1962 Grenadian general election

General elections were held in Grenada on 13 September 1962.[1] Herbert Blaize's Grenada National Party won six of the ten seats and Blaize was appointed Chief Minister for the second time. Blaize served as Head of Government until the next general election in August 1967, initially as Chief Minister until March 1967, and subsequently when Grenada became a fully internally autonomous Associated State, as Grenada's first Premier. Voter turnout was 72.6.[2]


Grenada's Administrator, the Queens representative on the island, James Lloyd suspended the constitution, dissolved the Legislative Council, and removed Eric Gairy as Chief Minister in April 1962, following allegations concerning the Gairy's financial impropriety. Gairy had been Chief Minister for 10 months since August 1961 and his party the Grenada United Labour Party held a majority in the Legislative Council following the 1961 elections.[3][4] The negative publicity surrounding the removal of Gairy led to a significant fall in support for GULP.


Grenada National Party11,34153.736+4
Grenada United Labour Party9,70545.984–4
Valid votes21,10791.53
Invalid/blank votes1,9538.47
Total votes23,060100.00
Registered voters/turnout31,76672.59
Source: Nohlen


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