1965 European Cup Final

The 1965 European Cup Final was the final match of the 1964–65 European Cup, the tenth season of Europe's premier club football tournament organized by UEFA. It was played at the San Siro in Milan, Italy, between Italian side Inter Milan and Portuguese side Benfica.

1965 European Cup Final
1964–65 European Cup - Inter Milan's Suárez, Facchetti, Peiró and Bedin with the trophy.jpg
Inter Milan's Suárez, Facchetti, Peiró and Bedin with the trophy
Event1964–65 European Cup
Date27 May 1965
VenueSan Siro, Milan
RefereeGottfried Dienst (Switzerland)

This was the second time a European Cup final was played at one of the finalists home ground. The two finalists had to go through with three rounds of knockout football with Benfica needing to play an extra round in the preliminary defeating Aris Bonnevoie. They also defeated La Chaux-de-Fonds, Real Madrid and Vasas ETO Győr to make the final. Inter defeated Dinamo București, Rangers and Liverpool to make it to the final.

Inter opened the scoring in the 43rd minute from Brazilian winger Jair, to give the Italian club a 1–0 lead at the break. Despite Benfica's best efforts, Inter retained the 1–0 scoreline to claim their second European Cup in a row; this is also the most recent time to date that a side won a final played at their home stadium.

Route to the finalEdit

  Inter Milan Round   Benfica
Opponent Agg. 1st leg 2nd leg Opponent Agg. 1st leg 2nd leg
Bye Prelim. round   Aris Bonnevoie 10–2 5–1 (A) 5–1 (H)
  Dinamo București 7–0 6–0 (H) 1–0 (A) First round   La Chaux-de-Fonds 6–1 1–1 (A) 5–0 (H)
  Rangers 3–2 3–1 (H) 0–1 (A) Quarter-finals   Real Madrid 6–3 5–1 (H) 1–2 (A)
  Liverpool 4–3 1–3 (A) 3–0 (H) Semi-finals   Vasas ETO Győr 5–0 1–0 (A) 4–0 (H)



Inter Milan  1–0  Benfica
  • Jair   43'
Attendance: 89,000[1]
Inter Milan
GK 1   Giuliano Sarti
RB 2   Tarcisio Burgnich
LB 3   Giacinto Facchetti
DM 4   Gianfranco Bedin
CB 5   Aristide Guarneri
SW 6   Armando Picchi (c)
RW 7   Jair
CF 8   Sandro Mazzola
LW 9   Joaquín Peiró
CM 10   Luis Suárez
CM 11   Mario Corso
  Helenio Herrera
GK 1   Costa Pereira
RB 2   Domiciano Cavém
CB 3   Germano
CB 4   Raúl Machado
LB 5   Fernando Cruz
DM 6   José Neto
CM 7   Mário Coluna (c)
RF 8   José Augusto
CF 9   José Torres
CF 10   Eusébio
LF 11   António Simões
  Elek Schwartz

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