1959 U.S. Figure Skating Championships

The 1959 U.S. Figure Skating Championships was held from January 29 through February 2 in Rochester, New York under the joint sponsorship of the Genesee Figure Skating Club and the Rochester Junior Chamber of Commerce. The main competition rink was the Rochester Community War Memorial, while the compulsory figures competition and practices were held at the Ritter-Clark Rink. Medals were awarded in three colors: gold (first), silver (second), and bronze (third) in four disciplines – men's singles, ladies' singles, pair skating, and ice dancing – across three levels: senior, junior, and novice.

1959 U.S. Figure Skating Championships
Type:National Championship
Date:January 29 – February 2
Location:Rochester, New York
Venue:Rochester Community War Memorial
1958 U.S. Championships
1960 U.S. Championships

The event determined the U.S. team for the 1959 World Championships.

Senior resultsEdit

In all four divisions, the previous year's champions successfully defended their titles.


David Jenkins won both the figures and the free skating portions, although he was closely pressed by Tim Brown in the first three figures. Jenkins's free skating was also of a very high standard.

Rank Name
1 David Jenkins
2 Tim Brown
3 Robert Brewer
4 Bradley Lord
5 Barlow Nelson
6 James Short
7 Lorin Caccamise


Carol Heiss gave one of the best free skating performances of her career. Carol's sister Nancy Heiss took the silver medal, with Barbara Ann Roles placing third in her first season as a senior-level competitor.

Rank Name
1 Carol Heiss
2 Nancy Heiss
3 Barbara Ann Roles
4 Lynn Finnegan


Nancy Ludington / Ron Ludington repeated as champions in an event where all six teams entered gave fine performances. Ron Ludington also competed in the dance division, where he won the bronze medal with Judy Ann Lamar.

Rank Name
1 Nancy Ludington / Ron Ludington
2 Gayle Freed / Karl Freed
3 Maribel Owen / Dudley Richards
4 Ila Ray Hadley / Ray Hadley, Jr.
5 Sheila Wells / Tom Moore
6 Mary Lou Raymond / Jack Nankervis

Ice dancing (Gold dance)Edit

The title once again went to Andree Jacoby / Donald Jacoby, who had married since winning their first national championship the year before.

Rank Name
1 Andree Jacoby / Donald Jacoby
2 Margie Ackles / Charles Phillips
3 Judy Ann Lamar / Ronald Ludington
4 Susan Sebo / Tim Brown

Junior resultsEdit


Rank Name
1 Gregory Kelley
2 Don Mike Anthony
3 Frank Carroll
4 Douglas Ramsay
5 Bruce Heiss
6 James Murray
7 Harvey Balch
8 Robert James
WD Tommy DeBaca


Rank Name
1 Laurence Owen
2 Stephanie Westerfeld
3 Rhode Lee Michelson
4 Dorothyann Nelson
5 Vicky Fisher
6 Diana Lapp
7 Karen Howland
8 Rickie Anne Rendich
9 Carol Galloway
10 Mary Cooper


Rank Name
1 Judianne Fotheringill / Jerry Fotheringill
2 Gail Kizer / Lonnie Kane
3 Laurie Hickox / William Hickox
4 Vivian Joseph / Ronald Joseph
5 Janet Harley / James Browning
6 Linda Charbonneau / Peter Betts
7 Jeanne Gladding / Richard Kavanaugh

Ice dancing (Silver dance)Edit

Rank Name
1 Marilyn Meeker / Larry Pierce
2 Diane Sherbloom / Roger Campbell
3 Patricia Dineen / Robert Dineen
4 Gloria Grossman / Peter Moesel
5 Jean Robinson / Richard Wayland
6 Thomasine Pierce / Roy Speeg
7 Paula Maniago / D. Wilson Hess
8 Elizabeth Herman / Charles Rizzo
9* Beverly McGee / Arthur Dammkoehler
10* Rosemary McEvoy / Ralph Owen

* Eliminated before Final Round

Novice resultsEdit


Rank Name
1 Monty Hoyt
2 Scott Ethan Allen
3 Ronnie Frank
4 David Edwards
5 Buddy Zack
6 Rick Anderson
7 Donald Bartelson
8 Gary Visconti
9 Tim Hamilton


Rank Name
1 Mary Batdorf
2 Ronna Mae Goldblatt
3 Wanda Guntert
4 Lynda Waldrop
5 Michele Monnier
6 Chickie Berlin
7 Carol Noir
8 Ellen Kullman
9 Christine Haigler


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