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The 4. Internationales ADAC 1000 Kilometer Rennen Nürburgring took place on 1 June, on the Nürburgring Nordschleife, (West Germany). It was also the fourth round of the F.I.A. World Sports Car Championship, which was running to new regulations introduced at the beginning of the season.

Nürburgring Nordschleife



A massive total of 72 racing cars were registered for this event, of which 69 arrived for practice. Only these, only 54 started the long distance race on the 14.174 mile German circuit. The first three events of the season, ended with victory for Scuderia Ferrari. As Hill and Collins also won the last race of the previous season, the Venezuelan Grand Prix they’ve now won four races in a row for the Scuderia. With these new rules, and Maserati on the brink of financial crisis, Scuderia Ferrari would head the Italian challenge. Ferrari had four works 250 TR 58s in the Eifel mountains, Mike Hawthorn/Peter Collins, Luigi Musso/Phil Hill, Wolfgang von Trips/Olivier Gendebien and Gino Munaron/Wolfgang Seidel. Opposition would no longer come from Maserati… but from Porsche and Aston Martin.[1]

David Brown won the event in 1957 sent along three Aston Martin DBR1 over from England for Stirling Moss/Jack Brabham, Tony Brooks/Stuart Lewis-Evans and Roy Salvadori/Carroll Shelby, while Porsche arrived with two different cars; 550 RS and 718 RSK for their squad of drivers led by Jean Behra and Harry Schell. They were joined a fleet of privateer drivers in their Alfa Romeos, Oscas and other mainline sportscars.[2]


Qualifying was held over three sessions for a total of 1,710 minutes over the three days prior to the race. The Ferrari 250 TR of Hawthorn took pole position, averaging a speed of 87.484 mph around the 14.173 mile circuit.[3]


Aston Martin DBR1, similar to that driven by Moss and Brabham to victory

With each lap over 14 miles in length, the race covered a total of 44 laps, or 1,000 miles, the Nordschleife was a fearsome thing to behold. The day of the race would be warm and dry, with a crowd of approximately 150,000 in attendance to witness the race.[4]

As for the race victory, this did not go to Scuderia Ferrari, as they were beaten by more than three minutes by the Aston Martin DBR1/300 of Moss and Brabham, gaining the marque their first points of the season and Ferrari’s first defeat of the season. The winning partnership, won in a time of 7hr 23:32.0 mins., averaging a speed of 84.360 mph. The margin of triumph over the Ferrari of Hawthorn/Collins was 3 min 44s, who were followed home by their teammates von Trips/Gendebien who were a further 5 min 58s adrift. The works Ferraris took the next two places, meaning they finished 2-3-4-5. The Moss’s pace was so quick that his fastest lap of the race, was fastest that Hawthorn’s pole lap. The race continued for another hour to allow the other classes/division to try and complete the full 1000 km. Sadly, Erwin Bauer after being shown the checkered flag, as he did not see it, he continued racing and crashed fatally on what was supposed to be his slowing down lap.[5][6][7][8]

Official ClassificationEdit

Class Winners are in Bold text.

Pos No Class Driver Entrant Chassis Laps Reason Out
1st 1 S3.0   Stirling Moss   Jack Brabham David Brown, Aston Martin Ltd. Aston Martin DBR1/300 7hr 23:33.0
2nd 4 S3.0   Mike Hawthorn   Peter Collins Scuderia Ferrari Ferrari 250 TR 58 7hr 27:17.0
3rd 7 S3.0   Wolfgang von Trips   Olivier Gendebien Scuderia Ferrari Ferrari 250 TR 58 7hr 33:15.0
4th 5 S3.0   Luigi Musso   Phil Hill Scuderia Ferrari Ferrari 250 TR 58 43
5th 6 S3.0   Wolfgang Seidel   Gino Munaron Scuderia Ferrari Ferrari 250 TR 58 42
6th 22T S1.5   Richard von Frankenberg
  Edgar Barth
  Carel Godin de Beaufort Porsche KG Porsche 550 RS 7hr 46:58.0
7th 21 S1.5   Harry Schell   Paul Frère Dr. Ing. h. c. F. Porsche K. G. Porsche 718 RSK 7hr 54:43.0
8th 17 S3.0   Graham Whitehead   Peter Whitehead A. G. Whitehead Aston Martin DB3S 42
DNF 2 S3.0   Tony Brooks   Stuart Lewis-Evans David Brown, Aston Martin Ltd. Aston Martin DBR1/300 41 Accident
9th 10 S3.0   Jack Fairman   Jock Lawrence Ecurie Ecosse Jaguar D-Type 41
10th 12 S3.0   Gotfrid Köchert   Erwin Bauer Österreicher Automobil-Sport-Club Ferrari 250 TR 41 fatal accident over race ended (Bauer)
11th 25 S1.5   Jon Fast   John Campbell-Jones Scuderia Viking Anglo Swedish Racing Team Osca FS 1500 42
12th 15 S3.0   Curt Lincoln   Esko Keinänen Scuderia Askolin Ferrari 250 TR 40
13th 90 S3.0   Herbert Linge   Walfried Winkler Herbert Linge Porsche 356 39
14th 30 S1.5   Harald von Saucken   Georg Bialas Harald von Saucken Porsche 356 Speedster 38
15th 29 S1.5   David Piper   Keith Greene David Piper Lotus-Climax Eleven 38
15th 50 GT/TS1.6   Paul-Ernst Strähle   Hans-Joachim Walter Paul-Ernst Strähle Porsche 356A Carrera 8hr 27:43.0
17th 52 GT/TS1.6   Fritz Hahnl, Jr.   Helmut Zick Fritz Hahnl, Jr. Porsche 356A Carrera 43
18th 57 GT/TS1.6   Helmut Deutenberg   Wim in der Elst Helmut Deutenberg Porsche 356A Carrera 43
19th 54 GT/TS1.6   Helmut Busch   Antonio Pucci Dr. Helmut Busch Porsche 356A Speedster 42
20th 73 GT1.3   Marcel Stern   Paul Vogel Ecurie Le Maute Alfa Romeo Giuletta Sprint Veloce 42
21st 76 GT1.3   Manuel Nogueira Pinto   Mário Cabral Manual Nogueria Pinto Alfa Romeo Giuletta Sprint Veloce 42
22nd 55 GT/TS1.6   Bruno Runte   Hans Hartzheim Bruno Runte Porsche 356A Carrera 42
23rd 77 GT1.3   Sepp Liebl   Herbert Schultze Sepp Liebl Alfa Romeo Giuletta Sprint Veloce 42
24th 41 GT3.0   “Eldé   ”Jean Beurlys” Ecurie Francorchamps Ferrari 250 GT LWB Sacglietti 42
25th 53 GT/TS1.6   William Wilbourne   Bill Wuesthoff William Wilbourne Porsche 356A Speedster 41
26th 42 GT3.0   Armando Zampiero   Luigi Villotti Scuderia Trentina Ferrari 250 GT 41
27th 40 GT3.0   Lars Finnilä   Fred Geitel Scuderia Askolin Ferrari 250 GT LWB 41
28th 81 GT1.3   Horst Estler   Hans-Helmuth Hespen Horst Estler Alfa Romeo Giuletta Sprint Veloce 40
29th 71 GT1.3   Kurt Ahrens   Richard Trenkel Kurt Ahrens Alfa Romeo Giuletta Sprint Veloce 40
30th 64 GT/TS1.6   Claude Dubois   Telesphore Georges Claude Dubois Peugeot 403 37
DNF 8 S3.0   Ivor Bueb   Ninian Sanderson Ecurie Ecosse Jaguar D-Type 36 Front suspension
DNF 31 S1.5   Art Bunker   Heinz Schiller Ecurie Maarsbergen Porsche 550 RS 33 Accident
DNF 66 GT/TS1.6   Sepp Greger   Paul Denk Josef Greger Porsche 356A Carrera 31
31st 37 S1.5   David Latchford   Eugene Hall Ecurie Dauphin Halseylec-Climax 30
32nd 74 GT1.3   Peter Kropf   Samuel Heuer Ecurie Biennoise Alfa Romeo Giuletta Sprint Veloce 30
DNF 9 S3.0   Masten Gregory   Ron Flockhart Ecurie Ecosse Jaguar D-Type 29 Accident
DNF 34 S1.5   Giulio Cabianca
  Jo Bonnier
  Hans Herrmann Carl F.W. Borgward GmbH Borgward Rennsport 29
DNF 36 S1.5   John Horridge   Walter Monaco Dan Margulies Lotus-Climax Eleven 29 Bodywork
DNF 14 S3.0   Gunnar Carlsson   Carl-Otto Bremer Scuderia Ferrari Svezia Oerebro Ferrari 750 Monza 28
DNF 11 S3.0   Willy Mairesse   Alain de Changy Equipe Nationale Belge Ferrari 250 TR 26 Accident
DNF 45 GT3.0   François Picard   Bruce Kessler François Picard Ferrari 250 GT LWB 19 Accident
DNF 75 GT1.3   Karl Foitek   Renato Sommacal Karl Foitek Alfa Romeo Giuletta Sprint Veloce 19 Head gasket
DNF 20 S1.5   Jean Behra   Edgar Barth Dr. Ing. h. c. F. Porsche K.G. Porsche 718 RSK 18 Valve
DNF 26 S1.5   Gordon Fowell   Derek Godfrey Scuderia Viking Anglo Swedish Racing Team Osca MT4 1500 16
DNF 60 GT/TS1.6   Bengt Martenson   Gunnar Andersson Bengt Martenson Volvo PV 444 16
DNF 27 S1.5   Bill Frost   Bob Hicks Car Exchange Lotus-Climax 15 12 Engine
DNF 24 S1.5   Fritz Jüttner   Hans Herrmann Carl F.W. Borgward GmbH Borgward Rennsport 8 Gearbox
DNF 62 GT/TS1.6   Fred Albrecht   Rolf Appel Fred Albrecht Porsche 356A Carrera 8
DNF 28 S1.5   Jimmy Blumer   Chris Power Car Exchange Lotus-Climax Eleven 6 Accident
DNF 72 GT1.3   Heinz Friederichs   Rudolf Wilhelm Moser Heinz Friederichs Alfa Romeo Giuletta Sprint Veloce 5
DNF 3 S3.0   Roy Salvadori   Carroll Shelby David Brown, Aston Martin Ltd. Aston Martin DBR1/300 2 Gearbox
DNF 23 S1.5   Hans Herrmann   Jo Bonnier Carl F.W. Borgward GmbH Borgward Rennsport 0 Engine
DNF 78 GT1.3   Mathieu Hezemans   Hubert Oebels Mathieu Hezemans Alfa Romeo Giuletta Sprint Veloce 0
DNS 16 S3.0   Francisco Godia-Sales   Jo Bonnier Francisco Godia Maserati 300S
DNS 18 S3.0   Ulf Norinder Norinder Maserati 200S I
DNS 22 S1.5   Giorgio Scarlatti
  Carel Godin de Beaufort
  Richard von Frankenberg Dr. Ing. h. c. F. Porsche K.G. Porsche 718 RSK Accident in practice
DNS 33 S1.5   Stefan Brugger   Fausto Meyrat Stefan Brugger DKW Junior
DNS 35 S1.5   Pierre Berchem Pierre Berchem Lotus-Climax Eleven
DNS 44 GT3.0   Bruce Kessler El Salvador Central America Tegards Ferrari 250 GT
DNS 56 GT/TS1.6   Jim Clark   Wolfgang Niessen Bruno Runte Porsche 356A Carrera
DNS 58 GT/TS1.6   Arne Lindberg   Ake Lindqvist Arne Lindberg Porsche 356A Carrera
DNS 59 GT/TS1.6   Robin Carnegie   D.J. Hayles Fitzwilliam Racing Team MG A Fuel leak
DNS 61 GT/TS1.6   Hans Harzheim   Christian Heins H. Harzheim Porsche 356A Carrera
DNS 63 GT/TS1.6   André Testut   Jean Sibile Ecurie Monte Carlo Louis Chiron Porsche 356A Carrera
DNS 65 GT/TS1.6   Ludwig Blendl   Siegfried Günther Ludwig Blendl Porsche 356A Carrera
DNS 82 GT1.3   Harald Kronegård   Sten Bielke Harald Kronegård Alfa Romeo Giuletta Sprint Veloce


Class WinnersEdit

Class Winners
Sports 3000 1 Aston Martin DBR1/300 Moss / Brabham
Sports 1500 22T Porsche 550A RS von Frankenberg / de Beaufort / Barth
Grand Touring 3000 41 Ferrari 250 GT LWB Scaglietti “Eldé” / “Beurlys”
GT/Special Touring 1600 50 Porsche 356A Carrera Strähle / Walter
Grand Touring 1300 73 Alfa Romeo Giuletta Sprint Veloce Liebl / Schultze


Standings after the raceEdit

Pos Championship Points
1   Ferrari 30
2   Porsche 15
3   Aston Martin 8
4   Lotus 3
5   Osca 2
  • Note: Only the top five positions are included in this set of standings.

Championship points were awarded for the first six places in each race in the order of 8-6-4-3-2-1, excepting the RAC Tourist Trophy, for which points were awarded on a 4-3-2-1 for the first four places. Manufacturers were only awarded points for their highest finishing car with no points awarded for positions filled by additional cars. Only the best 4 results out of the 6 races could be retained by each manufacturer. Points earned but not counted towards the championship totals are listed within brackets in the above table.