The following lists events that happened during 1961 in South Africa.

South Africa

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  • 15 – South Africa announces its intended withdrawal from the Commonwealth upon becoming a republic. Prime Minister Verwoerd was attending the 1961 Commonwealth Prime Ministers' Conference at the time. He had tried to seek permission for South Africa to remain a Commonwealth member state upon becoming a republic on 31 May, but it was rejected, because of the South African Government's apartheid policies.
  • The International Confederation of Free Trade Unions submits a memorandum to the United Nations General Assembly calling for economic sanctions against South Africa.

Lucas Cornelius Steyn becomes Officer Administering the Government under his dormant commission as a result.

  • 4 – The Iraqi Foreign Minister, Hassim Jawad, announces that Iraq will not recognise the South African government because of its apartheid policy.
  • 16 – Umkhonto we Sizwe commences its sabotage campaign with a bomb attack on the Durban office of the Department of Bantu Administration and Development.[4]
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  • 4 August - John Hewitt, zoologist and archaeologist (b. 1880)

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