1970 Memorial Cup

The 1970 Memorial Cup was the 52nd annual Memorial Cup competition, organized by the Canadian Amateur Hockey Association (CAHA) to determine the champion of junior A ice hockey. It was a best-of-seven series between the Montreal Jr. Canadiens of the Ontario Hockey Association and the Weyburn Red Wings of the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League held at the Montreal Forum in Montreal, Quebec. Montreal won their third Memorial Cup, defeating Weyburn four games to none.


  • Game 1: Montreal 9-4 Weyburn
  • Game 2: Montreal 6-2 Weyburn
  • Game 3: Montreal 5-4 Weyburn
  • Game 4: Montreal 6-5 Weyburn


Winning rosterEdit

1969-70 Montreal Junior Canadiens[2]






National Playoff TreeEdit

Opening Round Quarter-finals Semi-finals Memorial Cup
BC Vernon 2
Ssk Weyburn 4
Alb Red Deer 2
Western Canada
Ssk Weyburn 4
Ssk Weyburn 4
TB Fort William 2
Man Dauphin 2
TB Fort William 4
Ssk Weyburn 0
OHA Montreal 4
OHA Montreal 4
NO Sault Ste. Marie 1
OHA Montreal 3
Eastern Canada
PQ Quebec 0
PQ Quebec 3
PQ Port Alfred 0
PQ Quebec 4
Mar Charlottetown 2
Ott Ottawa 1
Mar Charlottetown 4

Additional Interleague PlaydownsEdit

Charlottetown Islanders defeated Fredericton Chevies 3-games-to-1

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