríguez.[1]


Qualifying classificationEdit

Pos. Driver Constructor Time No
1 Jackie Stewart March-Ford 1:24,0 1
2 Chris Amon March-Ford 1:24,6 2
3 Denis Hulme McLaren-Ford 1:25,1 3
4 Jack Brabham Brabham-Ford 1:25,4 4
5 Jacky Ickx Ferrari 1:25,5 5
6 Jean-Pierre Beltoise Matra 1:25,6 6
7 Henri Pescarolo Matra 1:25,7 7
8 Jochen Rindt Lotus-Ford 1:25,9 8
9 Piers Courage De Tomaso-Ford 1:26,1 9
10 Bruce McLaren McLaren-Ford 1:26,1 10
11 Jo Siffert March-Ford 1:26,2 11
DNQ Rolf Stommelen Brabham-Ford 1:26,3
DNQ Andrea de Adamich McLaren-Alfa Romeo 1:26,3
14 Graham Hill Lotus-Ford 1:26,83 17
15 Ronnie Peterson March-Ford 1:26,8 13
DNQ George Eaton B.R.M. 1:27,0
17 John Surtees McLaren-Ford 1:27,4 14
DNQ John Miles Lotus-Ford 1:27,4
19 Jackie Oliver B.R.M. 1:27,5 15
DNQ Johnny Servoz-Gavin March-Ford 1:28,1
21 Pedro Rodríguez B.R.M. 1:28,8 16



Pos No Driver Constructor Laps Time/Retired Grid Points
1 3   Jochen Rindt Lotus-Ford 80 1:54:37.4 8 9
2 5   Jack Brabham Brabham-Ford 80 + 23.1 4 6
3 9   Henri Pescarolo Matra 80 + 51.4 7 4
4 11   Denny Hulme McLaren-Ford 80 + 1:28.3 3 3
5 1   Graham Hill Lotus-Ford 79 + 1 Lap 16 2
6 17   Pedro Rodríguez BRM 78 + 2 Laps 15 1
7 23   Ronnie Peterson March-Ford 78 + 2 Laps 12  
8 19   Jo Siffert March-Ford 76 Out of Fuel 11  
Ret 28   Chris Amon March-Ford 60 Suspension 2  
NC 24   Piers Courage De Tomaso-Ford 58 + 22 Laps 9  
Ret 21   Jackie Stewart March-Ford 57 Engine 1  
Ret 16   Jackie Oliver BRM 42 Engine 14  
Ret 8   Jean-Pierre Beltoise Matra 21 Differential 6  
Ret 12   Bruce McLaren McLaren-Ford 19 Suspension 10  
Ret 14   John Surtees McLaren-Ford 14 Oil Pressure 13  
Ret 26   Jacky Ickx Ferrari 11 Halfshaft 5  
DNQ 10   Andrea de Adamich McLaren-Alfa Romeo    
DNQ 6   Rolf Stommelen Brabham-Ford    
DNQ 15   George Eaton BRM    
DNQ 2   John Miles Lotus-Ford    
DNQ 20   Johnny Servoz-Gavin March-Ford        

Championship standings after the raceEdit

  • Note: Only the top five positions are included for both sets of standings.


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Further readingEdit

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