1955 Daily Record Trophy

The 3rd Daily Record Trophy was a motor race, run to Formula One rules, held on 6 August 1955 at Charterhall Circuit, Berwickshire. The race was run over two heats of 15 laps and a final of 20 laps, and was won by British driver Bob Gerard in a Maserati 250F. Horace Gould and Louis Rosier were second and third, also in 250Fs. Gerard and Rosier shared fastest lap.[1][2]

1955 Daily Record Trophy
Non-championship race in the 1955 Formula One season
Charterhall circuit.png
Race details
Date 6 August 1955
Official name III Daily Record Trophy
Location Charterhall Circuit, Berwickshire
Course Permanent racing facility
Course length 3.2 km (2.0 miles)
Distance 20 (final) laps, 64.0 km (40.0 miles)
Fastest lap
Drivers United Kingdom Bob Gerard Maserati
Fastest lap France Louis Rosier Maserati
Time 1:23.5
First Maserati
Second Maserati
Third Maserati

This was the only occasion on which the Daily Record Trophy was run under Formula 1 rules, the previous races in 1953 and 1954 being Formula Libre events. It was also the last occurrence of the event.



Heat 1
Pos No. Driver Entrant Car Time/Ret.
1 36   Mike Anthony M. Anthony Lotus Mark X-Bristol 23:04.2, 78.02mph
2 70   Alex McMillan A. McMillan Cooper T23-Bristol
3 18   Jimmy Somervail Border Reivers Cooper T20-Bristol
4 38   Dick Gibson R. Gibson Cooper T23-Bristol
5 25   Cedric Brierley J.C. Brierley Frazer Nash-Bristol
6 37   Horace Richards H.A. Richards HAR-Riley
Ret 20   Bruce Halford Equipe Devone Cooper T23-Bristol
Ret 23   Alastair Birrell A.W. Birrell Cooper T20-Bristol
Ret 26   Jack Walton J.H. Walton Cooper T23-Bristol
Ret   John Young Connaught Type A-Lea Francis
DNS 24   Archie Scott Brown Brian Lister Light Engineering Lister-Bristol
Heat 2
Pos No. Driver Entrant Car Time/Ret.
1 32   Bob Gerard Stirling Moss Ltd. Maserati 250F 21:26.4, 83.96mph
2 71   Horace Gould Gould's Garage (Bristol) Maserati 250F +14.4s
3 30   Leslie Marr L. Marr Connaught Type B-Alta +36.0s
4 31   Jack Brabham Cooper Car Company Cooper T40-Bristol +45.2s
5 28   Michael Young Roebuck Engineering Connaught Type A-Alta
6 19   Tom Kyffin Equipe Devone Cooper T23-Bristol
Ret 33   Louis Rosier Ecurie Rosier Maserati 250F 3 laps, fuel system


Pos. Driver Car Time/Retired
1   Bob Gerard Maserati 28:49.0, 83.29mph
2   Horace Gould Maserati
3   Louis Rosier Maserati
4   Jack Brabham Cooper-Bristol
5   Leslie Marr Connaught-Alta
Ret   Archie Scott Brown Lister-Bristol 12 laps, suspension
Ret   Mike Anthony Lotus-Bristol 5 laps


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