1966 Iraq Central FA Perseverance Cup

The 1966 Iraq Central FA Perseverance Cup was the 5th and final edition of the Iraq Central FA Perseverance Cup. The match was contested between the winners and runners-up of the 1965–66 edition of the Iraq Central FA League, Al-Firqa Al-Thalitha and Al-Quwa Al-Jawiya respectively. Al-Firqa Al-Thalitha won the game 1–0 with a goal by Gorgis Ismail to win the cup for the second time in their history.[1]

1966 Iraq Central FA Perseverance Cup
Date9 June 1966
VenueAl-Kashafa Stadium, Baghdad
RefereeSubhi Adeeb

During the match, the ball went outside the field and was lost. A worker was sent to fetch a new ball from the Iraq Football Association's storage which led to a mid-game delay of half an hour.[2]



Al-Firqa Al-Thalitha1–0Al-Quwa Al-Jawiya
Al-Kashafa Stadium, Baghdad
Referee: Subhi Adeeb
Assistant referees: Fadhel Al-Ansari, Ibrahim Tai


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