1958 New Caledonian legislative election

Legislative elections were held in New Caledonia on 7 December 1958. The result was a victory for the Caledonian Union, which won 18 of the 30 seats.[1]

Background edit

The 1957 elections, the first held under universal suffrage, had been won by the left-wing Caledonian Union, which subsequently formed a government led by Maurice Lenormand.

On 18 June 1958 a protest march was led by right-wing opposition CNRS leader Georges Chatenay, who claimed elections held under universal suffrage were unfair and the new government was placing a financial burden on property owners.[2] Over the next three days, armed members of the CNRS set up roadblocks and detained Assembly members. Supporters of Lenormand attempted to hold a demonstration in Nouméa on 21 June, but were banned from doing so by Governor Aimé Grimald.[2]

Lenormand and his cabinet were subsequently dismissed by Grimald, who took on executive powers.[2]

Electoral system edit

The 30 members of the Territorial Assembly were elected by open list proportional representation,[3] the same electoral system as used in the 1957 elections.[4]

Results edit

Voter turnout was around 73%, up 10 percentage points on the previous elections.[1]

Caledonian Union180
Caledonian Rally11New
Republican Union1New
Source: Le Borgne[5]

Elected members edit

Constituency Member Party Notes
East (7 seats) Antoine Griscelli Caledonian Union Re-elected
Thomas Hagen Caledonian Rally Re-elected
René Leroy Caledonian Union Elected
Kiolet Néa Galet Caledonian Union Re-elected
Émile Wénou Néchero Caledonian Union Re-elected
Toutou Tiapi Pimbé Caledonian Union Elected
Augustin Dalap Touyada Caledonian Union Elected
Islands (5 seats) Pierre Issamatro Caledonian Union Elected
Paul Katrei Caledonian Union Re-elected
Michel Kauma Caledonian Union Re-elected
Henri Naisseline Caledonian Rally Re-elected
Dick Ukeiwé Caledonian Union Re-elected
South (10 seats) Bernard Brou Caledonian Rally Re-elected
Edmond Caillard Caledonian Rally Re-elected
Georges Chatenay Caledonian Rally Re-elected
Henri Lafleur Caledonian Rally Re-elected
Jean Le Borgne Caledonian Union Re-elected
Gabriel Mussot Republican Union Re-elected
Armand Ohlen Caledonian Union Re-elected
Claude Parazols Caledonian Rally Elected
Rock Pidjot Caledonian Union Re-elected
Albert Rapadzi Caledonian Rally Re-elected
West (8 seats) Lucien Allard Caledonian Union Re-elected
Marcel Bordes Caledonian Rally Re-elected
Louis Goyetche Caledonian Rally Elected
René Hénin Caledonian Rally Re-elected
Maurice Lenormand Caledonian Union Re-elected
Georges Nagle Caledonian Union Elected
Gabriel Païta Caledonian Union Re-elected
Théophile Wakolo Pouyé Caledonian Union Re-elected
Source: Le Borgne[5]

Aftermath edit

Following the elections, Lenormand formed an eight-member government, offering two of the portfolios to the opposition.[1]

After Henri Lafleur was elected to the French Senate in 1959, he was replaced by Roger Pêne. When Rock Pidjot and Jean Le Borgne were appointed as ministers, they were replaced by Évenor de Greslan and Gope-Laguise Iekawé.[6] Dick Ukeiwé resigned from the Congress on 30 May 1961 and was replaced by Wandrerine Wainebengo who was next on the party's list.[6]

Following the death of Toutou Tiapi Pimbé on 3 July 1961, he was replaced by Cidopua.[6]

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