1962 Madras Legislative Assembly election

The third legislative assembly election to the Madras state (presently Tamil Nadu) was held on 21 February 1962. The Indian National Congress party, led by K. Kamaraj, won the election. Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam made significant in-roads in the election and emerged as the second party for the first time by winning 50 seats.

1962 Madras Legislative Assembly election

← 1957 17-24 February 1962 1967 →

All 206 seats in the Legislature of Madras State
104 seats needed for a majority
  First party Second party
  K Kamaraj 1976 stamp of India.jpg CN Annadurai 1970 stamp of India.jpg
Leader K. Kamaraj C.N. Annadurai
Leader's seat Sattur Kancheepuram
Seats won 139 50
Seat change Decrease 14[1] Increase 38[2]
Popular vote 5,848,974 3,435,633
Percentage 46.14% 27.10%
Swing Increase 0.80% contested as independents

Chief Minister before election

K. Kamaraj

Chief Minister

K. Kamaraj


Two member constituencies were abolished in 1961 by the Two-Member Constituencies(Abolition) Act, 1961. 38 two member constituencies were abolished and an equal number of single member constituencies were established and reserved for Scheduled Caste and Scheulde Tribe candidates. The total number of constituencies remained at 206.[3]


Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam was emerging as a major challenger to Indian National Congress party in Tamil Nadu. However, its popularity was limited to the urban areas surrounding Madras and North and South Arcot districts. It had lacked a major support base in rural central and southern Tamil Nadu, a strong base of the Congress party. It won three city elections of the five largest cities, Madras, Madurai, Tiruchirappalli, Salem and Coimbatore in Madras state in alliance with the Communist Party of India in 1959 capitalising on its powerful urban base.[citation needed]

While trying to clarify DMK's position on "Northern domination", Annadurai said his party only meant that the existing Central Government was holding extraordinary powers over the States and his party only seeks to change this by "amendment of the Constitution through Constitutional methods". Infuriated by the softening of DMK's position, E. V. K. Sampath condemned what he called Annadurai's "dictatorship".[4]

Parties and issuesEdit

Indian National Congress contested the election alone. Periyar E. V. Ramasamy supported Congress headed by K. Kamaraj. He said

I am old. I may not live long. After I am gone, Kamaraj will safeguard the interest of the Tamils. He is my heir. Ultimately it is Kamaraj who counts-not others, candidates or even voters who are anyway unfit to judge what is right and good for them! Take my word, vote Congress and you will be well. If you dont, the ingenious Rajaji riding the DMK horse will trample you all without mercy.

Kamaraj fully made use of the popularity of E. V. Ramaswamy and identified himself with Tamil Nationalist aspirations. On February 1962, he introduced a bill Changing the name of Madras to Tamil Nadu for communications within the state and advocated to establish Madurai as the capital city of Madras.[4]

As the 1962 election approached, the two wings of Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam further polarised over the issue of electoral alliance. E. V. K. Sampath favoured alliance with Communist Party of India and Annadurai favoured alliance with the newly formed C. Rajagopalachari's Swatantra Party. Rajaji, the Chief Minister of Madras State between 1952 and 1954 had been a declared enemy of DMK and now he sought alliance with DMK. He said that the

Congress party is more communal than parties which are openly communal.

In 1961, Sampath left DMK to form his own party Tamil Nationalist Party with an objective and goal to establish an "autonomous Tamil State".[5] Annadurai's idea to include Swatantra Party in the electoral alliance was not totally welcome in the DMK party and despite Rajaji's opposition DMK aligned with the Communist Party of India. It also formed coalition with Muthuramalinga Thevar's Forward Bloc and Mohammad Ismail's Muslim League.[4][5]

Support from Tamil film industryEdit

M. G. Ramachandran actively campaigned for Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam. S. S. Rajendran, one of the popular actors contested and won from Theni Constituency. Shivaji Ganesan extended his support & actively campaigned to Congress Party. Congress party made a movie Vakkurimai by popular film actors which was played all across Tamil Nadu.[4][5]

Voting and resultsEdit

Source: Election Commission of India[6]


Alliances Party Popular Vote Vote % Seats contested Seats won Change
Seats: 139
Seat Change: -12
Popular Vote: 5,848,974
Popular Vote %: 46.14%
Indian National Congress 5,848,974 46.14% 206 139 -12
Seats: 67
Seat Change: +25
Popular Vote: 6,827,372
Popular Vote %: 53.86%
Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam 3,435,633 27.10% 143 50 +37
Swatantra Party 991,773 7.82% 94 6 +6
Forward Bloc 173,261 1.37% 6 3 +3
Communist Party of India 978,806 7.72% 68 2 -2
Socialist 48,753 0.38% 7 1
Praja Socialist Party 159,212 1.26% 21 0 -2
We Tamils 117,640 0.93% 16 0
Indian Union Muslim League 89,968 0.71% 6 0
Republican 57,457 0.45% 4 0
Tamil National Party 44,048 0.35% 9 0
Socialist Labour 43,186 0.34% 7 0
Jan Sangh 10,743 0.08% 4 0
Independents 676,892 5.34% 207 5 -17
Total 13 Political Parties 12,676,346 100% 206


Kamaraj's council of ministers during his third tenure as Chief Minister(3 March 1962 – 2 October 1963)[7][8][9]

Minister Portfolios
K. Kamaraj Chief Minister, Public, Planning and Development (including Local development Works, Women's Welfare, Community Projects and Rural Welfare), National Extension Scheme
M. Bhaktavatsalam Finance and Education
Jothi Venkatachalam Public Health, Women & Children's Welfare
R. Venkataraman Revenue
S. M. Abdul Majeed Local Administration
P. Kakkan Agriculture
V. Ramaiah Public Works and Revenue
N. Nallasenapathi Sarkarai Mandradiar Cooperation and Forests
G. Bhuvaraghan Publicity and Information

List of elected membersEdit

* Elected as Chief Minister of Madras State
Assembly Constituency Winner Party Runner-up Party
Acharapakkam Venkatasubba Reddy INC V. Venka DMK
Adiramapattinam Dhandayuthapani Pillai INC Marimuthu PSP
Aduthurai K. S. Mani DMK Ramamirtha Thondaman INC
Alangudi P. Murugaiyan DMK V. R. Mangappan INC
Alangulam S. Chellapandian INC N. H. M. Pandian SWA
Ambasamudram G. Gomathisankara Dikshithar INC A. Nallasivan CPI
Ambur P. Rajagopal INC S. R. Muniswamy REP
Anamalai K. Ponniah INC Ramasamy DMK
Andanallur A. Chinnathurai Ambalakaran INC K. P. Annavi DMK
Andhiyur Perumalraju INC Kalimuthu DMK
Andipatti A. Krishnaveni INC T. Mokkayan FB
Arakkonam S. J. Ramaswamy Mudali DMK B. Bhaktavatsalu Naidu INC
Aravakurichi S. Sadasivam INC C. Muthusami Gounder SWA
Arcot Munirathinam DMK S. Khader Sheriff INC
Arantangi A. Durai Arasan DMK K. Ramanathan Servai INC
Ariyalur R. Narayanan DMK R. Viswanathan INC
Arni C. Kothandarama Bhagavathar INC A. C. Narasimhan DMK
Aruppukkottai T. Kadambavana Sundaram INC S. Sowdi Sundara Bharathi FB
Athoor V. S. S. Mani DMK M. A. B. Arumugasamy INC
Attur S. Angamuthu Naicker INC K. N. Sivaperumal DMK
Avanashi Marappa Gounder INC M. Ponnusami SWA
Basin Bridge T. N. Anandanayaki INC N. V. Natarajan DMK
Bhavani N. K. Ranganayaki INC A. M. Raja DMK
Bhuvanagiri Ramachandra Rayar INC Vaithialingam DMK
Bodinayakanoor a. S. Subbaraj INC R. Subbiah IND
Chengapattu C. G. Viswanathan DMK G. Rajarathana Nayagar INC
Chengam C. K. Chinnaraji Gounder DMK Y. Shanmugam INC
Chennimalai K. R. Nallasivam SOC K. S. periasami Gounder INC
Cheyyar K. Govindan DMK V. Dharmalinga Naicker INC
Chidambaram S. Sivasubramanian INC K. Arumugham DMK
Coimbatore - I G. E. Chinnadurai INC Rajamanickam DMK
Coimbatore - II K. P. Palanisamy INC N. Marudachalam CPI
Colachel A. Swamidhes Nadar IND Lourdammal Simon INC
Coonoor J. Matha Gowder INC J. Belli DMK
Cuddalore P. R. Seenivasa Padayachi INC R. Sambasiva Reddiar DMK
Dharapuram Parvathi Anjuman INC A. R. Subramanian DMK
Dharmapuri R. S. Veerappa Chettiar IND M. Subramania Gounder DMK
Dindigul R. Rengaswamy INC A. Balasubramanian CPI
Egmore Jothi Venkatachalam INC Anbazhagan DMK
Erode A. S. Dhakshinamoorthy Gounder INC M. Chinnasami Gounder WT
Gandarvakottai R. Krishnaswamy Gopalar INC Govindarasu Kalingarar DMK
Gangaikondan R. S. Arumugam INC S. Chelliah IND
Gingee Rajaram INC Aranganathan SWA
Gobichettipalayam Muthuvelappa Gounder INC Sundaramurthi SWA
Gudiyatham T. Manavalan INC C. Kuppuswamy REP
Gummidipundi A. Ragahava Reddy SWA K. Kamalambujammal INC
Harbour K. S. G. Haja Sheriff INC C. P. Chinnaraj DMK
Harur C. Manickam DMK M. K. Mariappa INC
Hosur Ramachandra Reddy INC K. Shamanna SWA
Jayankondam Jagadambal Velayudam DMK S. Samikannu Padayachi INC
Kadambattur Ekambara Mudaliar INC Govindaswamy Naidu SWA
Kadambur S. Sangili INC M. Muthiah SWA
Kadayam A. B. Balagan INC R. V. Ananthakrishnan CPI
Kallakurichi T. Chinnasamy DMK P. Vedamanickam INC
Kancheepuram S. V. Natesa Mudaliar INC C. N. Annadurai DMK
Kangayam K. S. Nataraja Gounder INC M. Palanisamy Gounder DMK
Kanyakumari B. Natarajan INC S. Rassiah PSP
Kapilamali V. Velappa Gounder DMK P. K. Ramalinga Gounder INC
Karaikudi Saw Ganesan SWA A. I. Subbiah Ambalam INC
Karur T. M. Nallasamy INC K. S. Ramasamy CPI
Katpadi B. Rajagopal Naidu INC Natarajan DMK
Kattumannarkoil M. R. Krishnamurthi DMK G. Vageesam Pillai INC
Killiyur R. Ponnappan Nadar INC G. Devadas IND
Kodaikanal Alagarsamy INC Somasundaram DMK
Kodavasal P. Jayaraj INC P. Appasamy CPI
Koilpalayam M. P. Muthukaruppasami Kounder INC K. Gopal DMK
Kovilpatti N. V. Venugopalakrishnasami INC R. S. Appasami SWA
Krishnagiri Sreeramulu DMK P. M. Munisamy Gounder INC
Kulittalai V. Ramanathan INC N. Rathanam DMK
Kumbakonam Ramaswami INC Krishnamoorthy DMK
Kunnathur P. Appavoo INC A. Ratnam REP
Kurinjipadi N. Rajangam DMK Jayarama INC
Lalgudi P. Dharmalingam DMK I. Anthoniswamy INC
Madhavaram R. Govindarajulu Naidu INC A. P. Arasu DMK
Madurai Central V. Sankaran INC S. Devasahayam FB
Madurai East P. K. R. Lakshmi Kanthan INC N. Sankariah CPI
Maduranthakam B. Parameswaran INC P. S. Ellappan SWA
Mallasamudram R. Nallamuthu DMK R. Kandasamy INC
Manamadurai K. Cheemaichamy SWA M. Amin Nainar Howth INC
Manapparai P. Chinniah Gounder INC S. Annavi DMK
Mannargudi T. S. Swaminatha Odayar INC P. Narayanasami DMK
Mayuram G. Narayanasamy Naidu INC Palanisamy Nadar DMK
Melur M. Sivaramanambalam INC V. V. N. Natarajan DMK
Mettupalayam N. Shamnugasundaram INC K. Vellingiri CPI
Mettur K. S. Ardhanareeswara Gounder INC M. Sundaram PSP
Mudukulathur T. L. Sasivarna Thevar FB Kasinatha Dorai INC
Musiri S. Ramalingam INC A. Dorairaju DMK
Mylapore Arangannal DMK A. Varadappa Chettiar INC
Nagapattinam A. M. P. S. Balagangadaran INC G. Bhaktavatchalam CPI
Nagercoil A. Chidambaranatha Nadar INC M. C. Balan DMK
Nallur K. Narayanasami INC T. Pichamuthu DMK
Namakkal S. Chinnayan INC K. V. Rasappan DMK
Nambiyur A. K. Kaliappa Gounder INC P. A. Saminathan DMK
Nanguneri M. G. Sankar INC S. Madasamy SWA
Nannilam M. D. Thiagaraja Pillai INC Ramiah Mudaliar DMK
Nellikuppam V. Krishnamurthy Gounder DMK L. Subbarayalu Reddiar INC
Nilakkottai Abdul Aziz INC Anbuchezhiyan DMK
Oddanchatram A. Senapathi Gounder INC Nachimuthu Gounder DMK
Ottapidaram A. L. Ramakrishna Naicker INC K. Vaiyappan SWA
Padmanabapuram Kunjan Nadar (Rayan Nadar) IND Francis CPI
Palani Venkidusamy Gounder IND Lakshmipathy Raju INC
Palladam Sengaliappan INC P. S. Chinnadurai PSP
Panjapatti K. Karunagiri Muthiah INC A. S. Ganapathy DMK
Papanasam R. Subramanian INC N. Somasundaram DMK
Paramakudi C. Srinivasa Iyengar INC S. P. Thangavelan DMK
Pattukkottai V. Arunachala Thevar DMK R. Srinivasa Iyer INC
Pennagaram M. V. Karivengadam DMK S. Hemalatha Devi INC
Perambur D. Sulochana INC Satyavani Muthu DMK
Peranamallur P. Ramachandra INC V. D. Annamalai Mudaliar DMK
Perambalur T. P. Alagamuthu DMK R. Rama Reddiar INC
Perundurai N. Nallasenapathi Sarkarai Manrdadiar INC N. K. Palaniswami CPI
Pollachi N. Mahalingam INC Rangaswamy DMK
Polur Kesava Reddiar DMK Periasami INC
Ponneri T. P. Elumalai INC P. Nagalingam DMK
Porayar K. R. sambandam INC S. Ganesan DMK
Pudukkottai A. Thiagarajan DMK V. Arunachala Thevar INC
Puliyangudi P. Urkavala Kudumban INC P. Dorairaj DMK
Purasawalkam Bashyam Reddy INC Pakkiriswami Pillai SL
Radhapuram N. Soundrapandian INC P. R. Carmel SWA
Rajapalayam R. Krishnasamy Naidu INC V. Ramakrishna Raja SWA
Ramanathapuram Shanmuga Rajeshwara Sethupathi INC S. Abdul Rahim ML
Ranipet Abdul Khaleel DMK A. E. Chandrasekara Naicker INC
Rasipuram N. P. Sengottuvel DMK Muthuswamy Gounder INC
Rishivandiyam L. Anandan INC M. Anadan DMK
Saidapet Munu Adhi DMK Vinayakam INC
salem - I C. Venkataram INC E. R. Krishnan DMK
Salem - II A. Rathnavel Gounder INC S. M. Ramiah CPI
Saliamangalam A. Appavoo Thevar INC Abdul Samad ML
Samayanallur P. Kakkan INC G. R. Muniyandi CPI
Sankarankoil S. M. Abdul Majid Sahib INC S. Krishnan Servai DMK
Sankarapuram K. Parthasarathi INC S. P. Pachaiya Pillai DMK
Sankari K. S. Subramania Gounder INC B. Pandarinathan DMK
Sathankulam K. T. Kosalram INC A. P. Rajsingh WT
Sathyamangalam Gopal Kounder INC Anthonisamy IND
Sattur K. Kamaraj Nadar INC P. Ramamoorthy SWA
Sendamangalam V. R. Periannan DMK P. B. K. Thiagaraja Reddiar INC
Sholavandan V. Ponnammal INC A. Muniandi DMK
Sholinghur A. M. Ponnuranga Mudaliar INC V. Munuswamy DMK
Sivaganga R. V. Swaminathan INC Kalailingam SWA
Sivakasi S. Ramasamy Naidu INC K. Doraisamy Thevar SWA
Sirkazhi R. Thangavelu INC K. B. S. Mani IND
Sriperumbudur M. Bhaktavatsalam INC Annamalai DMK
Srirangam N. Subramanian Chettiar INC T. Oraisamy DMK
Srivaikuntam A. P. C. Veerabahu INC S. Pechi DMK
Srivilliputhur M. Chelliah INC G. Gurusamy DMK
Sulur C. Kolantaiammal INC K. N. Chinnaiyan CPI
Talavasal A. Doraiswamy INC K. R. Thangavel DMK
Tanippadi A. Arumugam INC P. S. Santhanam DMK
Taramangalam N. S. Sundararajan INC P. R. Nallathambi Gounder DMK
Tenkasi A. R. Subbiah Mudaliar INC Reboi Sahib ML
Thanjavur M. Karunanidhi DMK A. Y. S. Parisutha Nadar INC
T. Nagar Kanchi Manimozhiar DMK Guntur Narasimha Rao INC
Theni S. S. Rajendran DMK N. R. Thyagarajan INC
Thirupparangundram Chinnakaruppa Thevar INC Janakiammal CPI
Thiruthuraipundi A. K. Subbaiah CPI V. VEdaiyan INC
Thousand lights K. A. Mathialagan DMK Indrani Chengalvarayan INC
Thurinjapurma S. Murugaiyan DMK Nataraja Mudaliar INC
Tindivanam A. Thangavelu DMK P. Veerappa Gounder INC
Tiruchendur M. S. Selvarajan INC S. P. Adithanar WT
Tiruchengode T. M. Kaliannan INC T. A. Rajavelu DMK
Tiruchili A. Perumal FB M. Vellathurai INC
Tiruchirappalli - I M. S. Mani DMK E. P. Mathuram INC
Tiruchirappalli - II M. Kalyanasundaram CPI T. N. Rajendran INC
Tirukoshtiyur S. Madhavan DMK N. V. Chokkalingam Ambalam INC
Tirumangalam Thiruvengada Reddiar INC M. C. M. Muthurama Thevar SWA
Tirukoilur Lakshminarasimma Ammal INC Balasubramaniam DMK
Tirumayam V. Ramaiah INC V. Balakrishnan IND
Tirunelveli Rajathi Kunchithapatham INC Ramasami SWA
Tiruppattur (41) K. Thirupathy Gounder DMK R. C. Samanna Gounder INC
Tiruppur K. N. Palanisamy Gounder INC Ponnulinga Gounder CPI
Tiruvadanai KR. RM. Kariya Manickam Ambalam SWA S. Ramakrishna Thevar INC
Tiruvannamalai P. Palani Pillai INC P. U. Shanmugham DMK
Tiruttani C. Chiranjeevulu Naidu IND E. S. Thyagarajan Mudaliar INC
Tiruvallur V. S. Arunachalam INC S. M. Durairaj DMK
Tiruvarur C. M. Ambikapathy INC S. Vadivelu CPI
Tiruvayar Palani INC Vaiyapuri Nattar DMK
Tondamuttur V. Ellama Naidu INC L. Arputhaswamy CPI
T. Palur S. Ramasami DMK T. K. Subiah INC
Triplicane V. R. Nedunchezhiyan DMK Sivanesan INC
Tuticorin Ponnusamy Nadar INC K. R. Ramalingam DMK
Udagamandalam T. Karchan INC K. Bojan SWA
Uddanapalli Chinna Munisamy Chettiar SWA K. Muni Reddy INC
Udumalpet R. rajagopalasami Naicker INC S. J. Sadiq Pasha DMK
Uppiliapuram V. A. Muthiah INC N. Pethu Reddiar DMK
Usilampatti P. K. Mookiah Thevar FB Thinagarasamy Thevar INC
Uthamapalayam M. Rajangam DMK K. S. Rajagopal INC
Uthiramerur O. Srinivasa Reddiar INC Doraisamy Naicker IND
Uttangarai M. Kamalanathan DMK T. Theerthagiri Gounder INC
Vadamadurai M. Maruthanayagam Pillai INC A. Nallathambi DMK
Valavanur K. M. Krishna Kounder INC A. Govindasamy DMK
Valappadi Ramasamy Udayar INC Ponnumalai DMK
Vandavasi S. Muthulingam DMK D. Dasarathan INC
Vaniyambadi M. P. Vadivel DMK T. Karia Gounder INC
Vanur A. G. Balakrishnan DMK S. Kannana INC
Vedaranyam N. S. Ramalingam INC N. Dharmalingam DMK
Vedasandur S. Nanjunda Roy INC V. Madanagopal CPI
Vengalam S. Mani DMK M. Ayyakannu INC
Veerapandi S. Arumugam DMK A. Mariappan INC
Vellore R. Jeevarathna Mudaliar INC M. P. Sarathy DMK
Vilavancode M. William INC D. Gnanasigamony CPI
Villupuram M. Shanmugam DMK V. P. Sarangapani Gounder INC
Virinchipuram Sampangi Naidu DMK Krishnamurthi INC
Vridachalam G. Boovaraghan INC M. Selvaraj DMK
Ulundurpet Manonmani SWA M. Kandaswamy Padayachi INC
Washermanpet M. Mayandi Nadar INC M. Vedachalam DMK
Yercaud M. Kolandaisamy Gounder INC Chinna Gounder DMK

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