1967–68 Israel State Cup

The 1967–68 Israel State Cup (Hebrew: גביע המדינה, Gvia HaMedina) was the 29th season of Israel's nationwide football cup competition and the 14th after the Israeli Declaration of Independence.

1967–68 Israel State Cup
Country Israel
Defending championsMaccabi Tel Aviv
ChampionsBnei Yehuda Tel Aviv
Runners-upHapoel Petah Tikva

The competition started on 9 September 1967 with a preliminary round, played by 20 Liga Gimel clubs Liga Alef clubs joined the competition in the third round, played on 25 November 1967 and Liga Leumit entered in the fifth round, on 27 April 1968.

Hapoel Petah Tikva and Bnei Yehuda met in the final, played on 12 June 1968, the later winning by a single goal to claim its first cup.


Preliminary RoundEdit

20 Liga Gimel teams were drawn in this round. Matches were played on 9 September 1967.

Home Team Score Away Team
Hapoel Dan Beitar Tiberias
Maccabi Afula Hapoel Shefa-'Amr
HaShalom Nazareth Beitar Migdal HaEmek
S.C. Rafi Bat Galim Hapoel Kiryat Nazareth
Hapoel Kafr Yasif Hapoel Hever
Hapoel Mitzpe Ramon Beitar Ofakim
Hapoel Azor Maccabi Kfar Gvirol
Hapoel Givat HaShlosha Maccabi Ramat Hen
Hapoel Ezra UBitzaron Hapoel Ramat HaSharon
Beitar Yehud Maccabi Rosh HaAyin

First RoundEdit

Matches were played on 30 September 1967. 128 teams were drawn to play in this round (including the ties from the previous round). However, since several of the teams drawn quit before the round was played, only 28 matches took place.

Home Team Score Away Team
Hapoel Yir'on 4–6 Beitar Migdal HaEmek
Hapoel Ya'akov Kfar Saba 0–0 (a.e.t.)
5–0 p.
Hapoel Kiryat Nazareth
Beitar Binyamina 3–3 (a.e.t.)
5–6 p.
Hapoel Givat Olga
Hapoel Migdal HaEmek 5–0 Beitar Nahariya
Hapoel Binyamina 0–1 Maccabi Neve Sha'anan
Hapoel Baqa al-Gharbiyye 0–6 Hapoel Hatzor
Maccabi Pardes Hanna 3–0 Al-Ahli Nazareth
Maccabi Or Akiva 2–1 Hapoel Atlit
Tzeirei HaDruzim 4–3 (a.e.t.) Hapoel Majd al-Krum
Beitar Kiryat Tiv'on 3–0 Beitar Acre
Hapoel Dan 1–3 Beitar Tirat HaCarmel
Maccabi Zikhron Ya'akov 8–0 Hapoel 'Ara
Hapoel Givat Haim 8–1 Hapoel Mesilot
Hapoel Kiryat Shmona 3–0 Hapoel Beit She'an
Hapoel Kafr Qara 1–4 Hapoel Ramat David
Hapoel Sde Nahum 7–0 Beitar Hatzor
Shimshon Nahariya 3–2 Beitar Haifa
Beitar Dov Netanya 5–0 Hapoel Kfar Kama
Beitar Ezra 3–11 Hapoel Or Yehuda
A.S. David Tel Aviv 2–0 Maccabi Ramat Gan
Beitar Harari Bat Yam 1–0 Hapoel Sderot
Hapoel Bat Yam 2–0 HaBira Jerusalem
Hapoel Ramla 3–2 Hapoel Ashdod
Maccabi Be'er Sheva 5–0 Maccabi Kafr Qasim
Hapoel Bnei Zion 4–2 A.S. Or Yehuda
Beitar Ramat Gan 4–0 Hapoel Dimona
Maccabi Shmuel Tel Aviv 4–3 Hapoel Givat HaShlosha
Hapoel Tayibe 0–2 Hapoel Rosh HaAyin

Also qualified from this round:
Maccabi Afula, Beitar al-Amal Nazareth, Hapoel Yardena, Hapoel Tirat HaCarmel, Hapoel Tel Mond, Hapoel Zikhron Ya'akov, Hapoel Afula, Hapoel Beit Eliezer, Hapoel Hod HaSharon, Hapoel Shefayim, Beitar Kiryat Shmona, M.S. Even Yehuda, Hapoel Ahva Haifa, Hapoel HaTzafon Tel Aviv, Hapoel Ganei Tikva, Hapoel Rehovot, Hapoel Qalansawe, Beitar Ganei Tikva, Maccabi Yavne, Hapoel Sde Uziyah, Maccabi HaSharon Netanya, Hapoel Beit Shemesh, Beitar Jaffa, Beitar Beit Shemesh, Maccabi Ramat HaShikma, Maccabi Rehovot, Hapoel Ofakim, Hapoel Ramat HaSharon, Hapoel Mitzpe Ramon, Beitar Holon, Shimshon Ashkelon.

Second RoundEdit

Matches were played on 28 October 1967. As in the previous round, resignations and forfeits meant that only 20 of the 32 scheduled matches were played.

Home Team Score Away Team
Hapoel Zikhron Ya'akov 2–0 Hapoel Tirat HaCarmel
Hapoel Ramat David 4–1 Al Ahli Majd al-Krum
Beitar Migdal HaEmek 6–3 Tzeirei HaDruzim
Hapoel Givat Haim 8–4 Maccabi Afula
Maccabi Zikhron Ya'akov 9–2 Hapoel Hod HaSharon
Hapoel Migdal HaEmek 6–3 Beitar Al-Amal Nazareth
Hapoel Beit Eliezer 2–1 (a.e.t.) Hapoel Tel Mond
M.S. Even Yehuda 5–0 Hapoel Hatzor
Beitar Tirat HaCarmel 1–3 Beitar Kiryat Tiv'on
Beitar Holon 13–2 Beitar Ganei Tikva
Hapoel Ramat HaSharon 5–0 Shimshon Ashkelon
Beitar Harari Bat Yam 7–3 (a.e.t.) Hapoel Rehovot
Maccabi HaSharon Netanya 3–2 Hapoel Sde Uziyah
Beitar Ramat Gan 10–2 Maccabi Shmuel Tel Aviv
A.S. David Tel Aviv 5–2 (a.e.t.) Hapoel Ganei Tikva
Maccabi Be'er Sheva 2–1 Beitar Jaffa
Hapoel Bnei Zion 8–2 Beitar Beit Shemesh
Maccabi Ramat HaShikma 4–3 (a.e.t.) Maccabi Yavne
Maccabi Rehovot 2–0 Hapoel Ofakim
Hapoel Rosh HaAyin 4–1 Hapoel Or Yehuda

Also qualified from this round:
Hapoel Bat Yam, Hapoel Kiryat Shmona, Hapoel Beit Shemesh, Hapoel Ramla, Hapoel HaTzafon Tel Aviv, Hapoel Yardena, Hapoel Ya'akov Kfar Saba, Maccabi Neve Sha'anan, Hapoel Sde Nahum, Beitar Dov Netanya, Hapoel Qalansawe, Shimshon Nahariya

Third RoundEdit

Liga Alef clubs entered the competition on this round. As in previous seasons, The draw was set so that Liga Alef clubs wouldn't be drawn against each other. Matches were played on 25 November 1967, with several matches postponed due to weather conditions. These matches were played on 5 December 1967.

Home Team Score Away Team
Hapoel Zikhron Ya'akov 1–4 Hapoel Kfar Saba
Maccabi Petah Tikva w/o Hapoel Ramat David
Beitar Migdal HaEmek 1–1 (a.e.t.)
3–4 p.
Hapoel Kiryat Haim
Hapoel Sde Nahum 1–4 Hapoel Hadera
Hapoel Tiberias 2–1 Hapoel Givat Haim
Hapoel Herzliya 6–3 (a.e.t.) Maccabi Zikhron Ya'akov
Beitar Netanya 11–2 Hapoel Migdal HaEmek
Hapoel Kiryat Shmona 2–1 Hapoel Acre
Hapoel Kfar Blum 6–0 Maccabi Neve Sha'anan
Hapoel Ra'anana 2–1 Hapoel Beit Eliezer
Hapoel Nahliel 7–1 Hapoel Ya'akov Kfar Saba
Hapoel Bnei Nazareth 4–0 M.S. Even Yehuda
Hapoel Netanya 3–2 Beitar Dov Netanya
Maccabi Hadera 5–4 Beitar Tirat HaCarmel
Hapoel Nahariya 9–1 Hapoel Yardena
Hapoel Safed 7–1 Shimshon Nahariya
Beitar Jerusalem 6–1 Beitar Holon
Maccabi Ramat Amidar 5–2
[note 1]
Hapoel Ramat HaSharon
Hapoel HaTzafon Tel Aviv w/o
[note 2]
Hapoel Marmorek
Beitar Harari Bat Yam 1–0 Beitar Tel Aviv
Hapoel Lod 13–1 Maccabi HaSharon Netanya
Hapoel Holon 2–0 Beitar Ramat Gan
Beitar Ramla 5–1 A.S. David Tel Aviv
Hapoel Kiryat Ono 2–0 Maccabi Be'er Sheva
Hapoel Rishon LeZion 4–1 Hapoel Bnei Zion
Hapoel Ashkelon 7–5 Maccabi Ramat HaShikma
Beitar Be'er Sheva 2–3 Hapoel Ramla
Maccabi Rehovot 3–1 Hapoel Be'er Ya'akov
Hapoel Beit Shemesh 6–0 Beitar Lod
Maccabi Holon 3–2 Hapoel Qalansawe
Hapoel Bat Yam 2–1 Beitar Kiryat Ono
Hapoel Kfar Shalem 2–1 Hapoel Rosh HaAyin

Fourth RoundEdit

Matches were held on 30 December 1967, with postponed and abandoned matches (due to weather conditions being played on 23 March 1968. The match between Hapoel Safed and Hapoel Kiryat Ono was delayed even further, and was finally played on 2 April 1968.

Home Team Score Away Team
Hapoel Kfar Saba 2–0 Maccabi Ramat Amidar
Maccabi Petah Tikva 8–1 Hapoel Kfar Shalem
Hapoel Kiryat Haim 0–2 Hapoel Nahliel
Hapoel HaTzafon Tel Aviv 1–3 Hapoel Hadera
Hapoel Tiberias 2–1 Maccabi Hadera
Hapoel Ashkelon 2–0
[note 3]
Hapoel Herzliya
Beitar Netanya 4–3 Hapoel Ramla
Hapoel Nahariya 2–1 (a.e.t.) Hapoel Kiryat Shmona
Hapoel Kfar Blum 5–1 Hapoel Beit Shemesh
Hapoel Ra'anana 3–2 Hapoel Netanya
Beitar Ramla 3–0 (a.e.t.) Hapoel Bnei Nazareth
Hapoel Safed 5–3 (a.e.t.) Hapoel Kiryat Ono
Beitar Jerusalem 3–1 Hapoel Rishon LeZion
Hapoel Holon 1–0
[note 4]
Beitar Harari Bat Yam
Hapoel Lod 3–2 (a.e.t.) Hapoel Bat Yam
Maccabi Rehovot 1–0 Maccabi Holon

Fifth RoundEdit

Liga Leumit clubs entered the competition in this round. The IFA arranged the draw so each Liga Leumit clubs wouldn't be drawn to play each other.

25 April 1968 Hapoel Tel Aviv 5–0Beitar RamlaBloomfield Stadium
Feigenbaum   6', 26', 45', 87' (pen.)
Ben Baruch   36'
Attendance: 1500
Referee: Moshe Mizrahi
27 April 1968 Hapoel Kfar Saba0–2 Maccabi Tel Aviv
Bar-Nur   26', 52' Attendance: 4000
Referee: Klein
27 April 1968 Shimshon Tel Aviv 2–1 (a.e.t.)Hapoel HolonBloomfield Stadium
E. Levi   76'
Romano   104'
Zeitouni   20' Attendance: 2000
Referee: Avraham Cohen
27 April 1968 Hakoah Maccabi Ramat Gan 1–1 (a.e.t.)
3–1 p.
Hapoel Tiberias
I. Levi   8' Ya'ish   40' Attendance: 800
Referee: Uziel
27 April 1968 Beitar Jerusalem0–0 (a.e.t.)
0–3 p.
Maccabi Sha'arayim
Attendance: 6000
Referee: Moshe Ashkenazi
27 April 1968 Maccabi Jaffa0–2 Maccabi Petah Tikva Maccabi Jaffa ground
Feinberg   70'
Spokoiny   81'
Attendance: 1000
Referee: Ankri
27 April 1968 Hapoel Ashkelon 2–0Hapoel Mahane Yehuda
A. Levi   21'
Harari   71'
Attendance: 1800
Referee: Arie Refael
27 April 1968 Maccabi Rehovot0–3 Hapoel Ramat Gan
R. Cohen   23', 25'
Perl   26' (pen.)
Attendance: 4000
Referee: Rabinovich
27 April 1968 Hapoel Kfar Blum1–5 Hapoel Petah Tikva
Kerner   63' Rotkovich   22'
Kalina   30'
Stelmach   55', 90'
Hazum   85'
Referee: Lanciano
27 April 1968 Hapoel Safed 2–1 (a.e.t.)Hapoel HaifaSafed Municipal Stadium
Suissa   55'
Ohana   120'
Puni   24' (o.g.) Attendance: 1200
Referee: Damari
27 April 1968 Sektzia Nes Tziona 5–1Hapoel Nahliel
Azulai   21'
Zweig   51'
Ben-Shimon   58' (pen.)
Stamberg   86'
Sharabi   89' (o.g.)
Arie   14' Attendance: 300
Referee: Porhaski
27 April 1968 Hapoel Ra'anana 1–0Hapoel JerusalemHapoel Ra'anana ground
Chirik   52' Attendance: 300
Referee: Atali
27 April 1968 Maccabi Netanya 4–2Hapoel LodMaccabi Netanya Stadium
Shlomovich   13'
Spiegler   41' (pen.)
Rubinstein   70'
Rosenzweig   89'
Bronstein   60', 88' Referee: Gaon
27 April 1968 Hapoel Be'er Sheva 3–1Beitar NetanyaHapoel Be'er Sheva Ground
Offer   13' (pen.), 89' (pen.)
Numa   78'
Ben-Ya'akov   80' Referee: Maymon Zohar
27 April 1968 Bnei Yehuda 3–0Hapoel HaderaBloomfield Stadium
Mag'er   18'
Nahmias   71'
Aloni   84'
Attendance: 1200
Referee: Finkelstein
27 April 1968 Maccabi Haifa 4–0Hapoel NahariyaHaifa Municipal Stadium
Baliti   11', 54'
Sasson   30'
Shmulevich   58'
Referee: Ben-Itzhak

Sixth RoundEdit

4 May 1968 Hapoel Ramat Gan0–1 Maccabi Petah Tikva HaMakhtesh Stadium
Kinstlich   76' Attendance: 2500
Referee: Marin
4 May 1968 Hapoel Ashkelon1–2 Shimshon Tel Aviv
Jagielka   30' Darhi   76'
Damti   79'
Attendance: 2200
Referee: Finkelstein
4 May 1968 Maccabi Netanya 4–1Sektzia Nes TzionaMaccabi Netanya Stadium
Topolansky   37', 40'
Rubinstein   70'
Solomon   73' (pen.)
Zweig   79' Attendance: 1000
Referee: Folk
4 May 1968 Hapoel Safed 1–1 (a.e.t.)
4–3 p.
Hapoel Be'er ShevaHapoel Safed ground
Ohana   108' Dekel   117' Attendance: 2000
Referee: Handwerk
4 May 1968 Maccabi Tel Aviv0–2 (a.e.t.) Hapoel Petah Tikva
Stelmach   96'
Sharabi   98'
Attendance: 6000
Referee: Moshe Mizrahi
4 May 1968 Maccabi Haifa1–2 Bnei Yehuda Haifa Municipal Stadium
Baliti   5' Mehalel   3'
Nahmias   13'
Attendance: 3000
Referee: Moshe Ashkenazi
4 May 1968 Hapoel Ra'anana0–2 Hakoah Maccabi Ramat Gan
Farkas   19'
Kadosh   74' (pen.)
Attendance: 1000
Referee: Orabi


Maccabi Petah Tikva4–1Hakoah Maccabi Ramat Gan
Kinstlich   25', 42'
Hibasch   38'
Spokoiny   76'
Farkas   44'
Maccabi Petah Tikva ground
Attendance: 1000
Referee: Handwerg

Maccabi Sha'arayim1–1 (a.e.t.)
3–4 p.
Bnei Yehuda
Bzozak   82' (pen.) Nahmias   43'
Hapoel Rehovot ground
Attendance: 1500
Referee: Avraham Fried

Maccabi Netanya1–0 (a.e.t.)Shimshon Tel Aviv
Sarusi   100'
Attendance: 3000
Referee: Moshe Ashkenazi

Hapoel Safed0–1Hapoel Petah Tikva
Sharabi   50'
Hapoel Safed ground
Attendance: 4000
Referee: Klein


Hapoel Petah Tikva2–1Maccabi Netanya
Stelmach   24'
Sharabi   66'
Rubinstein   28'
Attendance: 10000
Referee: Eitan

Bnei Yehuda1–1 (a.e.t.)
4–1 p.
Maccabi Petah Tikva
Nahmias   23' Z. Seltzer   13' (pen.)
Attendance: 15000
Referee: Moshe Mizrahi


Hapoel Petah Tikva0–1Bnei Yehuda
Nahmias   26'
Attendance: 20000
Referee: Klein


  1. ^ The first match was abandoned at the 31st minute due to weather conditions with Maccabi Ramat Amidar leading 2–0.
  2. ^ The first match was abandoned at half-time due to weather conditions with a result of 0–0. The second match was abandoned at the 11th minute after Hapoel Marmorek players assaulted the referee, and the tie was given to Hapoel HaTzafon
  3. ^ The first match was abandoned due to weather conditions, with Hapoel Ashkelon leading 2–0.
  4. ^ The first match was abandoned due to weather conditions, with Hapoel Holon leading 1–0.


  • 100 Years of Football 1906-2006, Elisha Shohat (Israel), 2006

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