1967 New Caledonian legislative election

Legislative elections were held in New Caledonia on 9 July 1967.[1] The result was a victory for the Caledonian Union, which won 22 of the 35 seats.

Campaign edit

A total of 174 candidates contested the 35 seats.[1] The New Caledonian branch of the Union for the New Republic (led by Georges Chatenay)[2] called for more autonomy and for a second smelting company to be introduced to the territory to create competition for Société Le Nickel.[1]

Results edit

The three minor party Assembly members were sympathetic to the Caledonian Union.[2]

Caledonian Union22+4
Entente UNR10+1
New Caledonia2New
Union of Licensees and Landowners1New
Source: Le Borgne[3]

Elected members edit

Constituency Member Party Notes
East (7 seats) Roland Caron Caledonian Union
Paul Malignon Entente
Similien Nahiet Caledonian Union
Kiolet Néa Galet Entente Re-elected
Edmond Nebayes Caledonian Union
Théophile Wakolo Pouyé Caledonian Union Re-elected
Émile Wénou Néchero Caledonian Union Re-elected
Islands (5 seats) Jean Caba Caledonian Union
Yann Céléné Uregeï Caledonian Union
Raof Jomessy Caledonian Union
Jean Wanapo Caledonian Union
Léonard Waneissi Entente
South (16 seats) Jean-Pierre Aïfa Caledonian Union
Alain Bernut New Caledonia
Georges Chatenay Entente Re-elected
Evenor de Greslan Caledonian Union Re-elected
Roger Delaveuve Union of Licensees and Landowners
Max Frouin Caledonian Union
Paul Griscelli Caledonian Union
René Hénin Entente Re-elected (previously in West constituency)
Henri Lafleur Entente Re-elected (previously RC)
Jean Lèques Caledonian Union
Armand Ohlen Caledonian Union Re-elected
Claude Parazols Entente Re-elected
Édouard Pentecost Entente
Rock Pidjot Caledonian Union Re-elected
Gérald Rousseau New Caledonia
André Vacher Caledonian Union
West (7 seats) Arhan Boahoume Caledonian Union
André Bressler Caledonian Union
Jean-Pierre Le Marrec Entente
Georges Nagle Caledonian Union Re-elected
Paul Napoarea Caledonian Union
Gabriel Païta Caledonian Union Re-elected
Roger Pêne Entente
Source: Le Borgne,[3] Congress

Aftermath edit

Following the elections, Entente leader Henri Lafleur submitted a petition to annul the results. The petition was rejected on 28 August. He appealed on 4 November.[4] Rock Pidjot also filed a complaint about the election in East constituency, where Caledonian Union candidate and High Chief Goa Alphonse (who was expected to be elected) lost after a fortune teller told his tribe that the chief would die if elected. The complaint was rejected.[5]

André Vacher resigned from the Assembly on 8 August 1967 and was replaced by Charles Attiti. Paul Malignon resigned on 14 June 1970 and was replaced by Marcel Dubois. Jean Caba died on 8 September 1970 and was replaced by Kecine Léonard Une. Lafleur resigned on 20 November 1971 and was replaced by Lionel Cherrier. Edouard Pentecost died on 5 October 1971 and was replaced by Michel Kauma.[4]

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