1963 International Gold Cup

The 10th Gold Cup was a motor race, run to Formula One rules, held on 21 September 1963 at Oulton Park, England. The race was run over 73 laps of the circuit, and was won by British driver Jim Clark in a Lotus 25.

1963 International Gold Cup
Non-championship race in the 1963 Formula One season
Race details
Date 21 September 1963
Official name X Gold Cup
Location Oulton Park, Cheshire
Course Permanent racing facility
Course length 4.4434 km (2.761 mi)
Distance 73 laps, 324.25 km (201.48 mi)
Pole position
Driver Lotus-Climax
Time 1:39.0
Fastest lap
Driver United Kingdom Jim Clark Lotus-Climax
Time 1:39.2
First Lotus-Climax
Second BRM
Third BRM

This race was the Formula One debut for American driver Peter Revson, and the one and only Formula One start for Mike Beckwith.


Pos Driver Entrant Constructor Time/Retired Grid
1   Jim Clark Team Lotus Lotus-Climax 2.02:58.6 1
2   Richie Ginther Owen Racing Organisation BRM + 22.6 s 3
3   Graham Hill Owen Racing Organisation BRM + 28.2 s 2
4   Jack Brabham Brabham Racing Organisation Brabham-Climax + 52.0 s 11
5   Tony Maggs Cooper Car Company Cooper-Climax 72 laps 6
6   Bruce McLaren Cooper Cooper-Climax 72 laps 7
7   Mike Hailwood Reg Parnell (Racing) Lola-Climax 70 laps 9
8   Ian Burgess Scirocco-Powell (Racing Cars) Scirocco-BRM 69 laps 18
9   Peter Revson Reg Parnell (Racing) Lotus-BRM 69 laps 15
10   Carel Godin de Beaufort Ecurie Maarsbergen Porsche 67 laps 20
11   Jo Siffert Siffert Racing Team Lotus-BRM Engine (66 laps) 12
12   André Pilette André Pilette Lotus-Climax 63 laps 21
13   Innes Ireland British Racing Partnership Lotus-BRM Oil pressure (56 laps) 5
14   Bernard Collomb Bernard Collomb Lotus-Climax Oil pressure (46 laps) 19
Ret   Ian Raby Ian Raby (Racing) Gilby-BRM Ignition 13
Ret   Dan Gurney Brabham Racing Organisation Brabham-Climax Oil leak 16
Ret   Mike Beckwith British Racing Partnership Lotus-BRM Accident 17
Ret   Masten Gregory Tim Parnell Lotus-BRM Cam follower 14
Ret   Trevor Taylor Team Lotus Lotus-Climax Crownwheel & pinion 4
Ret   Jo Bonnier Rob Walker Racing Team Cooper-Climax Oil pressure 8
Ret   Tony Settember Scirocco-Powell (Racing Cars) Scirocco-BRM Valve gear 22
Ret   Bob Anderson DW Racing Enterprises Lola-Climax Gearbox 10
WD   Peter Arundell Team Lotus Lotus-Climax Car not ready -


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