1964 Western Samoan general election

General elections were held in Western Samoa on 4 April 1964, the first since independence in 1962.[1] All candidates ran as independents. Following the elections, Fiamē Mataʻafa Faumuina Mulinuʻu II remained Prime Minister.

1964 Western Samoan general election

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All 47 seats in the Legislative Assembly
  First party
Party Independents
Last election 46 seats
Seats won 47
Seat change Increase 1

Prime Minister before election

Fiamē Mataʻafa Faumuina Mulinuʻu II

Subsequent Prime Minister

Fiamē Mataʻafa Faumuina Mulinuʻu II

Electoral systemEdit

There were two voter rolls; one for indigenous Samoans (which was restricted to matai) and one for non-indigenous citizens, known as "individual voters". People of mixed ancestry could choose which roll to register on. As women rarely gained matai titles, it was unusual for women to be able to vote or stand for election in the Samoan seats.[2]

Prior to the elections, the number of elected members was increased from 46 to 47; the number of Samoan seats was increased from 41 to 45, and the number of non-indigenous seats reduced from five to two.[3] Only around 7,000 of the adult population of 45,000 was able to vote.[2]


A total of 107 candidates contested the elections, with only one female candidate, Lefine Satia in Faasaleleaga 3.[2] Prime Minister Mata'afa was challenged in his Lotofaga constituency by former MLA Fonoti Ioane.[2]

Fourteen candidates in the Samoan constituencies were returned unopposed.[2] Only three candidates contested the two-seat individual voter constituency, all of which were incumbent MLAs.


27 of the 47 elected MLAs were new to the legislature.[1] Voter turnout was around 90% for individual voters.[1]

Party Votes % Seats
Independents 4,967 100 47
Invalid/blank votes 83
Total 5,050 100 47
Registered voters/turnout 6,979
Source: Nohlen et al.


Following the elections, Mata'afa was unanimously re-elected as Prime Minister by the Legislative Assembly. He then appointed a nine-member cabinet, including three new ministers, Papali'i Poumau, Ulualofaiga Talamaivao and Laufili Time.[1]

Position Minister
Prime Minister Mata'afa
Minister for Agriculture Laufili Time
Minister for Education Papali'i Poumau
Minister for Finance Fred Betham
Minister for Health Ulualofaiga Talamaivao
Minister of Justice Tuatagaloa Leutele Te'o
Minister for Land and Land Registry To'omata Lilomaiava Tua
Minister for the Post Office, Radio and Broadcasting Faalavaau Galu
Minister for Works and Transport Frank Nelson

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