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The 1961 All-SEC football team consists of American football players selected to the All-Southeastern Conference (SEC) chosen by various selectors for the 1961 college football season.

All-SEC selectionsEdit


  • Tom Hutchinson, Kentucky (AP-1, UPI-1)
  • Dave Edwards, Auburn (AP-1, UPI-1)
  • Ralph Smith, Ole Miss (AP-2, UPI-2)
  • Johnny Baker, Miss. St. (AP-2, UPI-2)
  • Tommy Brooker, Alabama (AP-3, UPI-3)
  • Gene Sykes, LSU (AP-3)
  • Dave Gash, Kentucky (UPI-3)


  • Billy Neighbors, Alabama (AP-1, UPI-1)
  • Jim Dunaway, Ole Miss (AP-1, UPI-1)
  • Pete Case, Georgia (AP-2, UPI-1)
  • Billy Booth, LSU (AP-2, UPI-3)
  • Jim Beaver, Florida (AP-3, UPI-2)
  • Ernie Colquette, Tulane (AP-3)
  • Billy Wilson, Auburn (UPI-3)


  • Roy Winston, LSU (AP-1, UPI-1)
  • Dave Watson, Georgia Tech (AP-1, UPI-1)
  • Harold Erickson, Georgia Tech (AP-2)
  • Monk Guillot, LSU (AP-2)
  • Rufus Guthrie, Georgia Tech (UPI-2)
  • Bookie Bolin, Ole Miss (UPI-2)
  • Billy Ray Jones, Ole Miss (AP-3, UPI-3)
  • Howard Benton, Miss. St. (AP-3)
  • Gus Gonzales, Tulane (UPI-3)




  • Billy Ray Adams, Ole Miss (AP-1, UPI-1)
  • Mike Fracchia, Alabama (AP-1, UPI-1)
  • Jerry Stovall, LSU (College Football Hall of Fame) (AP-2, UPI-1)
  • Mallon Faircloth, Tennessee (AP-2, UPI-3)
  • Billy Williamson, Georgia Tech (AP-3, UPI-2)
  • Don Goodman, Florida (AP-3, UPI-3)
  • Jerry Woolum, Kentucky (UPI-3)
  • Bobby Hunt, Auburn (UPI-3)



AP = Associated Press[1][2]

UPI = United Press International[3]

Bold = Consensus first-team selection by both AP and UPI

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