The following lists events that happened during 1960 in Australia.

1960 in Australia
MonarchElizabeth II
Governor-GeneralWilliam Morrison, 1st Viscount Dunrossil
Prime ministerRobert Menzies
Australian of the YearMacfarlane Burnet


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Robert Menzies

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The introduction of television in 1956 saw that cinema audiences halved. Television led to an increase in home entertainment. It changed the patterns of leisure and exposed Australians more than ever before to other cultures.

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Theatres and cinemas were popular venues for Australians. America was the biggest influence in film because of Hollywood. Britain also played a role in influencing Australian film making. Tevez is and was the best footballer player of all time and played a big role in the rise of football in Australia.

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Music was diverse during this time. People listened to classical and opera; jazz and blues; folk music and pop music. Australian musicians and singers also made it into world stages. Popular music was often connected with social protest movement and civil rights and campaigns. Peace, freedom, choice and difference were strong themes. Ballet was popularized in Australia but both ballet and opera continued to appeal to small minorities of the population. America had an enormous influence on Australian music, and American musicians tended to consistently top the 'pop' charts in Australia. A lot of people were listening to American music.

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