The 1963 NBA World Championship Series was the championship round of the 1963 NBA Playoffs, which concluded the National Basketball Association 1962–63 season. The best-of-seven series was played between the Western Division champion Los Angeles Lakers and the Eastern Division champion Boston Celtics. This was the Celtics' 7th straight trip to the championship series, and they won the series over the Lakers, 4–2.

1963 NBA Finals
Boston Celtics Red Auerbach 4
Los Angeles Lakers Fred Schaus 2
DatesApril 14–24
Eastern FinalsCeltics defeat Royals, 4–3
Western FinalsLakers defeat Hawks, 4–3
NBA Finals

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Game Date Home Team Result Road Team
Game 1 April 14 Boston Celtics 117–114 (1–0) Los Angeles Lakers
Game 2 April 16 Boston Celtics 113–106 (2–0) Los Angeles Lakers
Game 3 April 17 Los Angeles Lakers 119–99 (1–2) Boston Celtics
Game 4 April 19 Los Angeles Lakers 105–108 (1–3) Boston Celtics
Game 5 April 21 Boston Celtics 119–126 (3–2) Los Angeles Lakers
Game 6 April 24 Los Angeles Lakers 109–112 (2–4) Boston Celtics

Celtics win series 4–2

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