1961 World Archery Championships

The 1961 World Archery Championships was the 21st edition of the event. It was held in Oslo, Norway on 10–13 August 1961 and was organised by World Archery Federation (FITA).[1][2]

1961 World Archery Championships
LocationOslo, Norway
Start date10 August
End date13 August

Medals summaryEdit


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Men's individual Joe Thornton
  United States
Clayton Sherman
  United States
Jorma Sandelin
Women's individual Nancy Vonderheide
  United States
Laurie Fowler
  Great Britain
Bozena Deptova
Men's team   United States
Joe Thornton
Clayton Sherman
W. Bednar
Rene Boussu
Henri Verhoeven
Charles Sophie
Jorma Sandelin
Väinö Skarp
P. Luoto
Women's team   United States
Nancy Vonderheide
Grace Frye
Victoria Cook
  United Kingdom
Laurie Fowler
J. Heywood
Shirley Lyons
  South Africa
Anita Schlebusch
Margaret Harriman
E. Caknis

Medals tableEdit

1  United States4105
2  Great Britain0202
3  Belgium0101
4  Finland0022
5  Czechoslovakia0011
  South Africa0011
Totals (6 entries)44412


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