The following lists events that happened during 1966 in South Africa.

South Africa

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Incumbents edit

Events edit

  • 27 – The United Nations terminates the mandate given by the League of Nations and proclaims that South West Africa will be administrated by the United Nations. This is rejected by South Africa.
  • 17 – South Africa refuses to join the trade embargo against Rhodesia.
Unknown date
  • Mimi Coertse is awarded the Kammersängerin, a most prestigious title from the Austrian Government.

Births edit

Deaths edit

  • 6 September – Hendrik Verwoerd, Dutch-born politician and Prime Minister. (b. 1901)

Railways edit

Class 33-200 (GM-EMD GL26MC)

Locomotives edit

Three new Cape gauge locomotive classes enter service on the South African Railways:

References edit

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