1969 New Hebridean general election

General elections were held in the New Hebrides in July and August 1969 to elect fourteen members of the thirty members of the Advisory Council.



In 1968 proposals were approved to increase the size of the Advisory Council from 26 to 30 members. The enlarged Council consisted of six 'official' members (the two Resident Commissioners, the British Assistant Commissioner, the French Chancelier, the Superintendent of Public Works and the Treasurer), ten nominated members (three British, three French and four Hebridean) and fourteen elected members, of which three would be British, three French and eight Hebridean.[1] The six British and French representatives were elected indirectly by the Chamber of Commerce,[1] with the Hebridean members elected by local councils and public meetings in areas where local councils did not exist.[2]


Constituency Elected member
Aniwa, Futuna, Aneityum and Erromango William Mete
Aoba, Banks and Torres Islands Michael Ala
Efate, Emau, Nguna and Mataso George Kalkoa
Epi and Shepherd Tom Tiplomata
Malekula Frank Kenneth
Pentecost Michael Liliu
Santo Titus Path
Tanna Iolu Abil
British members James Burton
W. Hamlym-Harris
G. Seagoe
French members P. Delacroix
P. Lutgen
J. Ratard
Source: Pacific Islands Monthly

Appointed members

Position Member
British Resident Commissioner Colin Allan
French Resident Commissioner Jacques Mouradian
British nominated members Roy Gubbay
R.U. Paul
D.A. Rawcliffe
French nominated members Jean Chauveau
Jacques Russet
Father Verlingue
Hebridean nominated members Madeline Kalchichi
Makau Kalsakau
Gérard Leymang
Michel Noel
Source: Pacific Islands Monthly



The newly elected Advisory Council met for the first time on 1 October in Port Vila.[1]


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